Thursday, July 12, 2012
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DarkOrbit: Patchnotes 0612

Hey Space Pilots,

We are aware that we post lots of announcements about features and events; but you are not always able to see what we are doing to improve the game. Therefore, we are publishing these monthly patchnotes.

This June we have implemented the following:

SpaceCup 2012

Four weeks of non-stop action, new events, new NPCs, new graphics!

New Galaxy Gates - Lambda and Kappa

Two new Galaxy Gates, the short and frantic Lambda Gate and the "All-star" Gate Kappa!

New Drone Design Hercules

A defensive design for your Drones which you can get as a reward from the Kappa Gate

Infiltration Event

A new event with new mechanics!

New Landingpage with Nyx

A brand new landingpage with a brand new character - but who is she?

New Drone Formations

Three new drone formations to give you a wider range of possible tactics!

Numpad reactivated

We reactivated the numpad for non-premium players

Rework of Unequipping button

It now really strips everything up to the last bit of equipment

Sidebar Refactoring

In case of multiple events the sidebar will now only display the most recent event and won’t have any more overlapping.

Fixed Ranking issues for VRU players

A few VRU playaers on the Global Europe 1 were Basic Space Pilots for long enough - they enjoy their proper ranks again.

Missing the cargo-box after killing an NPC

The NPCs will now reliably drop cargo-boxes as they are supposed to do

Equipment client failsave

In case of an error during equipping items a window will pop up that will enable you to just reload the equipment client so it won’t freeze up.

Prevention to equip multiple gears

It is no longer possible to have multiple gears of different levels on a PET, as gears don’t stack.

Furthermore, we have performed quite a few additional bugfixes, text corrections and improvements.


Your DarkOrbit team.

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