Critical damage on weapon ??

Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by Samadhi84, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. Samadhi84

    Samadhi84 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, needing some help from math experts. I know about the idoti being the best lines on a weapon you can get. But I had the *luck* of crafting an axe with 4 gold lines where 2 are idoti, 1 overall damage and 1 76% crit damage. The question is how bad the crit damage is, taking in consideration I have 76% crit chance, compared to increased damage on this item ?

    P.S. I crafted an axe with the same gold lines twice... and could not revert for the second time... :)
  2. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Inhabitant

    Based on my estimations crit dmg in your case it's worth around 80% IDotI so that enchantment it's basically as you had a 62% IDotI.

    CHD it's a "better multiplier" than the IDotI because it's applied AFTER all the other DMG sources (base character DMG and DMG on equipment) which, in my case weights arournd 10% of the total DMG (but it could be more in other builds) so the real math would be that CHD is worth 57,76% but you recover around 10% efficiency because it multiplies also the DMG not coming from the weapon itself.

    Also, in some cases (sadly not your case) that could be even more efficient than this because, if you had around 210-230% IDotI it could be better to raise the CHD up to 250-270% to get a more "balanced" multiplier. This is a very rare case because we know that CHD starts from +100% so you basically need only 150-170% CDH to reach that target and it's not that hard to get even without enchantments on weapon.

    Thumbnail rule is: try to keep your multipliers as "balanced" as possible to increase their efficiency.
    300% IDotI + 300% CHD + 300% ID it's better than 100% IDotI + 400% CHD + 400% ID (and obviusly remind that the CHD must be related to CHR so the CHD multiplier, in reality is always a % CHD * % CHR, for instance, to get a + 300% DMG (x4 DMG) from criticals you will need around 430% CHD and 76% CHR).
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  3. Samadhi84

    Samadhi84 Forum-Greenhorn

    Thanks for the detailed responce. feeling obsessed(in a good way) with all those numbers lately. According to your thumbnail rule i got 186%(bellicose set) idoti, 170% id and 374% chd. While with worshipped by many 4 idoti line would give 320-340% idoti with an id of 110% and chd of 300%. So how hard would you pursue those 4 idoti lines if you be me ? And i mostly use blue ess (even on bosses) and do alot solo pvp (green ess).
  4. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Inhabitant

    Watch out!
    Increase DMG on this Item and Increased Weapon DMG are diferent bonuses.
    Increased weapon DMG from bellicose set (both the unique attribute on gloves, boots, Helm and the set bonus), Warlord regalia (old "Dragan's" set bonus), Blood Rune Weapon (unique attribute +100% Weapon DMG) and Behemot its a multiplier on its own (that's why it's so good).
    In your case you have: 144% IDotI, 40% Increased weapon DMG OR 94% IDotI % & 90% Increased weapon DMG (if you have the behemot talent which I always suggest to keep for any DPS build) + 170% ID and 374% CHD.

    In your situation, I'd honestly prefer those IDotI because, if I've corretly understood what are your multipliers (see the Bellicose bonus distinction) you have 94-144% IDotI and it's far lower than your actual ID bonus (170% without any ess).

    IMHO, I would use the weapon you just crafted and I would even transfer it onto an unique like bearach torturer (if it doesn't have a good base DMG on its own) and start from the scratch to craft a 3/4 - 4/4 IDotI weapon.
    Sadly (or luckly), that weapon aint' that good to be used as item for a later craft (because it has only 2 enchants you really want) but it's pretty damn good to be used on its own (not perfect but... 4/4 golden enchants are far superior than any unique/leg you can drop).
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  5. Universeea

    Universeea Advanced

    Dont go with critical damage on weapon...all your source for damage starts with your weapon so it is never good idea to waste critical damage on weapon
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ All knowing Oracle

    Like the other guys have said, and you well know, you want pure %IDotI, but your axe is not bad and will serve you well on your quest to craft a perfect one. The crit damage isn't that good, but you will miss the big crits when you finally out grow the weapon.
  7. Demon

    Demon Regular

    Please explain more how is this apply ? to whole weapon after the bonuses and gems apply?
  8. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Inhabitant

    As correctly stated also on the wikia it's applied AFTER you've calculated the base weapon DMG, the formula is:
    [(Base weapon dmg + DMG from Rubies)* % Increased DMG on This Item]* % Weapon Damage

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