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Congratulations, You've Ruined The Game

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by adidasos, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. adidasos

    adidasos Forum-Apprentice

    Congratulations, you've officially ruined the game completely.

    1. PVP, is a joke, everyone knows why not even going into it

    2. my steam character completely nerfed, character "balancing" is a joke

    3. essence, doesn't stack high enough 21 piles in personal inventory alone

    4. gold (all the gold I spent years farming), devalued to nearly no value

    5. materi frags (all the materi frags I spent years farming), devalued to next to nothing, no materi traders in boss areas or in cardhun with good things for sale

    6. crafting quests, are a joke, you spend all this time clearing whole map only to get treasure troll ONLY with NO CHANCE OF GETTING NEEDED MATERIAL to upgrade gems or ancient knowledge rune or boss chest, too many repeat crafting scrolls as rewards

    7. treasure trolls in secret lairs hardly ever spawn anymore, can't get hardly any clovers

    8. doing away with legendaries as event rewards, replaced by purple

    9. 100 lock pick chests have no/nearly no legendaries red essence anymore

    10. costume/emote guy has NOTHING FOR SALE

    11. pet/mount guy has NOTHING FOR SALE

    12. Varholm event do it every time year after year always did cursed amorphae multiple times per event till recently hardly spawns anymore NO BLACK WOLF MOUNT

    13. Blackborg event do it every time year after year 3/4 broom mounts NEVER DROP

    14. Parallel Worlds bosses are now insanely too hard, almost NO TIER 8 DROPS

    15. Gambling, done away with, can't get essence, jewels, runes etc... like you use dto be able to, got 152k gold that's nearly worthless

    16 Crafting, is a joke only ever gives you worthless items, with like 2 slots

    17 Bigpoint hates old players that contributed monetarily to their success and only ever makes decisions that affect them negatively

    18 cloak update just a way to make old players have to the same thing they've done already over again, like we didn't spend enough time already on the 1st set of cloak quests

    19 never any new areas or enemies, crafting quest just make you do same areas/enemies over again, BORING

    Don't care about your justifications or excuses, only the actual state of the game, which is terrible.
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  2. Ghoshunter

    Ghoshunter Forum-Greenhorn

    I completely agree,farm in same farm all day every day:Khalys<--->Desert or FBI over again same bosses,no decent endgame you do the same farm from the beginning of 55,meta game is a joke the same set with some modifications but THE SAME SET FOR ALL 4 CLASSES,PW now is just for pve leaderboard,materi farm is impossible,much grind for a small reward,you farm an event all day and get nothing and people in firsts runs get uniques,farm in inf3 is impossible extremely boring and tiring,new players are getting hard to farm for a decent drop,im trying to get magotina adorn since feb and NOTHING almost 5 months for this and what i get? Nothing,they still are holding the uniques for what? decrease uniques drop at the same as PW first and say that as increased.Im almost out of this game,when i think the will get better they spoil everything
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  3. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum-Apprentice

    Yes i agree, i only log into game and thats it.There is no point in farming anymore, only to do pve leaderboard for rewards.Pvp is so bad now and its not interesting anymore.Whole month with useless events new and full moon over and over again.I liked the game when we had jesters, atleast u could spend gold,but now u have huge amount of gold and only use it for crafting, but why craft, this dont affect pvp anymore EDIT useless, im thinking of deleting game also soon.
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  4. Bigcoeg

    Bigcoeg Forum-Apprentice

    Maybe you must refresh
    Maybe you can play DSO slowly to enjoy and make your life balance bro...keep play and have fun
  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke

    While I don't like the direction the game is currently going, you must be bonkers with most of what you are saying.

    Here you are generally right.

    I'm not sure what got nerfed, but for sure not the dwarfs... with a lazy gameplay they're twice as powerful as the second-best Q7 ranger playing utilizing all skills.

    It's your problem. Everyone else is being forced to buy essence due to the lacks. If you don't use it or you have strangely greater drops of essence than others, it's, once again, your problem.

    You had been hoarding gold instead of using it along the way? If you were actually using it, I don't see how your farmed resources got devaluated with regard to this. Bad point.

    Yep, Augment Cores are completly useless.
    Everyone else lacks Augment cores and you have more than enough...? Just be happy or take a look at what you're doing wrong that you're not using them.

    Crafting scrolls? You mean the recipes? Congrates, others have to buy as they can't get it from drop.
    No materials for gems? You must be farming wrong maps.
    Ancient knowledge runes? If you need them, buy them for gold the next time they give some freemium.

    For your information, "treasure trolls" = "trolls dropping clovers" have been present in secret lairs ONLY during one event. I agree that the clover drop is insulting, but your point is invalid nevertheless.

    Well, only on purples there can be platinum lines, so theoretically they're worth more than legs. Of course, the game's economy is upside down, but that's another topic.

    Those chests have bad drops, I agree. Tip: Open the 25 lock pick chests only or don't open the chests at all if you have both green and blue recipe for gem crafting, and hoard the keys.

