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Happy Hour

Discussion in 'General Game Questions' started by Red_Cloud, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. Red_Cloud

    Red_Cloud Forum-Greenhorn

    I used to play on US server, we had a happy hr there and I was just wondering does this eu server have a happy hr, if it does when does it appear?
  2. -manofbelgium2

    -manofbelgium2 Forum-Greenhorn

    It does, but I do not know when.
  3. 180*Aliens*

    180*Aliens* Forum-Greenhorn

    one week saturday and one week sunday,next saturday always 5 or 6 a clock evening UK TIME.
  4. g_fighter

    g_fighter Forum-Greenhorn

  5. 180*Aliens*

    180*Aliens* Forum-Greenhorn

    yes with helix,open with helix,try with 2 milion helix.
  6. ==серега==

    ==серега== Forum-Greenhorn

    salll buna seara stie care va dc nu mai e mega?
  7. ==серега==

    ==серега== Forum-Greenhorn

    hello why is not it mega? how do we break new helix what happened and get a bug of immutability that's why it goes down game do something that many have put money in this game and destroy these bugs
  8. Goromo

    Goromo Forum-Greenhorn

    This is the end :) say tank you to all invisible Player
  9. Goromo you and all your friend use invisible bug
  10. Licquidatore

    Licquidatore Forum-Apprentice

    if all the honest players stop playing, the invisible ones are left alone to play. We save money and time not to play anymore.
  11. Licquidatore

    Licquidatore Forum-Apprentice

    Invisible players are shit marches
  12. Licquidatore

    Licquidatore Forum-Apprentice

    Invisible players are a shitty gear :)

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