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Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by warrax111, Apr 8, 2017.

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  1. warrax111

    warrax111 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello, I'm new to pvp, and I found out, that almost everyone I've matched, get like double badges, they are in brackets at the end of the match.
    I give a screenshot, what I mean, it's not mine screenshot, but I found in other thread in forum, just to clarify, what I mean:

    On the right side in red team, some players have (+ points) in brackets. How to get it? I saw, that it's always like +100% points, sometimes, I seen even +200% points. How they get it?
    It's quite irritating, when I lose, I get 25 points, but he, even when lose 2:0 to me, he gets like 25(+54) points, 80 for lose 2:0 to me. And it was some noob without any rank (he didnt have even candidate rank). Where to get those +100% and +200% bonuses?
    I see everywhere only like +25% (for premium), or +15% for daily quest bonus. But +100% or +200%? Where to find it? They are getiing points like 2-3x faster, it is irritating for me to play pvp, and earn 2-3x less points, I am demoralized to continue. They get even 80 points for complete lost...

    Thank you.

    Allright, so I've added my own screenshot, it happened again:
    He got 25(+50) points and lost 2:0 to me. When I lose to someone, I get only 25. This is iritating me, they are getting 3x faster badges than me.

    EDIT: please, if you can fix the title, it should be badges of honor, not on honor, and you can delete this edit section after it... it goes no more to edit. Thank you.
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  2. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    This bonus is called the "mentor bonus". When you have a toon that has less total honor points than another, he receives triple the honor points from PvP matches and double the ancient wisdom if he has less too. Try creating a new toon and look at the honor points he'll win. Some people use this bonus to progress 1,5x faster : they play on their two toons alternatively to get the bonus on the two chars "at the same time". It's not punished by BP, and I think it's even recommended to do this with ancient wisdom and was intended by BP, since you get double the progression but also have to work on 2 chars at the same time.

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