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Change how progress distribution on events and LBs works

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by rpfo, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    So, after finishing with the twink easy life, devs created the lvl 55 easy life. So far now , new lvl 55 players can have top equipments , craft and everything easy peasy and still they dont learn to play.

    I suggest to change how progress on events and LBs works for all players to kinda force them to play and learn to play (be useful with skills during pve instead of picking drops 90% of the time). New players cant keep up in groups with at least a strong one, and they are using this on their own favour , contributing less or nothing to kill on maps. What i see is that devs didn't end with twinks life, they just made them grow old a bit lol

    The best way would be to distribute progresses according to the way they contributed to the team. Same as PVP, if one player is far stronger and faster ,and killed like 70% of the map and the other 4 in group was just there picking drops and killing 30% , each one of them 4, should recieve progress according to the amount of contribution in map (30%) and the one that killed 70% (100%).
    So if by the end of a pw run , they now get 100% points as progress, on this way they would get 30% only. Same for progress on events. On the game side, will increase caps of deaths , they will have to use more buffs, essences and stuffs (cause they will be really playing) and they will have to spend more time playing to finish events and lbs.

    With that , stronger players would still be able to help them get better gears etc (no changes), but new players will be stimulated to play more with players at the same lvl as they are , considering they would get "more points" on lbs and events. And so , they will learn how to use their skills.

    ps.: i saw a new generation of players that reached 55 probably on the 'back' of a lvl 55 player to farm XP, they badly use 1 to 3 skills because they were not playing till 55. Reaching 55, they group , finish events and pve lbs on the easiest way, with a really bad contribution on groups and they have no reason to improve the way they play , its not necessary. They look first for a team with strong player (so they wont need to work that much) and go inf4, in rare moments when they dont find a strong group, they go pain or exc even when they have t7 t8 items , simply because they dont know how to play. This game no longer teach new players to play cause they get everything with no need of hard work.
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke


    First they have to lower the grindfest. Working on character yes, grinding to deaht no.
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  3. nvmind

    nvmind Regular

    That's a terrible idea. Instead of nicely playing as a group, now players will just run ahead to be the first to do the kill, to get the points.

    And the weaker players are not forcing the strong players to carry them on their back. The strong players are doing this because they want to and you cannot change that.
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  4. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    It is not a discussion on how much we grind , neither if a player wants or not, help another. Its a discussion on the behaviour behind the game mechanics nowadays on pve. If someone think on pve five players on team deserves same amount of points , so a pvp team should work the same? All five players on team for pvp should have the same amount if we follow the idea.

    But the point here is , a real pvper, to be good and get more honour, needs to work really hard on crafts (t8 ones) to deal the biggest dmg and carry the max defense to have more points: they have a MOTIVE for that. So, in the end of a match they will see the results of their hard work. What im saying is : PVE doesnt give new players the same MOTIVE, im saying new players no longer need to do hard crafts , farm hours and hours , no nothing. They just tag along and get rewards.
    Those same ones , are the same that when Helios was on , were asking on 1v1 : "share wins?", "alternate wins?" like 70% of matches with questions like this.
    New players arent going to lvl55 with the MOTIVE to be stronger , they share wins on pvp and tag along on pve! This is what im saying. And the cause of that , is the mechanics we have now on PVE.
  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke

    Not even one match with such questions here.

    Now think who made it that way...
    If PvP was fun&challanging, like they claim it to be, the win sharing would be marginal. There would be many people playing just for the sake of it, like it was the case even when lvl50 was max.
    If PvE was engaging and interesting, and there was something actual like character development... well, what we have is: either go to the highest mode that is up there and buy the uniques you need, then pristine craft them, or suffer through low modes, farm them for a lot of time, buy/drop some low-tier uniques, pristine craft them, then go up mode by mode while augmenting your equipment. In the meantime they are going to add at least 5 new modes, nerf you 5 times and increase the mobs' stats 5 times at least threefold.
    Maybe I'm slightly exaggerating, but character development is too tedious, boring and repetitive; improving your items shouldn't be glyphing, tiering and pristine crafting the same items all around, with little possibility to play around with different builds in the process.
    How character development should look like is mainly that:
    1. people should update to better items on the way
    2. there should be way more build possibilties - even if there is a meta, other ways shouldn't be far behind and should really differ from each other
    3. it shouldn't be so tedious and repetitive
    4. there should be way more maps to farm
    How to do it? Well, we've had enough suggestions. It's high time devs took some of them and started improving the game.
    I'm looking forward to transmogrification, and let's see what the future brings.
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  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Ambassador

    when will all of these BP shills who wants to make the grind even more unbearable( using the excuse of newbies that are able to buy things,after farming the resources necessary to do it) tell us where those fables end game items drop with relative ease? I mean, it obviously must be true that 4 platinum lines leggendaries drop frequently somewhere, where apparently newbies can get those items in a few runs. The BP shill who proposed this mess might tell us where is this fabled place, because i thought that you need to craft to get the end game items and here he is telling us that we're doing it wrong.
    tell us please the place where 4 platinum lines drop frequently, tell us

    Oh, you wrote gold lines, huh? EDIT you would have realized that leggendaries with 4 gold lines are not end game items anymore, they're just a step towards the real end game items

    And apparently you can easily get them, how strange, the leggendaries i keep finding are utter trash, i have found a few of them, but they were the minority of the leggendaries i found
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  7. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Nope. Here is the thing-- right now, a low level player can still use skills to help a team, via stun/trap effects which don't really cause damage but DO help with crowd control on a team. Those players under your plan would be penalized for not making a kill, while in fact they are helping the team in a great way. If you resent having low level players on your team, the solution is to not have low level players on your team. Simple and straightforward. DSO cannot regulate and tell between a helpful low level and one who is riding on the efforts of others-- that's the job of the team leader.
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  8. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    If any mods can delete this, pls do it.
  9. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

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