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Infernal PW farming as ranger

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ULTRAPEINLICH, Apr 2, 2017.

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    I must say, by introducing the q7 set, Rangers cannot complain anymore about being weaker than any other class in pve. Q7 2h set is incredibly strong even without having a leg bog transferred on it.

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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You mean P2W class with bugged set. right?
    As far as I saw... you didn't even hit the target with net several times ... yet you get the buff :D
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  3. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeath Junior Expert

    wow traki is legend now.. grats

    as a ranger, i feel insulted, mr. wigger. I can barely play fatal anymore, forget infernal!!! How am i supposed to get sets if I can't buy red ess and tons of gems.

    and also i dont have (never got) royal sapphs, i mean ive spent almost 50 bucks on the game, but are you really expecting me to dish out hundreds of dollars for inv space, gems, ess, and whatever else???

    i could buy a console and games for it with that money (if i had it lol)!!!!
  4. Ioedavide

    Ioedavide Forum-Apprentice

    Net bug or not the set is crazy, even without putting some serious enchantment in the bow a decent ranger can go everywhere in any mod with green ess.

    It was my idea to get q4 bow, but Ronaldo set is a must have, brainless power.

    About the net bug, the moment u put a 300% wd leg in the bow, I think u'll have enough firepower even missing the target, so if they fix it it will still be the most effective set for Ra.

    I was sceptical myself, but after I got it, I tried it (I've changed almost noting since Lv 50 and I have 0 Lv 55 unique) and it's so easy that u feel like cheating xD. A little bit of justice for our mistreated class.

    (It's not like there aren't flaws: 2h bow, with no reduction conc bonus are a little "stucked" on dance blade for example, but when u throw net here u basically become a katyusha, so...)

    Ps: they finally gave me a reason to spend gramps legacy or rob a bank to get those jesters cooldown runes...
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    The net is bugged yes and I hope it will get fixed soon, because in pvp this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed quickly. For pve however, it wont change anything. It's always in your greatest interest to actually hit a mob with the net in order to trigger the talent 5 bonus (40%chance for no cooldown). Which means this set is very powerful, with or without bug.

    This set is op for everyone, even if your gems are low tiered. Of course you wont be able to farm infernal with green easily just because you have the set, but it renders your farming experience much more efficient and way easier.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is only half true.
    All players have to play the arena nowadays ... at least for DQs.
    In the arena 1h ranger build is winning over 2h non-bugged hoaxbow all the time. For a sake of fairness ... as far as I know not just the ranger's set is bugged.
    Then we get to the point of having multiple builds and equipment at same time (one for PvE and the others for different arenas) ... that is impossible for casual spenders or F2P players.
  7. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Traki- sorry to bother ya- any news on those updated min and max stats after r186? Also, any new info about the max achievable stats on armour, wepon adornment etc? Sorry to ask- just thought that you would know- CMClayton mentioned something about materials given to you to work on so I was wondering if you got everything you needed to update DSO Wikipedia?
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Believe me ... I am the last person around here to ask on that matter. No I don't ...I know as much as you all do.
    He gave me cores and materi fragments (of course at TS not live server :D ) so I can buy unique items and craft the items. Without them I would had to make only theory guide ... without pictures and specific examples.
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  9. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeath Junior Expert

    Guys, I fail to see why this 2h bow is better ?? you're talking about the herald bow + glove, right? Even with 4 lines of 50% increased dmg, or iwd if you want, i guess, you lose all of your crits! can rings + adornment make up that much crit? then where do the crit dmg come from?

    doubling or tripling your base dmg (with effect and bow enchantments) will still not be as effective as crits and better speed, right?

    though, i realize royal rubys of qaziah are pretty good (i don't have any)....


    Neither do I. All my 4 rubies are still oldschool 38dmg :)
    2h bows can have regular 2h enchantments, which means increased dmg goes up to 80% (76.x%was the highest I've seen so far tho since R185)

    The idea is to reach 75-80% crit by using arrows with 4x25-30% crit lines, craft it on a good t4 unique (sigri or grimmag) and put all your onyxes inside

    . You will also need a decent crit helmet, unique rings with crit (mortis/fyrgon/whatever), and bearach belt. With that setup I can reach 78%crit chance and I dont have max tier onyxes (not even close..)

    Of course longbow + quiver will suit you better as long as you havent crafted/found a good adornment and aligned your build/items accordingly.
    Item cap is 10k for pretty much everything

    Most f2p players have 1 setup which they use for pvp and pve. And besides, people who play pvp for the dq only do not bother about having a pvp build and if they do, they are not playing efficiently.
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  11. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Nice one- so I can go ahead and craft 4x30% Critical Hit Value bonuses into Sigri's Weapon Adornment:) Cool:)
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  12. Ioedavide

    Ioedavide Forum-Apprentice

    Since Wiggy started talking build, and the 2h pure offensive build ATM is kinda forced, let me ask again: what should we put in the bow?
    Full WD% or that raw dmg% is a valid enchantment?

    Cause if the cap for dmg in the weapon is also 10k even a full WD% won't reach that and there will be no waste. Plus WD gets multiplied by ess, dmg% won't cause it's already a "global" multiplier. But still maybe if they put it it has some kind of use to gain a little more dmg...

    I'm not a math person, maybe someone has a clear point of view about the matter...

