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just reached lvl 55, what to do next?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Nagla, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. Dwwarfkensang

    Dwwarfkensang Forum-Apprentice

    You can use crit rate buff from the norselands to max out crit rate and chichen to boost the crit dmg and for attack speed you can get runes from the 2 moon events, especially now that there are 2 full and new moon events every month
  2. Nagla

    Nagla Forum-Apprentice

    i got a new question about crafting... i did some runs in great desert on fatal mode and few on inf3 mode, with some guys... and i found there some items with 1-2 bronze stats... now my question is should i craft them ? or should i try to look only for platinum stat and then craft items, or to search for atleast 3 bronze stats and then craft ? and is it good to craft randomly bronze stats items, or just specific ones, like just to look for bronze increase dmg stat or crit dmg... and for new moon events, i never completed them yet, i feel that i m still weak for an events :p

    IB-BANSHEE Forum-Apprentice

    These Bronze lines you are referring to I assume u mean "Gold Lines"? Regardless of what u call them, they are more desirable than white line stats for sure ("most of the time!"). As for whether to keep them or not, depends on your toon class, what build you are looking for and or what you want on that particular piece of gear, "Defensive" or "Offensive" and how long you are willing to wait to get the lines you ultimately desire. It is really a matter of personal preference. For Starters, you can go to your Main Menu Tab, Click on Settings, go down to 10th item listed which says Equipment Tooltip and switch it from "Default View" to Advanced View, then click on the Green check mark and close out. Now when u look at your gear you should see all the % ratings for all your stats in parenthesis. This has helped me tremendously when trying to decide if I should keep Gold or Plat Line(s) as a first or second slot craft item (to be saved in case of a failed craft) or to use an Item as 3rd or 4rth slot crafting attempt as these last two slot items will be lost if the craft fails to give the results you find acceptable. Sometimes an Item drops that requires NO Crafting...it is just that good! (for me, all stats I am looking for at 95% or better would be GREAT)...but it's not likely without a lot of crafting, grinding, resource use, wailing and moaning. As for whether to keep / use 1, 2, or three Gold Lines for crafting...A Basic I use is to get at least two lines of what I am seeking on each Legendary I use in the first and second Slot when crafting, whether it be two plats, two golds, or a Plat and Golds, etc. What u use in the last two slots...is a crap shoot. Yes your odds are better if u use items with one, two, three or more Gold/Plat lines (or combinations there of) in the 3rd and 4th slots when crafting, but just remember...They will be GONE If you revert your craft because u did not get the desired lines to roll. You will always be able to Keep your "Precious" First and Second Slot Craft Items if the craft is a fail..."As long as you are crafting together exact same type items!" (example: All four necklaces, All four double Hand weapons, All four Pauldrons, All Four Weapon Adornments, etc.) IF U MIX ITEM Types at Crafting Table...U cannot Revert! (and you will LOSE your first and second slot crafting items). I am adding the following info just in case you have not already begun your toons final 55 build yet or would like some guidance. If you already know this information, then please just disregard. ;-) There are Basic Sets people seek for damage build, like the Witch Chaser Set, Spider Set, Dragan Set and Herald Set which are all worn simultaneously making up the majority of your Toons equipped gear. (There are other set combinations out there for sure, those listed above are just "some" of the more common ones I have seen used together for a Damage build, regardless of toon class). Also, my advice would be to keep in mind that while some of the stats on these Unique Item Pieces on their own may not be as good as say a random Legendary or other random Unique, The Set Bonus's you receive from wearing the multiple pieces together as a set far out weighs a stand alone item most of the time. When using your Damage Weapon Set - Be Sure to check out the combinations listed on that set to make the most of it's set bonus usage! (Say like the Herald set if u choose to go that route!) Please Keep in mind this is just a General Guideline based upon my own personal Experience and Preferences...there are many more views and opinions out there! I hope u find something I have said in here useful. Good Luck to You, Happy Gaming!
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  4. Nagla

    Nagla Forum-Apprentice

    Thank u for reply, appreciate ur help... so for now i wont bother much with set items, i will try to get as better stats i can, then later when i will be able to do some runs alone and events, i ll start collecting set items... i wanna focuse as much on dmg, i m ranger.

    ps. ye i meant gold stats :p and i never got more than around 80% xD

    ---MERGED ---

    ups i forgot that i m usning dragan set, but just normal white stats on them

    ---MERGED ---

    also is there any way of making andermants ? or i should just cash for them, cuz i m stuck with storage space...
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    IB-BANSHEE Forum-Apprentice

    Dragan set is often more helpful than stand alone pieces, even if only white line stats. As for making Ander...one way is to create a toon in each character class...(making sure same account and server) all you have to do is log in daily on each toon, select your dailys on each one (don't even have to do any questing or any of the tasks...just select). It takes about 5 minutes if u have a decent internet connection. You will get extra Ander each day just for doing this.
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  6. Nagla

