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2H Blood Mage Set

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by basicallymonkey, Aug 17, 2019.

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  1. basicallymonkey

    basicallymonkey Forum-Greenhorn

    In this thread I wanted to ask for a 2H Blood mage set (with blood rune staff and new moon gear) that doesn't have any items from parallel world. I want you to tell me a very good obtainable torso , amulet and belt (not from parallel). I would prefer a set with a lot of attack speed and mana :)
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  2. Sunlight

    Sunlight Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Moved to the right section.
    Please, provide more details on your suggestion.
  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke

    It's not a suggestion.

  4. basicallymonkey

    basicallymonkey Forum-Greenhorn

    I wrote some specifications
  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke

    So I suppose you're a mage.

    Now, why on the earth would you want a setup/build that doesn't use any parallel worlds items?
    I understand people who try to build a character without event items, since those would require draken cores... but your requirements I do not understand. o_O

    However... here you go... have an almost-meta one... but be warned that it will be VERY expensive thanks to immense amount of draken cores required to craft, upgrade and maintain (if new iters are added).
    Helmet: Dragan - currently the strongest possibility out there.
    Pauldrons: Witch Seeker Pauldrons - by far strongest possibility out there if you take PW (q5) out.
    Robe: Witch Seeker Jerkin - you asked me to take PW out.
    Gloves: Dragan - too big a bonus to ignore.
    Boots: Dragan - read above.
    Amulet: Blood Rune Amulet - by far strongest possibility out there if you take PW (q9) out.
    Cloak: Cloak of Heroes (if you need damage), Frigid Spider Silk Cloak (if you need crit rate) - your choice.
    Belt: Blood Rune Belt - for the set bonus; it's also slightly easier to obtain than the Witch Seeker Belt I think.
    Rings: Dragan (if you want the knight), Grimmag's Lost Ring (cube, if you acquire premium somehow), Tear Holder (for damage bonus), Bloodtooth (for set bonus mainly, for use with Tear Holder), Blood Rune Ring (if you manage to obtain Witch Seeker Belt or want the 4/4 bonus) - you choose 2 of them, can be double cube ring or double Tear Holder if you want.
    Adornment: Tenebrous Spider Adornment.
    Weapon: Blood Rune Staff.

    For the above setup, from 9 to 12 of total 12 items require draken cores. It's madness man, don't you ever dare trying to build it!

    Now, you can avoid PW items in a slightly different way.
    Helmet: Helmet of Corruption.
    Pauldrons: Temptation of Corruption.
    Robe: Heart of Corruption.
    Gloves: Dragan - nope, no escape.
    Boots: Dragan - no escape either.
    Amulet: Blood Rune Amulet.
    Cloak: Cloak of Heroes.
    Belt: Belt of Zeal.
    Ring1: Dragan.
    Ring2: Blood Rune Ring.
    Adornment: Adornment of the Vanquisher.
    Weapon: Blood Rune Staff.

    This build uses way less draken cores, but still 7 (or 8) of 12 items require draken cores (what cores does Belt of Zeal use?). It wouldn't be very useful on most bosses too.
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  7. basicallymonkey

    basicallymonkey Forum-Greenhorn

    Thanks a lot for the build and also I want a set without parallel world items because they removed the merchant. I dont know if the drop rates are that high so that I can farm the boss like 20 times and get the item. If the parallel world items can be obtained with some farming please send me another build with parallel world items and blood rune staff :)
  8. Sunlight

    Sunlight Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Ups! Thank you :) When I first read, I thought he was asking for other build options, except PW items :) My fault! :)
    Thank you for moving it back @Mal3ficent .
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke

    The thing is, they removed the merchants from everything. You can't get event items from merchants too.

    More like 100 times.
    Generally, some people get more drops quicker (even in the 1st run), for some it takes a lot of runs (like 100 or more).

    Maybe tell us what you have now so that we can tell you what to aim for and how?
    For example, if you don't have the blood rune staff, maybe it'd be wise to reconsider it and go for one of the PW ones. If you do have it, what other unique items have you got?
  10. Dемои

    Dемои Someday Author

    You give him very bad build. Better will be
    Helmet destructor
    Belt destructor
    Pauldrons destructor
    Armor Temple guardian
    Gloves Temple guardian
    Boots temple guardian
    Adornment cube
    Ring cube
    Amulet M'edusa (not from PW)
    Ring M'edusa
    Cloak of heroes/neferati
    Weapon destructor/gorga
    This is good set without any of draken cores and not PW :p:D
    Destructor will give him 15% crit dmg, 15% speed attack and with weapon 15% crit. From pauldrons, belt and helmet they have 12% more mana and from weapon 600 crit.
    From temple guardian set they have 10% armor and 10% dmg. From M'edusa 2 parts they have 10% hp. Best build :cool::p
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019

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