    Because you've bought everything from him already. What you have bought you can't buy second time.

    See previous point.

    Welp... You get runes from the progress and drakens anyways and it's fast. Do the progress bar every time it comes, maybe you'll get the wolf from the progress chest one day.

    I agree, the drop should be higher, just like with the wolf and other cosmetic randomly-dropped things from events.

    Hard? They're slow, not hard.

    You can craft though... as I said, I don't like the current game economy as it's upside down.

    Slots depend on what you put in. Also, you don't care about slots, you care about the enchantments. Then you transfer them using pristine cores to uniques which always have 5 slots. If you lack draken cores, use more non-event uniques.

    There might be more to it...

    Since the legacy cloaks from the "1st set of cloak quests" are worthless anyways and everyone is using different cloaks, let's just see what the future brings in this aspect, shall we?

    And here you're right again.

    Even if for other reasons than you stated...

    One more thing, regarding jesters.
    I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, they were a mine of essences and other useful stuff for just gold... on the other hand, they were extremely unfair, with some people getting runes daily and some seeing one or two throughout the whole time they had been playing.
  6. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Junior Expert

    I agree 100%,, spot on all of it. First the Developers ruined PVP. Now they are set out to ruin PVE.. oh and I have 786k gold that is worthless now.. Just like materi soon will be.
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  7. -VIVERO-

    -VIVERO- Forum-Apprentice

    Now materi is usefull to portals and Cores but is more worth to buy items... (r219)
  8. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Junior Expert

    hmmm portals you say.. like I said materi is useless now. portals pfftttttt
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  9. The pvp issue is a long standing issue that they have had far too long to fix but have yet to. The PW world bosses again have been hard always depending on your character strength standing, that's why they are thee PW bosses however since my leaving I am going to assume they got stronger or characters were nerfed somehow. This is fabulouuuus...not. This is good for BPs business though because if a character is nerfed then what will they do to make themselves' stronger, they will farm the hell out of some maps(which means logon creditability to BP) along with a very high chance of a player spending money since the chances of those valuable assets that a character requires to gain strength are less than likely to drop on a map. Good luck on that one. I have seen some VERY strong characters on this game and all they do is farm and pay. That's how it is. BP isn't stupid. They know what the hell they are doing.lol
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  10. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Board Analyst

    Yes and no, to both points.
    At some point, the rewards will not be enough, progress will become so impossible, people will cut their losses and leave for "farmable" acres.

    That is the case with the last two games I played. And I've now been here for nearly 4 years, which is the longest I've ever played one game continuously. However, I'm getting to the frustration levels of the previous two games.
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  11. gearis

    gearis Advanced

    In my opinion bp cares too much about the old players.These players have been playing the game for more than three years and the only thing they want is to keep leading in it,so they do everything they can to prevent any changes that will refresh the interest of the newer ones
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    REDDRIVE Forum-Greenhorn

    Doesnt matter how much u guys will fight, they dont care, if we already said so many times that those things they bring are useless and not good for either old or new players, they still added them. I still try to get that costume from new moon, nothing and is almost 1 year and half, i still try to make the dog quest, but i cant, is hard for no reason, no one asked for this stuffs, i see a lot of players from my guild who left the game, they deleted the characters and now they are gone. We play for nothing now, no one listen to our opinions, they do what they want.
    I leave the game too, i gave already 50 runs in new moon only today, still no costume, no uniques, nothing, why should i stay and keep play? I see new players coming and they dont have any ideas how bad they will grow, if im coming after 2 years, the same new players from now, they wont have anything on them. Hard for no reason as i said...
    Goodluck, im out!
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  13. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Duke


    As I said above: Yes, they are ruining the game, even if I don't agree with the most points made by the OP.
  14. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    The game needs new content, q10-q11-q12, new set and even new classes, new events but not boring, we are with the same since I don't know how many months, I left the game almost 4 months, and it's the same.:confused:

    Now they raised the difficulty because the boos in infernal 4 were very easy, however they raised the difficulty in all levels affecting new players, it was simply difficult to make the last level, not everything, in this case infernal4 make it very difficult for the most veterans, but not all levels, even for me is not that I feel the increase in difficulty so much, what discourages me to continue playing is that the game is boring because it has been staking for several months without new content and that I do not speak of pvp. :(
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  15. Αtsalak0t0s

    Αtsalak0t0s Forum Inhabitant

    I think the modes is not difficult but more slower ...Bosses just have more hp and more passive for make them less dmg...
    The game returned to ess killer, when before we play inf4 just with blue ess .. now for fast kill as before the ess is red
    As before as now new players cant run at inf4 so nothing change.. The only thing is changed the new players could be run once and buy the items from trader after killing boss now this not exist ... But this game years now is base on rundom stats and the drop rate of unique is really EDIT ..even legenderies drop rate is EDIT ...
    How possible is the boss inf4 not even drop leg items and is total pink items .. this is EDIT
    farm now is borring

    More changes like R220 and R221 and we talk about a dead game!!!!
    They announce a road map but all the time this roadmap crashed in the middle ..
    1.they didnt finish the changes at pvp
    2.were is the guild fights ? Maybe not exist guilds anymore..cuase no players in this game
    3. were is the Q10?
    4.were is the new charachter

    I meet this game ..this game had connection pve-pvp ...if someone was noob at pvp he just go farm or buy better gems ..Were the hell is this ? Moba arena ... that means bb old players and the joke is really when they do this the come back some players but as back in the same way they left ... Nothing to improve ...
    Moba arena in one game who always someone can use bot/hack/cheats ...

