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Is Infernal 3 being closed???

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by GoulishNightmares, Mar 15, 2018.

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  1. Someone told me infernal 3 option was being disabled/closed soon..? Is this true? If so, why would you do such a horrible thing DSO? I thought the goal was to add more infernals, not take away. I hope I heard this wrong. lol Thanks -If there was a post for this information, please direct me. I couldn't find anything about it.
  2. semen470

    semen470 Padavan

    no it isn't closed...i've done yesterday 20 grimmag runs on inf3 and all worked fine there.
  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Count Count

    Stop listening to random someones, they don't know what they are talking about
  4. Erebus

    Erebus S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Because it's a rumor, the misunderstanding came from the official announcement about the new Leaderboard season and the addition of Infernal III being typed down like this:

    Which meant that the Leaderboard season was going to be held from Jan 13th to March 11th, and the (Infernal III) part, just meant that it was going to be implemented together with the new season, but it didn't and doesn't mean it's going to share its duration, addition of Infernal levels sometimes might be bound by the start of a new Leaderboard season, but they are a permanent addition, or maybe you want to hear it from our CM himself:

    "No, we don't remove it, the season is just running out and, once the season is starting again, nothing changes, like, Infernal III is also available without a season, if not, it's a bug"

    Please go spread the word, since it seems an immense amount of people is still scared of Infernal III being "taken down" despite the fact that the season ended a few days ago and Infernal III is still out, and working as usual, question answered, thread closed.
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