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Complete status and info about Deepolis

Discussion in 'Who is who - the Players' started by T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R, Feb 4, 2017.

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  1. T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R

    T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi Everyone, first of all I am ™BOSS™ from (Global Europe 2)i am one of the oldest players in Deepolis, and maked this thread to let u guys know what going on is with: updates deepolis,Players,JP Battles,Updates,Maps and everything about the game

    There is some info you guys may know that really important is, First of all, i took a big look deeper in Deepolis'es Info about the game and admins updates ETC,
    Its hard to say for every old player, but the 2 Admins have left the game since 2011, And took they're own way, Because of some problem about friendschip status, The Game has not been updated anymore due that problem, Jackpot battles have been lost, people left the game, and the importantest thing, the map update/Client update v2 ( or v3 ) has not been published,and is not installed due that problem that the admins left., 1 reason why they published the Big latest update ( PvP Points/rewards ) , there are only a few clans active and some people playing, but no more big action, i may not be an Admin but i know almost everything about the game, and i expact that the admins will not return to the game and take some action, Deepolis is still the game from BigPoint and support will answer the problems as far as i know, banning people is not anymore an rule because of the admins, I try to do my best for every single player on Deepolis that plays this game nowadays, to try that the 2 admins will return, 1 admin's contact is already known, but i need to know more to take action, you guys may ask question as far i can answer it, pss: Questions may also ask on: (Global Europe 2) at the name: ™BOSS™

    Have fun playing the game

    Kind Regards: ™BOSS™

    Status of the game: Quiet / admins left
    Action: Attempting to let the admins return to the game
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  2. ***YDN***ASSASSIN.

    ***YDN***ASSASSIN. Forum-Greenhorn

    Is it possible for someone to be appointed as an admin in their place?
  3. jfc1068

    jfc1068 Forum-Greenhorn

    Well then, I might as well leave also. see ya.
  4. Imperium_Rex

    Imperium_Rex Forum-Greenhorn

    [Quote = "T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R post: 917.598, membro: 1750"] Ciao a tutti, prima di tutto io sono ™ BOSS ™ da (Global Europe 2) io sono uno dei più vecchi giocatori in Deepolis, e composto questa discussione per far u guys sa che cosa sta succedendo è con: aggiornamento Deepolis, giocatori, JP Battaglie, aggiornamenti, mappe e tutto ciò che riguarda il gioco

    V'è una certa Info voi ragazzi può sapere che veramente importante è, prima di tutto, ho preso un grande sguardo più profondo in Deepolis'es Info sul gioco e amministratori aggiornamenti ETC,
    La sua difficile da dire per ogni vecchio lettore, ma i 2 amministratori hanno lasciato il gioco a partire dal 2011, E ha preso sono proprio modo, causa di qualche problema sullo stato friendschip, il gioco non è stato aggiornato più a causa questo problema, le battaglie Jackpot hanno stato perso, la gente ha lasciato il gioco, e la cosa importantest, la v2 aggiornamento delle mappe aggiornamento / client (o v3) non è stato pubblicato, e non è installato a causa questo problema che gli amministratori hanno lasciato., 1 motivo per cui hanno pubblicato il Big ultima aggiornamento (Punti PvP / premi), ci sono solo un paio di clan attivi e alcune persone che giocano, ma non più grande azione, non può essere un amministratore, ma non so quasi tutto ciò che riguarda il gioco, e ho expact che gli amministratori non tornerà al gioco e prendere qualche azione, Deepolis è ancora il gioco da BigPoint e supporto risponderà problemi per quanto ne so, che vieta la gente non è più una regola a causa degli amministratori, cerco di fare del mio meglio per ogni singolo giocatore Deepolis che svolge questo gioco al giorno d'oggi, per provare che i 2 amministratori w ritorno malato, 1 contatto di amministrazione è già noto, ma ho bisogno di sapere di più ad agire, può chiedere voi ragazzi questione per quanto posso rispondere, pss: Le domande possono anche chiedere il: (Global Europe 2) presso il nome: ™ BOSS ™

    Buon divertimento a giocare il gioco

    Cordiali saluti: BOSS ™ ™

    Stato del gioco: Tranquillo / amministratori sinistra
    Azione: Il tentativo di lasciare che gli amministratori tornare al gioco [/ QUOTE]

    Lasciate che gli amministratori tornano al gioco !! ?? : Eek:
    sarà bene che prima il gioco torna ai giocatori. Il resto è vita ...
    **MAS** Absolute Power
  5. T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R

    T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R Forum-Greenhorn

    Hard question u ask,, my answer is actually no,, i've seen that some things going really wrong and like that migration server thing,, well, it was nice to try but every single data is so old, and everything needs to be updated and patched

    Conclusion: No one can replace the 2 admins Place, they know every single thing about the game, and bigpoint is not able to take actions that are going soooo deeep into the system

    I hope i answered your question for now

    kind regards, ™BOSS™
  6. T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R

    T_H_E_K_I_L_L_E_R Forum-Greenhorn

    Leaving the game is the choice u make by yourself,, but leaving does'nt make any changed in the game self

    Further info: I have still looked up some things, and i have seen that ( approx several months ago ) Global server 1 had only a Peak of 40 up to 70 players online and in Global Europe2 21 players

    This month i have seen ( global europe 1 ) A peak of 124 players online and in Global europe 2 a peak from 64 Players
    This means, players are getting slowly bit by bit activer with a little 10 up to 20% increasement,,
    and let me say from experience '' Giving up Is not an option ''

    Kind Reagards ™BOSS™

    HELLAS Forum-Greenhorn

    so what do you suggest ?? There is no Staff there is no developer working on the game there are a trillion bugs and we havent seen more than 200 players online in all servers since 2014.
  8. ****MarcO_ChiLE™***

    ****MarcO_ChiLE™*** Forum-Greenhorn

    Revivan deepolis era un buen juego
  9. Huyg

    Huyg Forum-Greenhorn

    The only solution that I see, is that we try to contact the company directly and ask for data
  10. Skyron

    Skyron Forum-Apprentice

    Four or five years ago I talked with two BA (Idoru and Takeaki) and they told me that updating this game was not viable.
    I mean, this game is reaaaally old as you know. There haven't been updates since... seven years? So imagine, if five years ago investing wasn't profitable, now even less.

    In order to have more people and be 'trendy' again, you need almost to rebuild the whole game. They won't do that, because they are not going to waste a single dollar on Deepolis without knowing if it will be worthwhile or not. Sooooo they prefer to improve DarkOrbit or another games, and just ignore this one. They keep the servers because it's not expensive and they still get some money for players here (mega happy and stuff), but I don't think this game will live more than... three years from now.

    I'm sorry, but there's no solution. Just never play a BigPoint game again. Well, there could be a solution: if Bigpoint sells Deepolis to another company. But I think nobody is interested in this game right now.

    Last edited: May 6, 2018

    **SPARTANS**WARRIOR Forum-Greenhorn

    It's really ridiculous what's been happening for 7-8 years in this game. A company that is so big that it can not make a decision about it. A company that does not take care of its clients in any way is a company that has no future and therefore is not worthy of being supported. I only have one request:
    You no longer have to SPEND MONEY and TIME in this game, please.
    Leave this game and this company, they're just vampires sucking money.
  12. IcECreaMediC

    IcECreaMediC Forum-Greenhorn

    i play in global europe 2 and there is 30-50 players on the server and i really want the game the way it was before 8-9 years

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