    Aaaaa yes ... i forgot .. pvp with autoclicker ..Now in arena if someone can manage the autoclick well then can be very good ...
    What? autoclickers and what about skillfull player ...axxaxaxaxaaxxaxaxaax
    pathetic ...

    I spent in this game 2-3 hours/day ..my free time and when i want to relax but if i had better pc i was out for this game a long time ago ...Exist more better game than this without the company waste our work , our time our invests
    Before if someone ask me why i play is cuase i have friends in game ...fun in skype it was the top when we was 10 friends in call , now they all gone ..Stop, deleting..
    Grimmag server had a huge greek community ..now not and we just we see russians /polland /cz ...the tsetsen community ! :)
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  16. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum-Apprentice

    Hey, I'm just getting caught up on reading the threads now that we are PVE season to farm materi fragments to spend on .....

    Anyways, I saw this celebration message congratulating BP on killing the game. This is exciting. Is there planned Discord Party for the celebration?

    I'm hoping the moderators can post the date for the celebration so we can all congratulate the Dev Team on defeating the player base once and for all.

    The whole nearly decade old struggle of ying yang. The forces of Dev vs the Player base. Who could have guessed who would win? Real plot twist.

    Well done Dev. Well done.

    Please post the dates on maybe the August upcoming events. Really looking forward to the celebration.
  17. Akageshi

    Akageshi Board Analyst

    Yes, but:
    firstly, it is natural that someone who's spent much more time farming, wants to feel like a king. And I understand that, but then how can the game attract new players if there's no way they can be kings too one day, right?

    And secondly, a 3 year old character is not very old. My main char. is 4 years old, yet I think he's a big n00b and only has average stats.

    Devs made acquiring good gear pretty easy pre-220. And old players felt the injustice, because they remember the times when they had to farm hard for their sets. Moreover, new players often expected the old to carry them so they can purchase their tier 7 gear. That was bitter for the old.
    Anyway, now that the easy play has been taken away from the new players, they are angrier than they would have been if they never got the easy play in the first place.

    I must admit, I don't know what it's like to play a new low level or fresh 55 character these days. I made an SM a few days ago and made it to lvl 18, but I can't judge the game on such low level - everything is easy. But I remember well how insanely hard the game was for me when level cap was 50 and I just struggled. I would use just whatever gear I'd found, and the easiest PW was hell.

    So actually, I'm not sure what is the reference point for the argument that the game is too hard for new 55s now. Like is that hard compared to R218, or is it the hardest ...like ever?

    I think now you have more options than before. You can get cool enchantments by doing the random crafting method, using pinks dropped in painful scaling maps. You can be full gold enchanted and run fatal PW for uniques. Or not? I don't know...

    In any case, yes, devs are currently adding features usable mainly by very old players. Combining royal gems is really something you'll be doing after 6 years in, or after you've spent a few thousands of $.

    If the Anniversary event is the same as last year, it'll be bliss.
  18. parkerscot

    parkerscot Forum-Greenhorn

    I have to agree. Greed is driving the game now. I belong to a guild that was active and vibrant, we were a great group of people working actively to help each other get better and now I'm the only player in my guild that I ever see on. Keep this up and this game will fail. I am no longer putting any money into supporting this game only to get less and less benefits from it. I've seen this before, change your path or lose it all. I hope BP fixes their error, as I have enjoyed this game and hope to return one day.
  19. sefu79

    sefu79 Forum-Greenhorn

    you are right !
    dont know if testers or devs tested drop rate on unique items on painful excruciating or fatal i agree drop rate its increased only in infernal 3 and infernal 4 1or 2 i dont know never got inside but others before infernal -drop its 0 , drop some uniques but its only roshan and that dragon weapon and codex
    unique sets from events ? will never drop in low areas example 2x wolf event and 3x spider event = 0 unique drop 0 legendary drop only green blue and some pink items i did 2 run inf4 on white spider got cape boots helm and shoulders
    im a new player and i donated for some andermant or vip but my fellings after 2 months in this game its ( i want my money back) this game dont help new players this game help only old players who have already toons of gold cores fragments jewels etc you devs tell me how to progress in this game ? im tired and bored to spam IM DONOR IM DONOR for hours to go in a higher difficulty to get some unique from events I DONT WANT TO DO THAT i want to play this game not to play others for me you should have same drop chance in all difficulty not only on end game zones

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