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I really can't take this anymore

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Akageshi, Nov 17, 2019.

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  1. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Commissioner

    Guys, I really want to enjoy this game, I really want to. But I can't! You want me to farm all the purple items to look for the best enchantments? Well I do so, I have been doing so for almost a year like a


    and all those items are just cluttering my bag and I can't play events or anything comfortably because I have to stop every flipping 30 secs to identify and sell because it's goddamn necessary because there's no other way to get coins and good enchantments.

    Do something! This is just stupid as hell. Maybe Jesse and a 0.2% of the players who are so OP they don't need coins or crafting anymore, don't need to do this stupid treadmill of doom, but I'm sure most players do. So instead of enjoying the combat, I just stand around dealing with garbage drop.

    Either give me 20 pages of inventory, or give me some sort of auto collect / auto sell option of predefined kinds of items, or completely redo the crafting system so it's not such an awful coin sink that doesn't reward me with anything useful 99.999% of the time, and so I don't have to collect billions of purple items per minute. Because this is what I do most of the bloody time in this game, stop, identify, clickity click click like mad, sell sell sell, takes forever even if I'm like

    [image removed]

    Or preferably, give me all those ^^^ colored things in one sweet package ASAP.

    Stop only looking at the feedback provided by the most OP players, because their game loop is just fundamentally different from the rest of us. They don't have to collect anything whatsoever anymore.

    This is just a quality of life thing. I could rant all day long about the game being boring, lazy, not innovative, etc etc etc, but I'm silent about that now, because regardless of that I'm still willing to play DSO, but please for the love of the cosmos, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE INVENTORY / SELLING / CRAFTING LOOP OF BRAIN DEATH!

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  2. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Commissioner

    I truly love this cartoon. This is what the Anti-"BP Motto" of r220 (monsters and bosses in Infernal level will all become rediculous) make me feel about the game.

    I'm no longer recommending it, and instead are telling those thinking of trying to stay away.
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  3. Heaven

    Heaven Junior Expert

    Like 1/5th of the current gameplay time is just straight up identifying and selling lol, something definitely needs to be changed about it. Maybe add a sell all option for each page of inventory similar to how you can sort them out automatically - with a warning message obviously or an option to lock items so that they can't be sold/melted. I've been gaming for so many years (even competitively on a micro intensive game) and this is the first game that has actually given me some sort of finger pain due to so much clicking when selling items.
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  4. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Padavan

    Autopickup is possible to implement however doubtful as probably it would mean auto for every single colour which is troublesome as well. What could be done easily though is doing shuffle on stats once item is generated so this way you don't have to identify those in backpack. Always less clicking. "Sell all page" button is also definitely in the menu.

    Theoretically DSO could have a filter mode in options with autopick-up setting but this is hell lot of work. Of course would be dream.

    As for craft DSO DEFINITELY needs some improvement however i'm not sure this would mean less clicking per se. Redoing craft system is out of line and you can't demand that. Only thing avaiable is improvement but this still can be large change in couple directions even on actuall base craft system.
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  5. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Padavan

    My eternal problem is the lack of space in the inventory. I can no longer create items or collect the purple / platinum suitable for crafting. By now the essences have clogged the inventory, they are too many and there are 3 types for each event, even the gems take me more than an inventory page. I'm stopping playing for this reason ... I can no longer move forward due to lack of inventory space.
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  6. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Commissioner

    I'm afraid that complaints like these could result in the most simple solution: Drop rate of purple items decreased by 90%.

    This would of course spawn more problems. Where would we get coins from? Where would we get enchantments from? ...

    We need a complex solution.
  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Padavan

    Well just don't stack trash. I have 4 pages of inventory and i'm managing :p Clicking though is an issue as i have at most only 2 pages for loot. Space inventory isn't problem at all - if you have such issues with 7 pages you just managing resources badly. Managing your space inventory is part of the game. Just don't be extra greedy hamster.

