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End of my journey

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Nostradamus88, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    Ok the moment has come for me too. Little by little i realized that this game is generating frustration in me. It needs too much time to stay at pace with this game. I like to play pvp but it is too much unbalanced and totally free of skill ability. If i want to be competitive i should play hours per day for years.... it is insane! So i canceled all my characters. The game is good when it lasts for few time. Here we are entrapped in a surrogate of life. Well i just want to share my opinion to all, even if the most of you do not know me.
    Good life to everybody
    edit: i came back
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  2. Omarius77

    Omarius77 Forum-Greenhorn

    Totally agree with you ,The way of this game is becoming ridiculous.
  3. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author


    bb my friend mage

    -- MERGED --​


    bb my friend Sh1nox

    -- MERGED --​

    hey moderator, why you edit? last post was 20 days ago.
    or you dont know yourself forum rules? :confused:
    Last edited by moderator: Feb 15, 2018
  4. Anyki

    Anyki S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello @Alex_Thor

    The forum rules do not permit consecutive posts. There is no time limit set on this consecutive post rule that I am aware of.

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