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Crafting 2.0 Results

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by _Baragain_, Jun 1, 2016.

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  1. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Moral of the story, don't let me craft in the morning. Threw 1 shortbow in there with a good % dmg line and clicked accept before realizing it was a short bow...

  2. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    Seeing these wasted good %dmg lines makes me cry :(
  3. RichMan

    RichMan Active Author

    What a waste of time farming for these lines. Too bad, you better drink your coffee first then start crafting :p
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I'm so sorry, but that is still s rather nice bow.
  5. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Back to square 1. I have no bows with any worthwhile stats.
  6. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    Well... The first 1lvl 50 1H stats I've ever opened has more DPS than this bow :D (2*dmg 1*%dmg 1*atk speed)
  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Here is a nice 2/3 that I crafted on my way to a 3/4 legendary. One perfect line and one almost perfect line is tough to beat. My goal is a 63.5%/1.9 shield. With that lovely, I should be able to reach 80%/77.78% block stats.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    If I were you I would go with 64.05%/1.9 shield.
  9. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    64.95/1.94 :p
  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Funny story... I have the ingredients to almost make that happen (64.89/1.94). The trick is just getting all 4 of those stats on to the same legendary.


    What you see here is 2 blue items and the purple from above. I'll try to get those other two gold lines onto an exo of it's own and then craft each of them into their own legendary and see what time and luck have in store for me in the coming months. I'm simply saying that 63.50/1.9 is my minimum end goal.
  11. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Similar with what happened to me, right after read your post.
    Trying to pass % dam gold line from 2h green to blue, didn't realise one of the ingredient was 1h mace.
    Happened twice in a row, with 1 hour different. So I lost 2 pcs % dam gold line in a day.
    I'm just to exited to craft and forgot to check. Thinking of how stupid I was to let this happened twice, then went to sleep.
    _Baragain_ likes this.
  12. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Happy enough with this one :D and yeah it's all about that OP gem ofc :p

  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Man that is not such a wise choice.
    Why would you craft 2x crit damage and 2x crit ... it is not practical for upgrading. :D
    Mario_Boss, EhtovK and _Baragain_ like this.
  14. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Intention was a ring with 3 critdmg enchants or more, but as it happens I got this one and can't complain about the result...
    Didn't want to revert it either because this ring got quite nice enchants and fits my build.
    Also, would need quite some time to get 2 other rings (if I reverted) that would be useful enough :cool:
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I did that just 4 days ago... They really need to flip that icon so that it faces the other way. That would solve 95% of the confusion right there.

    Not everyone is as patient as you or I.
    Dylannn likes this.
  16. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    That's another way to say it. :p

    I could still craft it as much times as I wish, if I want to replace some stat by another one. (Okay that sounded way easier than it actually is) :D
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Really? It had to give me the sword? Come on!!!!

    I think that this right here is the most frustrating part of crafting as a DK. If you get a really good stat line on an item that is the "wrong" type, getting it to switch to what you want is a royal pain. It factors in another unwanted bit of randomness.
  18. Universeea

    Universeea Advanced

    OMG I'm having the same problem lol.
    Trying to move my 2h sword stats onto a 2h axe. I'm using using my old axe for the 2nd slot and junk for the other 2. Ive crafted those 2 with junk atleast half a dozen times and it keeps taking stats from the junk slots UGH.
  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Lolz, yeah... I have run into this so many times particularly in the last week because of all the blues 'n greens I have been getting from the event. Trying to move a gold stat line off a sword or mace to an axe can be really frustrating. I made a comment in one of the new crafting threads a while back how a 25% chance of failure is actually quite substantial.

    Luck be with ye,
    _Baragain_ likes this.
  20. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Especially when you include the fact that you only have a 25% chance of passing the desirable stat onto the final item. It lowers the odds from 25% chance of getting what you want down to only 18.75%.

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