    There is also partial solution of adding sell buttons connected to colour items - mainly green and blue ones but maybe pink as well. Just sell all items of particular colour type in your inventory with confirmation for safety. It doesn't totally resolves issue but definitely would help by some degree and it's easy to implement. Moreover with this feature autopickup for all colour items should be possible as you can easily sell green and blue garbo now without extra hassle which would resolve everything of course.
  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum General

    we don't need a complex solution: the needed solution is really simple
    Fix the bug with the wisdom talent drop increase, make it work on gold and silver drops
    Make mobs drop gold stacks, and more frequently at the highest difficulties

    and increase platinum and gold drop rates drastically to make up for the diminished purple drop rates

    Or simply increase the inventory and cobold inventory space, make more item deposits, make an event resource bag that contains essences, event resources, ecc.

    We don't need complex solutions, we need the will to implement and think the solutions
    new players can't really stop being BP apologists, can't they?
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The problem is the increased exo quantity over the decreased quality.
    The drop of the exo items has been increased in terms of quantity wile it was significantly nerfed in terms of quality.
    Exo drop should be decreased because it serves only for melting and selling. In same time the quality of the enchantments should be drastically increased ... at this moment almost all of them are not worth even opening. Exo items are one big joke ... getting lame enchantments even on T7 items most of the time is plain stupid. Not even gold enchantments are on satisfactory level, let alone platinum enchantments. Even if platinum drop from time to time (once in 500 items) those enchantments could hardly be called "platinum' with values like 9.98% crit damage or 10.01% increased damage ... etc.
    Clicking on items in order to identify them is not an issue. Items should stay unidentified when picked up so we can make difference of what we have actually picked up. The issue is the quantity of trash we are collecting in a single run.
    In same time improved and magic items have been made obsolete ... no one is collecting them because they are not good for crafting (where actually dropping - in lower difficulties) and certainly not good for selling and melting.
    Legs are not even dropping.
    Unique items are not dropping (except those wordily trash unique items) or even if they drop their stats are laughable.
    So much of your "gaming industry employment" eh?
    Items are actually not getting stats when you identify them ... devs are not that stupid so they would give you exploitable feature so you could click gazillion times on one item until you get good stats. And that is actually easy provable.
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  10. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Padavan

    I know they are not getting stats i meant just no "discovering" them in backpack which is doable. There is reason why it is done that way but i don't see on the other hand reason why that would be unchangable. Maybe i'm missing sth if so tell my what.

    With rest as usuall i strongly disagree so it's not even worth commenting.

    Btw. In december there is poe 2 on new graphic engine so DSO may have issues even before D4 release. Devs should start rat race asap to keep players base. Once second, main exodus by means of D4 hits and there are no large improvements in DSO things will get nasty for bp.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't think I understand what you are saying.
    Like someone cares if you disagree :)
    No one cares for poe or d4 which is not coming out any time soon anyway.
    Diablo is not capable of taking players from DSO ... the question is not whether diablo will take DSO players , because it will not ... it is rather how much of Diablo player base can DSO snatch. ATM DSO is not capable of doing that ... because the current DSO is just like Terminator: Dark Fate - everything that could be possibly made wrong has been made wrong.
  12. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Padavan

    Of course that d4 is capable of snatching DSO players though indeed we still not know premiere but it gonna be upcoming year for sure. For poe it's obvious it can steal some player base if they are upgrading massively their graphic engine + huge amount of new content + mobile device. It's just how much both titles can pick and as you nicely pointed out other way round DSO can't steal anything.
    Bp just has to make some moves soon as trend is very negative for them.
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum General

    Also you can already reshuffle base values of an item by using an equipment refiner, but it carries the risk of the item getting destroyed and there's nothing wrong with this

    Do you think d4 isn't going to take away a chunk of DSO's playerbase?Why?
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  14. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Commissioner

    I'm glad my post has started a discussion :)

    I wanted to propose something like this in the op, but then I thought it was problematic. Would this function sell e.g. all purples? Or all unidentified purples? And if all unidentified purples, then how would I know which ones had good enchantments? And if it could sell only identified purples, then how would it sell only the ones I want to sell and not the ones I want to keep? There would have to be a lock option you could use on individual items. But perhaps something like this could be the way to go.

    My main character is not the oldest at all (2015/16), yet I have collected a lot of stuff until now. And of course some of it was trash, but most of what I'm carrying or having in my stash is useful. Are you going to throw away tier 7 Dragan's gloves with good base values even though your current build is not utilizing them? Are you going to dump 6 stacks of green ess that can only be purchased for andermant and that doesn't drop very well? Or dump various event buffs that you managed to farm 2 years ago? ... ... ...

