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Bug A brief musing about buggy sets

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Allogeneous, Nov 22, 2016.

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  1. Allogeneous

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    I'll get straight to the point: I am sure most players are well aware that an old bug has resurfaced whereby performing certain actions involving a particular item set will massively boost a character's damage. The question on many player's lips is: "Will I get spanked for using this bug/glitch/exploit?". The simple answer is: "Maybe". Before you get all excited and abuse the crap out of the bug/glitch/exploit (lets just call it a "bug" for now), please consider:

    1) PvP - stats are very closely monitored and recorded and on display for all involved in the fight. They can also easily be accessed and analysed by BP's BIU (basically statistics analysis). If you get a 30:5 kill/die and 600,000+ total dmg stat from a fight, you will get noticed. Even if the BIU doesn't pick it up, you've got a good chance that at least one other player in the match - either on your team or opposing - will take exception to your cheating and report it.

    2) PvE - Experienced players have a pretty good idea how much dmg other players can normally do. Suddenly double or triple that, and you could expect some interesting screenies/videos to be getting recorded. Also, with the PvE Leaderboard now up and running, the same stort of fight stats which are automatically recorded and analysed in PvP are now recorded and analysed in PvE.

    3) If you've still got some doubt, read your BP DSO Terms and Conditions of Use. Especially the bit about not abusing programming errors/bugs/glitches and the other bit which says if you do abuse programming errors/bugs/glitches, your a/c may be perma-banned. Those clauses make for really interesting reading...
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