Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Drakensang Online Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online: Defeat the Undefeatables!

The folk believe that the arch-enemies of Dracania cannot be defeated. But resistance is rising: the merry Queen Antonia is calling the mightiest heroes of Dracania to come to Kingshill and prove them wrong. Even Sir Hardy and Sir Kendrick have gathered brave heroes in the royal city to not only annihilate the monsters in Dracania but also those in the lands of Duria! In return, valiant fighters shall be rewarded Insignias of Honor. Emerge as a grand warrior by defeating a single arch-enemy or immortalize yourself as one of the greatest heroes of Dracania by defeating some or all arch-enemies!
In the legendary Circus Monstrorum, in which the ancient gods once had their warriors battle against each other in every arena, you can now go up against the big names – King Heredur, the battle spider Arachna, the gorgon M’Edusa and Bearach, warrior of the Goddess of the Hunt. With each one, you can get one part of the Heredur doll – one of the most extraordinary companions Dracania has ever seen!
Defeat the undefeatables from January 8 until January 22, 2015 and make sure you go down in history just like the immortal heroes of Dracania!

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