Saturday, September 14, 2013
DarkOrbit DarkOrbit

DarkOrbit: Sleek newness in space this September

Hello space pilot.

The DarkOrbit team is putting the finishing touches on a brand new user interface, priming it for launch later this month!

Hit the new-look DarkOrbit!

Coming Soon
DarkOrbit is by no means resting on its intergalactic laurels! The Team is also working on a completely new game entry to make it easier for new players to become elite. New and more powerful standard-issue equipment will ease new players into Orbit, filling up the universe with new allies and adversaries!

In case you missed it…
DarkOrbit finally eradicated all the scurrilous bots floating around Orbit to make space a fairer, although no less dangerous, place. Solely merit will be rewarded, while cheaters are punished!
In addition, Team Deathmatch received a much-needed makeover to increase the excitement of a classic event!

Engage afterburners

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