    And as for items with platinum enchantments, I have 3.5 pages of them. Recently I've thought about dumping them and keeping just the few 2h weapons, because I've pretty much lost all hope that I could ever craft anything good; and by the time I have maybe managed to do so, platinum ench. would be obsolete anyway, just like gold ench. these days :|

    I don't want to oppose you because I'm not sure about this, but it seems to me that BP likes simple solutions (when they actually decide to do something about problems/complaints), which usually means that they apply a patch that does not take into account other related things.

    An example could be the removal of boss merchants. They just kind of forgot to calculate the uniques drop rate accordingly.

    Another example could be the topic of this thread: Devs know the current end game is about coins and platinum enchantments. So they've simply increased the purple drop rates and called it job done, because obviously that's a source of both coin and platinums- why would anyone be angry about that? The fact that it causes the aforementioned problems with identifying, selling, bag space etc. devs didn't think about, I assume.

    That's why I said "complex solution". What I meant was a solution that is not just a one dimensional increase or decrease of some drops. That doesn't seem to work as much.

    But these:
    could help. They are already quite complex, no? It's not just 38% increased amount of coins dropped, it's more than that.

    I would think most DSO players play it because it's free-to-play, and because it can be played on quite weak PC's. D4 is not going to be free-to-play and it's going to have high system requirements. PoE is free, but especially with the new changes to their engine, it's also going to be more demanding.

    IMO good games are not just about the looks. I would gladly play a 90's style pixel art RPG that looks like D1 if it had a good gameplay.
    Besides, DSO doesn't really need graphics upgrades. It surely doesn't look as good as all these graphically advanced games, but it's not so bad either. DSO just needs to have a solid content that's fun to play :/
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  15. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Of course BP will lose players to D4 and PoE. It will lose the good players who follow the rules and the only people left will be the cheaters, bots and those using autoclick software. I recently made a new DK and the low level PvP is plagued by tryhards using autoclickers, and I always seem to be matched with the same people. It’s actually disgusting what’s happened to PvP. You have these groups of cheaters grouping up and entering 5v5 after 5v5 taking advantage of other players. And these players are routinely using level 50+ equipment at the lower levels. To do that, they must have literally spent thousands of Euros. What a joke. Pathetic...
  16. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Padavan

    Well, this should function as selling all kind of same item types so would be indeed ALL greens, blues, purples. I know with purples it's inconveniant but i think it's cleaner solution than selling whole page. You would have to first identify them in current system but even than it's somewhat less clicking as you not always getting those, often 1 which you can move and sometimes you just sell things without even identification. Removing identification would be ideal though.

    As for backpack just use those essences more frequently (again not being a hamster), don't stack things like high tier gems which you have 2-3, throw away event trashes, keep uniques in depo and there is absolutelly no way that with 7 pages you gonna have trouble.
    With platinum enchantments it's somewhat more difficult as you want to keep a lot of those but 3,5 pages basically means you not working on them in meantime, just stashing. I guess it's luxury of not using workbench while still hamstering enchantments and as luxury should have downside. I really feel backpack managment is part of the game and players tend to always use it all for max effectivity no matter how large it is. If they add 2 extra pages soon you gonna be short on space again :p I think it's totally enough right now it just requires different mindset - inventory isn't endless bag but resource with limititation and managing it wisely is part of the game.

    Well i wouldn't call DSO totally f2p ;):p Theoretically yes but a lot of players use premium on daily basis which makes game monthly subscription. Besides purchases in DSO are very steep price in comparison of what in game value you get to other arpg's.
    Totally f2p is definitely poe and actually you can earn real money in this game. Most valuable backpacks are worth even 20k $ which you can indeed monetize. For hardcore players that's a BIG thing. However poe is indeed demanding and complexed so that's not very natural player base snatcher from DSO. New engine will make game performence easier and better for weaker computers which sth was additional issue. As for D4 we have to wait.

    Yeah DSO doesn't need any graphic changes... but it needs mechanics upgrade. At least on those crucial fields.

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