boss in temple of agony does not spawn

Discussion in 'Dungeons' started by zakar-mocro, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. zakar-mocro

    zakar-mocro Forum-Apprentice

    the boss in temple of agony does not spwam after i cleared the map. the map darkens but there is no boss. i tried it 2 times yesterday and today both times the boss did not spawn.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

  3. zakar-mocro

    zakar-mocro Forum-Apprentice

    yes i finished the quest i just looked through the quest list, i am doing lost goods 2/2 at the moment it says collect shiny silver bracelet from rek at temple of agony . and before that defeat all enemies at the temple of agony i did that but the boss does not spawn
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Strange ... that snake always shows when I clear the map ... I have to wait 15- 20 seconds ... but it spawns.
  5. dkarl

    dkarl Regular

    Spawns every time, but sometimes takes longer than others to appear. And, has spawned in several different places inside the temple as well as once on each side of the open land area. Today, he even spawned 2 alternate versions of himself (i.e., I ended up beating three Reks in the same battle).

    UPDATE: Today's run ended up with Rek spawning in the left corner of the open area (not in the temple); when I began battling him, he spawn two alternate Reks (with different special abilities than the original Rek); and, in a nice twist, before I could kill either original Rek or his two alternate versions two additional alternate Reks appear. In other words, I was battling 5 Reks simultaneously.

    Is this a progression anybody else has experienced?

    Should I expect 7 Reks next time I clear the map?
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  6. zakar-mocro

    zakar-mocro Forum-Apprentice

    i tried it again and this time it spawned. the only thing different is that i killed the last monster in the dessert part of the map instead of the temple map.
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Regular

    Interesting ... the final mob kill for me has always been inside the temple (just the way I've cleared the map), but Rek shows up anywhere he pleases :)
  8. AnyoneUnderTheBlueSky

    AnyoneUnderTheBlueSky Forum-Apprentice

    i go 100 runs TT not find

    in a throw coin can turn face 1.000.000 times
  9. Grasschewer

    Grasschewer Forum-Apprentice

    I have spawned him twice.
    Once with DK that was same as Evergreen and died to 5. I am F2P...tehe
    Once with SW but no idea as I killed all, map darken, Killed maybe 20, waited
    And then as I uses Return it shows a big red on map so maybe 5mins.
    My SW has found shovel finally so hope to spawn it soon as he has double mission on Rek.
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Those are his clones ... if you don't kill him fast he will spawn the clones
  11. Dominico

    Dominico Forum Baron

    He has few respawn location, 1 of them is exactly in the center of temple and there he does nor appear, the other 1 is on desert part where always apear, depends on luck which map you'll get. It's totally random.
  12. Grasschewer

    Grasschewer Forum-Apprentice

    Easy to spawn today. Kill all but a few, ideally one.
    That is what I did today and it took 5 secs to darken and spawn red dot.

    As a side note I got part of the Staff :)

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