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Discussion in 'Staff Dialogue' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes. :D
    I can share a screen or two with you :p
    (I asked for permission ... just in case someone thinks DSO Wiki is leaking info :D )


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  2. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Pro

    So....the Critical Hit Value and all the rest will go down again? Like drastically? Like in the time of Lor 'tac expansion? What about %dmg bonus lines in our weapons? Gonna stay the same?
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  3. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Baron

    New expansion is welcome but the whole keeping it a secret thing is kinda weird. I've been playing online games for over 20 years and cannot recall any publisher ever doing this before. (The last update to D2 was unannounced but the dev shop had already been shut down and there weren't supposed to be any more updates.)

    I only hope that something was learned from the lvl 50 update; i.e. lvl 55 cannot be achieved in a few weeks then back to the old grind/farm to actually build a decent toon. (well, perhaps the first couple of levels should be quick so my mid-40's alts wont have to face lvl 50 marshals when doing clover pvp :p)

    Now all we need is the fifth character archetype (melee class, ofc ;))

    Luck be with ye,
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Can't say anything about it ...
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  5. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Pro

    If the %dmg lines are left unchanged ( and I am under impression that they shouldn't go higher than 80% because of otherwise diminishing returns ) then it won't be all that bad if one has GoPs left to upgrade stuff. I am a bit comprehensive tho' about any possible changes to our skills etc.Time will show- surely we should get some official info prior 28.02.2017.
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  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Board Veteran

    It could be that what is coming is a sneak peek/promo of expansion, that will come in July)

    Ah, okay, nevermind. that is an established fact now)

    Hopefully no new uber gems.
  7. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Count Count

    Of course it will be. Most players will spend 3 to 7 days of mind numbing boredom weeding through loads of white and green gear drops just to level up and then go back to the mind numbing grind of the parallel worlds to craft lvl 55 gear.

    All those months the dev's spent building yet another set of maps that no one will play twice. What an accomplishment.

    One might think (if they never played this game before) that the dev team might spend some time working on bugs or failures or balancing or any of the other dozens of things that drive players nuts, but alas, that would require effort on the part of the dev's and they are very short on that. They excel at badly copying the popular games with no understanding of why those games are popular.

    The graphics will be cool as the art department is top notch, but as far as enjoyment or looking forward to something new and interesting, that would require real thought on the part of the dev team and everyone knows that they have no concept of what makes a game fun to play.
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  8. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    I dont know about you, but i will quit the game for sure if there is a new expansion! There are too many uniques and i dont have the ambition to collect them all once again. I collected the old Dragan set twice, there will not be a third time!!! What about the defender set? Only 2 new items appeared. Noone has the full set yet! The Karabossa event is the same - I just made the cloak, i still dont have the full set! Take another example - the new dragan set. The last event i just collected the four missing torsoes of the deffensive set. There have been only 3 events since the new version of Dragan. A lot of people havent made this set yet! What about the new workbench! It just came out too. We have spent so much gold for the legends - and for what?
    Having in mind all of this the new expansion seems to be rediculous. For me the new expansion is nothing more but mockery! I have played online games and i havent seen such a thing - your hero to be nerfed every year! I dont think there is a reason to play DSO any more because the next year my hero wll be noob again, and the years after the next year and so on, and i will have to collect the same sets 100 times more.... This is absurd! Im verry sorry BP, but I AM NOT MENTALLY ILL TO DO THIS OVER AND OVER!
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  9. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Junior Expert

    Well... the reason for this problem that a lot of us is facing is not the expansion... but the LACK OF INFO (15 days before???)
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  10. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Board Veteran

    All 'bout the money...
    1. crafting
    2. slots in crafted items
    3. new cloaks and their slots (dragan, kara)
    4. event uniques again
    And tons of grind of items to craft, to sell, to melt.
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    Couldnt agree more.

