Friday, May 3, 2013
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Drakensang Online: Terrifying Shadows – Operation Frostclaw

Sargon seeks to wield the power of Sigrismarr Frostclaw to summon the eternal winter. His machinations would give rise to prolonged darkness, expand his might and plague the Norselands with abhorrent abominations. His minions have already begun doing his bidding by commencing the construction of Shadow Portals in the hard terrain of the unforgiving Iron Forest. To this end his beasts of ill repute are working feverishly to collect shards of Sigrismarr’s soul stone from deep within the Eternal Watch.

Sargon’s ghastly evil intrigue must not come to fruition. You, brave hero of Duria, must be the one to stop the evil king. Make your way to Jon Sunlair in any hub and make haste for the Iron Forest at night to collect the shards of Sigrismarr Frostclaw from the beasts lurking about. To defeat Sargon and his diabolical plan, first destroy the Shadow Portals to grant you passage to Sargon’s Shadowfort at night. Then brace yourself for a harrowing fight to banish the evil doer whence he came.

Stop his evil desires before the world is overrun by a swarm of darkness!

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