    Ps for Immortal: with this set is not about stats (of course the better those are the better it works), the moment u get to shoot 5+ EA for free stats won't count so much (I'm talking pve). Even with 50% crit hit and around low crit dmg u will cut through maps easily than a ranger on quiver with same stones and better balanced stats.

    I play q3 minibosses almost all the time, before this set I had 7500 dmg, 150 conc to shoot 3 EA, 70% crit hit and 4,50 crit dmg.
    There was no way to go with green ess, al last I bought the set and my stats are way worst (apart from dmg) but still, mod3 becomes a joke and with green ess. Too bad today they fixed the price for gloves...
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  13. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Actually look at this screen- made just now - it seems that the cap of 10k from prior r187 has been 'removed' ...'fixed' ...or simply 'reset' / 'moved up'?

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  14. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    I must say, your statement is terribly wrong, yes, the set is broken and I said it since Q7 came to be, but not every ranger is now automatically OP in PvE because of the set's existence, unless there was a free giveaway to every RA that I missed, it's like saying world hunger is gone and people shouldn't complain about it because, in theory, there's enough food "available" across the globe for everyone.

    Class balance should not depend on the existence of a specific set, because it kills diversity, and it's just a poorly done patch for a big wound, you forget that many players are not end-game players at all, so, how exactly will they get their hands in the set if a lot of them are complaining about the non-sensical buffed difficulty in the PW?, that should ring a bell, we should never fail to consider the fresh/new player experience.
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  15. Ioedavide

    Ioedavide Forum-Apprentice

    Class balance doesnt exists in this game since that 3k gold staff with 100% dmg on LB at Lv 45: basically mages started farming with green ess dealing dmg of blues. Now that's happening with ranger, after a complete expansion where we were by far the worst class in overall Pve experience (that doesn't mean that some, lots, of us were still good, but compared to other class, my royals gems worked like their flawless)

    If u have a decent ranger u'll be able to gather just enough materi frags to get the set. Find group once, buy it and move on.
    If u are not that good (and of course I don't mean u) u can still farm mod 1/2.
    If u are not even able to farm there, then u are playing it wrong somehow, cause even a radiant/ polished player with some blue ess can farm easy mod, maybe it'll take a couple of month or three (but for example on Lv 45 wouldn't take a couple of month to get full witch chaser? Or buy darkness set on Lv 50? Or gather that 3k gold) Progress requires time, the better u are the faster u progress (captain obvious).

    That set is a fair boost for PvE: is not like q7 dwarf set is not Op, or war too. Apart from Mage Herold set seems designed for massive dmg in Pve: it's Op? Yes. It's broken? No, or not too much at least (apart from the net triggering bug).

    ATM it's the only valid choice for ranger in Pve, any other weapon or set is not even close in dmg output, some people would like it, other will not (I love the fact that on 2 weapon from bosses we have one specifically designed for pvE and one for Pvp f.e, and that they are both useful instead of being just one of the countless number of useless pointless unique), but in the end who cares about variety? The biggest majority of non-casual (which is still different from payers) just want to farm as fast as possible to get better accordingly. There is so much to farm and craft in this expansion, that if I focus on my char I don't even have time to think about variety (and that finally we can go to other classes speed it's only fair).

    (Ps is not that on Lv 50 there was variety, cause on showcase ur ranger seems to me that we all went for similar build in the end, so here I really don't see how people can complain, even the fresh Lv 55)
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  16. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    Nice. Every one asked for SW and RA boost. Here we are :)
  17. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    That particular ship sailed quite a while ago. The gap between the heavy payer / Op and everyone else is so huge that I doubt it could be fixed.

    When these big updates come along, who gets hurt? Not the heavy payer / Op player.

    Then if it were not bad enough, sooner or later DSO finally realizes that they need to do an adjustment (nerf) and once again the newer/weaker players get hit again further widening the gap.

    Those players who are able to farm or buy the good sets don't seem to care about those who cannot. They want to farm fast, they want to win at pvp, they only want to build their character.

    Doesn't seem to matter how many quit in frustration, doesn't seem to matter how many quit from boredom of running the same old maps without improving, doesn't seem to matter how many quit because they stand no chance in pvp.

    It's difficult to think about someone else, I get it, we all want our character to be OP. It's much harder to think about helping others improve.

    Maybe the majority of heavy paying / OP players play on the big servers so they don't notice how many quit because of the imbalance that will never be diminished.

    The idea that more good players equals more groups and better pvp fights seems to never be considered.

    I would like to think that the vast majority simply don't notice the widening gap, but I suspect that it is in fact that they simply don't care.
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes ... here we are :D

    I have some groundbreaking news for hoaxbow users :D
    Set bonuses are not available anymore for bosses :D :D
    I have tested this with event and PW bosses.

    No set bonus can activate in boss room:

    See the difference in ordinary maps with ordinary monsters:

    But it's OK ... I mean ... you can still use your bows in Swerdfield Pastures or Torstrond :)


    Have you tested this with other sets too? Because as far as I know, the q7 set bonus has never ever worked for mages in boss rooms...
    I have never ever played a mage but even I do know that... :D
  20. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Hellow there... The bonus is only removed in the boss or generally in the Q? in the first two maps is it there the buff? ( i gather materi to buy).
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