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map change connection problems - the sequel

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by fddkk9_gp, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Trakilaki, again, I'm not using VPN. Neither software nor hardware. Who told you that? And banning for VPN is a joke anyhow. I would be able to take legal action for being banned for using paid service with VPN.

    As for the distance, physical distance does not matter a lot if you have stable continuous connection. And like was said before, everything was perfect 7 days ago.
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    You probably would not be able to take legal action for banning for using a VPN. And even if you could, no half decent lawyer would take the case.
  3. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    This is OT, but trust me I would absolutely be able too, even if a service has insane liability/exclusions sections. The VPN does not matter, the subject of the claim would be financial damage. Also, it would be against the law in US, so such a provider might have much more issues than a single claim.
  4. cntgetright

    cntgetright Forum-Apprentice

    ok so out of the love of the game i just started trying to actually play o the agathon server since i seemed to have no problems out of and i just got to lvl 13 and tryed to enter the catacombs for a quest and i get (error 21) message and now my character screen will load but i cant log into the game with a character because of error 21 code so even on a server close to me i am still having issues only different ones.
  5. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Error 21 will usually get fixed when they restart the server, what wI'll clean up some cache. Doesn't mean it should not be addressed too though.

    It happens on certain maps only, so you might be able to login in 10 minutes or so, unless you are in the error location.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It seems you have discovered teleportation. :D
    As I can see you can be at different points on the earth in fraction of the seconds.

    Yes ... not just you can be banned ... but they can take legal actions against you ... because the actions you can make with VPN ... it is called stealing or fraud. :D

    That is not true. It seems you have skipped that class.
    It was perfect 7 days ago but not anymore. Could be ... but you have to ask yourself WHY?
    Some of the servers (in the middle) is having issues.... perhaps?
    Maybe in meanwhile the path was changed ... additional 3 servers added up?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
  7. avidgolfer_gp

    avidgolfer_gp Forum-Apprentice

    Thanks to those who verified what I thought. The people having problems are those in the US who play on Heredur. This has been 7 days now with this problem, and it looks as if they are not in any hurry to fix it or even provide info about what is going on. I have some chars on Agathon, but that server is too empty for arena PVP so it's not worth playing there. I can't do the event with my chars on Heredur, the group leader always boots me because it takes so long for my char to leave and re-enter a map. I can't do PVP on Agathon, I actually waited an hour for 5v5 or 6v6 and it didn't even come close to getting enough players for a round. I'm tired of waiting for this to be fixed i'm tired of seeing "All conection attempts have failed" over and over. Time to find something else to play, Goodbye to all.
  8. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Board Veteran

    Please, let's not derail this thread into a discussion of VPN (which doesn't seem to be an issue for this particular set of errors) nor lawsuits.

    Trakilaki made a good point about the number of hops between the player's computer and the server. My originating location is the East Coast of the US. Here are my results:

    Ping: 84ms
    Tracert: 10 hops

    Ping: 98ms
    Tracert: 10 hops

    Ping: 114ms
    Tracert: 12 hops

    Ping: 114ms
    Tracert: 12 hops

    Ping: 113ms
    Tracert: 12 hops

    Ping: 114ms
    Tracert: 12 hops

    So it looks like it takes an extra two hops to get across the Atlantic. Based on the IP addresses returned, I'm guessing the European servers are all the same location as are the two US servers. While we can't rule out the distance being an issue, I'm guessing it isn't. Otherwise we'd see that players in Europe connecting to Agathon would have the same issues as the US players connecting to Heradur.
  9. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    You are incompetent on the subject.
    1. I was physically in Florida on Sun-Mon, I was physically in Phillies on Tue-Fri. I'm in different location now. You just dont get what people write.
    2. VPN will not change physical location of your client app, only virtual. That's why it is called V-PN. And your ping with the VPN will get worse, not better. There are other ways, however, to simulate that. Through the remote connection tools using physical machine in other location. For instance with the team viewer.
    3. 'For Illegal actions' does not equel 'for using VPN'. It's like you said they could take legal actions against me for using a vihacle, because I could make illegal actions using vihacle. Could you stop writing such a nonsence?
    4. I have perfect understanding how VPN works, about changed path etc. It will be worsened, but all depends on the new path.

    Please stop writing your nonsence off topic stuff here, people are trying to resolve their issue in the thread which is, hopefully, overlooked by the Dev team.


    It should be distance, what else could it be. There might be something wrong with the channels between US and EU.

    What provider are you using?
    Last edited by moderator: Jan 12, 2015
  10. Pastorale

    Pastorale Forum-Apprentice

    Hi. I'm from Venezuela and actually an active -and forum censored- player of Heredur. (I left Agathon because "br br kkk payers" were making me insane).