    I cannot believe they've already worked out all skills, items, talents, uniques and so on for lvl 55. I suppose the release on february will contain 1-3 preparation maps and an event for the upcoming lvl exp im august...and feb 28 will be the big bang announcement for that lvl exp
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  12. Viki

    Viki Forum Mogul

    i guess we will get 5 points more for every skill tree, i also don't believe that there are new skills or talents. however balancing between classes doesn't exist (not in pvp and not in pve) since rel.155 anyway. so they can't destroy anything here. but first of all, is nice to know that they still work on this game.
  13. ultra75

    ultra75 Forum-Greenhorn

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  14. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Someday Author

    My guess is one thing they will do is make us start Parallel Worlds again wasn't enough they had no new ideas that we done PW's at 40 then start again at 45 and Oh who would of guessed let's start again from scratch at 50
    Only make sense that the developers will say well let's start again at 55 they do not have new ideas for anything else except making the players Grind continuously
    One thing I hope they bring in is get rid of all the level 10's etc from the PW's although because this brings in cash for people to start twinks I guess not :)
  15. HurrDurr

    HurrDurr Forum-Apprentice

    No wonder there. If it was known that expansion was coming, people would stop spending (crafting, unique farm ...) and start hoarding resources.
    Honestly, would you put much effort into crafting/getting uniques, if you knew lvl expansion was behind corner? I sure would not.
    Similarly, if one knew about -50% sales, he would hold off spending his ander...
  16. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Padavan

    I agree with most here.No infos, nothing.Almost 1 week to go and no admins posted anything official.This shows just how pros the people who work for dso are.Before with Lortac when Greg was around we knew what would happen and when months before.Now the new guys dont even care about informing the community wth is going on.Makes you wonder why even support this game anymore with this type of leadership. many already know, not everyone has the same chance with uniques or crafting.For the majority of us who barely got the uniques and had no chance to test them properly , this lvl expansion is a big fail.We have to start from pretty much 0, so thanks for that.2 years or so wasted for nothing.Should we expect the same thing to happen in 2018 or 2019 and waste few more years?

    You wonder why people leave....Ive logged today to see an event offering 250 drakens and almost 1500 MF which is like 600 ander.Are you guys serious or wth?Events with 600 ander overall reward?You ask for around 450k ander which is like 400E + for 1 gem and you give me events with 600 ander rewards ?ROFL... Jesus...And u want us to buy stuff ingame ...for what? Just to win 600 ander from these retarted events?A 13k progres bar offering you 600 ander...jesus...Why would anyone bother with this event for like 600 ander lol? you can get that by farming 2-3 times d1 or d3..And u can get that in like 10 minutes instead of wasting 1 day for that event lol...

    I expect some admins to login with their player forum accounts and tell me just how great this event is and how great this update will be.Most games have them admins do that .Never expected people can be bought that easily but eh well....Some gotta have lots of pixels with their names above that stack to sleep well at night.

    I really hope that you will find out some ways where the community is not forced to farm again from almost 0 each year or every 2 years.
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  17. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Until you guys repair the leaderboards and close the exploits people are taking advantage of, shut them down. It's not fair to the honest players, in fact it makes the whole idea of "leaderboards" a huge joke. Do you guys actually test ANYTHING you add to the game EVER???
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  18. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Padavan

    They rarely do lol.If they actually did give a crap then we wouldnt experience this balance nor these bugs.Ive already reported someone who deliberately admited on global chat and on pms that he rigged them leaderboards and the support did absolutely nothing.I can even post here on forums pics where a certain person admited of using multiple acc share to win leaderboards .The pics that i took were like 2 months old and gues what...he won every time because of that and BP didnt give a crap lol.I have pics with cheaters admiting of cheating and with ppl from support dont really giving a crap.I can post them but id be banned for sure lol because in dso all that matters is $ and not integrity.

    Some share accounts to win and the admins dont care.I can prove through pics taken ingame.What did they do?Nothing. This is the type this game became.$ rules in dso....being fair doesnt matter...shame..
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  19. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    If you have such proof, please contact our EN Support.

  20. wangwang

    wangwang Active Author

    I sure hope cap value of % enchantment will not rise again or everything we ve been working for will become garbage in 10 days.
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