Monday, August 12, 2013
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Drakensang Online: The Fight Contnues to Level 45 in Dwarfand

For two millennia a civil war has raged between brothers ravaging both sides while progressing no further than a bloody stalemate. But now, it seems, the tide is threatening to shif to the Evil Dwarves. Just when all appeared lost, a glimmer of hope of salvaton shines bright – the heroes of Duria and the millions of fans of Drakensang!

The highly-antcipated Myrdosch expansion to the beloved online RPG provides the dedicated legions of Drakensang enthusiasts with yet another chance to prove their metle and valor. Bigpoint, Europe’s leading developer and publisher of online games, announced an array of excitng additons that are sure to keep gamers buzzing with excitement as they journey through the vast new region of Myrdosch: the level cap has been expanded from 40 to 45, 30 new NPCs, over 100 new quests, 12 new monsters and an imposing new boss will pose a challenge unlike any other the heroes of Duria have ever seen.

Adventure, Discovery and Doom

The expansion takes players to Myrdosch, the remote and distant land of the dwarves. Embedded on the other side of icy mountains is the capital city, where players can set of for crystal bearing caves and traverse a death-ridden batlefeld. Should players prove their worth and exude the requisite courage, they can tackle the ultmate challenge lying deep within a mechanized stronghold. There the most dauntng of challenges awaits – the Destructor – the monstrous apex of Evil Dwarf engineering that lays wanton waste to all that passes.

With over 100 new quests the heroes of Duria can familiarize themselves with both the legends and history of the dwarfand, as well as the numerous new faces that require aid and assistance. One of the new quests enttled “Hold Ground” requires players to protect an NPC from the onslaught of atacking monsters.

Mechanized Monsters

The Myrdosch expansion also includes a dozen new diabolical monsters that are killing hybrids of dwarf and machine. These new monsters add a completely new look and feel to Drakensang, whilst posing a massively stf test to even the most seasoned of Drakensang veterans. The Buzzsaw, for example, pounces on unsuspectng opponents with its fesh-seeking teeth, while the Iron Creeper’s name beguiles the speed of the destructon it inficts. Then there is the Stone Golem, which is a terrifying rock that strikes with unfathomable strength. The greatest threat to the realm, however, is the Destructor, which lies deep in the belly of the machine fortress of Stalgard. Special generators equip the Destructor with a permanent supply of energy. Only if the players managed to halt this pure killing machine can they hope to prevent other catastrophes from afictng Duria.

But that’s not all

To make this seemingly gargantuan task seem doable, there is a new ability and two new talents available for each class. Furthermore, players can look forward to over 150 new items, while player equipment goes to level 45 and encompasses more than a dozen new items for each class. If that wasn’t enough, Myrdosch also includes world drops, new pets, a new steam engine epic mount, and many more that can be purchased. Moreover, the heroic dungeons have been completely reworked and can be reached from one central point.

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