    Nagla Forum-Apprentice

    thanks for advice :D ... mm what about events, is it possieble for me to complete any of these moon events or any event atm, if i m not able to do solo on higher than painful mod... and also is it possieble to do events without spending a cash, cuz i have seen in order to be able to kill in those event dungeons u need some kind of special essences which i dont find out... And i got question about runes... i dont have almost any atm... only 1-2 for some exp bonuse, and for wisdom knowledge bonuse, which are useless i guess... and how important are runes for me atm, should i change my focuse on smthing else, or just to strive for items, to get as better stats on them ? ...appreciate anyone who spend his time, writing some tips and advices for noob like i m :D
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  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Connoisseur

    My main toon is a Level 55 Steam Mechanicus … been Level 55 for a year, but only play sporadically and haven't improved much (especially in the face of various entire player-base nerfs foisted on us by BP).

    Most events are way out of reach for less than multiple-year end-gamers (those who can do the Infernal difficulties modes).

    Full Moon, however, is approachable, even for lower Level toons. You do need to prepare for it, however: You can enter Varholm ("buy" passes from NPC Thabo, who you can find in any city, by exchanging Realm Fragments which drop in all dungeons from random mobs) when the main event isn't active (referred to as Day), kill mobs for loot and the Silver Essence you'll need to use when the event is active (Night); collect Wolfsbane plants; then also enter the linked Moonsilver Mine map, kill more mobs for usually slightly higher Silver Essence drops, as well as Silver Pebbles you'll find in certain barrels in the Mine. You'll also need to complete the various quests that pop up the first few times you enter Varholm. Beware: Some of those quests have more than one step, requiring both Day and Night exploration. This means it takes a couple of months before you've completed all the setup quests in order to exchange some of the items you've collected for Shining Silver Essence which is used on a second related map, Bloodmoon.

    At that point, you can potentially complete the progress bar every month (or even twice a month as it's being offered lately) on only Normal difficulty, and potentially even only in the main Varholm map without going to Bloodmoon. However, in Bloodmoon you'll encounter three mini-bosses which drop a fair amount of event progress, as well as champions mobs which also drop decent event progress. You don't necessarily have to kill the Bloodmage map boss; he doesn't drop progress, though he may drop special items, in addition to decent typically loot.

    Again, this will take you a few cycles before you've got all the setup steps completed. But, in the meantime, you can get some loot in the Day instances, so go for it :).

    Once you get into the monthly rhythm, you can get a couple of attack speed runes every event from the progress bar, plus potentially an interim event Unique set that might help you tackle Painful difficulties (in the Events, Scaling Dungeons, and Parallel World maps).


    I personally haven't been in the habit of running the New Moon event. I'm starting to dabble, but the progress there is slower, and gathering pre-requisites more tedious (you need to harvest wood by killing Trees [in Day or Night modes], and later use that wood to deactivate the Black or White Queen's invulnerability when you encounter them in Night mode). Some end-builds use at least parts of the New Moon Unique set, but I've never had the time or patience to make it all the way through the New Moon progress even once, yet.
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  8. Nethielle

    Nethielle Forum-Apprentice

    Mmmmh... it seems dosen't work...
    Should i bring my secondary char to Kingshill?
    Or i should reach a certain level? Or same level of main character?

    Thx! :)
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    In order to start getting daily bonus each of your toon needs to be level 8 or higher :)
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  10. Twenkyes

    Twenkyes Forum-Apprentice

    Buy tons of chips some sweet drinks make EDIT and lets farm something about 8 hour daily if you done all one requirements you in a good way to have op character.
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  11. Nagla

    Nagla Forum-Apprentice

    ty :D

    well i m not that much in a mood of becoming the op :p i ll try to make slow progress until i have fun :D
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  12. Nethielle

    Nethielle Forum-Apprentice

    Seems that i cannot create more than 4 characters.
    Should I raise them to a certain level ti create more chars?
    Thanks you!
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Hehe ... I wish I could create more than 4 toons on account too.
    No you can't create more than 4 toons :)
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    IB-BANSHEE Forum-Apprentice

    I have another option for you where u can make even More Ander (Thank You Husband!) you can delete your three lower characters and create three whole new toons to play. Level them up by doing the quests (which are quick and easy at the lower levels). The quest rewards usually contain varying amounts of Ander, sometimes quite a bit. You can continue to log in all toons daily, while working on lower level quests with your alt toons until u feel it is too much of a grind, or what have you. You can do this as many times as you want, plus it gives u an opportunity to get the feel of the other Classes and change up your game play a bit. Happy Gaming! ;-)


    I am on Agathon Server, Sorry Nagla! ;-(
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  15. Nagla

    Nagla Forum-Apprentice

    ty for tip, sry for late reply, no problem :D

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