    Some of the spanish community we've been having troubles with map changing since the Full Moon Event. That is one week ago exactly. The moderators EDIT of the respective forum said that it has something to do with an asian firewall, [content removed] So if we people from American continent are trying to connect to an European server (like heredur) those connections get through that firewall that might be "under attack" and so one of them may fail, that's why the endless "retry stubborn buttom". Have a common sense, cause I tried playing on Agathon (which is located in Brasil -not sure of-) and nothing of disconnection.

    It's absurd and increible how dev are NOT into the problem. I move Agathon cause of that bug and guess what? Error 21. No escape.
    I think devs are totally abandoning this game.

    [content removed]

    PD: Hope this doesn't get deleted.
    Last edited by moderator: Jan 12, 2015
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  11. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    It is very likely to be deleted :), but thank you for the comment.

    I'm now looking into various ISP issues and overall latency problems in US. There are seems to be lots of problems in US in the past week and lots of open threads in various forums, especially with the Comcast.

    It looks like pointing the availability issue to the Dev might have been unfair. Will be contacting ISPs on that matter.

    However, the other aspects of the issue are still for the Dev to look at. Since there is no issues if you finally got connected, there is no reason not to update the connection code to optimize it and take into account possibility of lost packets on the route.
  12. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Not deleted but trimmed to suit this topic.
  13. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Board Veteran

    I use Cox. My download speed is typically around 160 Mbps. This morning it is 176.41. My upload speed is typically around 20 Mbps. This morning it is 22.77. I truly don't think this is a speed issue but more that the communication drops off. Perhaps what Pastorale mentioned is the issue. It could be something like a corrupt firewall rule at DSO's end where the server isn't recognizing the incoming packets and so discards them.
  14. avidgolfer_gp

    avidgolfer_gp Forum-Apprentice

    Hope it doesn't get deleted either, that won't solve the issue. The problem is obviously north & south amer trying to get to heredur. Playing on agathon is a waste of time. Im sure that there must be some setting on the game servers that would fix this.
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I have B.Sc in Computer Science and international license for technical support in IT. But if it is not relevant to you ... OK. :D
    As i can see you are having no understanding what you are writing. Bandwidth and speed are two different things.
    Bandwidth is one of the many factors that affect user response time (aka speed). Correct way to refer to the bandwidth is capacity ... not speed. Using analogy i will give you a simple example. Imagine you are driving a car on a 5 lane road. Your car can reach maximum of 300 Km/Hr and no faster ... no matter the amount of lanes on the road. But this road might come handy if your 5 friends having their own cars share the same road ... and reach the same destination at a shorter time as opposed to having a single lane road ... where they will have to queue up. In other words ... 1 Mbps is the equivalent to a 1 lane freeway. And let’s say that you were trying to download an image ... which is 5 Mb in size ... so if you had a bandwidth of 1 Mbps (1 lane freeway) it would take you roughly 5 seconds to download the image. Now ... let’s say that you have a 5 Mbps (bandwidth) connection ... or a 5 lane freeway. How fast will you receive your image? 1 second.
    Your internet of 1Mbps is not any faster than 1Gbps ... the data is just transferred to you at a faster rate because more data can be sent at the same time.

    1. You were also physically in Poland? On the same day?
    2. Physical location ... no it will not be changed physically ... but here everything is virtual ... and your virtual location is taken as physical location. :D
    Your physical location is determined by your IP address. Well ... it is not your home location but your ISP location ... because you were given IP address by your ISP. If Joe or Jane Doe user calls your ISP and wants to know who was using a certain IP address last saturday ... the ISP will tell them to go away. But if an officer of the law hands your ISP a court order to reveal that information ... they must do so. Your ISP's logs will enable them to determine which customer was using a certain IP address on a certain date and time ... and they must reveal that information ... if a court has found probable cause that a crime was committed by that person.
    Lets get back to VPN ... how does the VPN server work. A VPN server encrypts you internet traffic and accesses the web using his own IP address. If the VPN server is located in Switzerland ... your physical location (IP address) is automatically changed to that location.
    So what ... big deal? No ... imagine if BP offers one price for USA users and the other price (cheaper) for Swiss users. In this case you are committing fraudulent deed .. avoiding both BP's price list and paying taxes to the government. :D
    3. Already described in section 2 ... but I will add something.
    By using VPN residents of countries mentioned above can mask their location. Well this is not a big deal to me ... because ordinary people are not responsible for global politics.

    All of this because of nothing. We can go back to initial conversation ... we are both playing on Grimmag server. I am having no issues with the game ... nor all my friends on Grimmag. But you are having issues ... well it is obvious the issue is not on BP's side and their code ... but your connection (from your location to the Grimmag's). :D
  16. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    The ongoing discussions have turned very informative, a nice update on international communication and server issues. Hope DSO is finding solutions for the connectivity problems, among other things.

  17. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    trakilaki, you started annoying me. I have Masters in CS, so show your EDIT or someone else. This is the last time I reply to your nonsense. I said you could simulate being in Poland using remote connection tools (to a real physical machine, with Polish IP and real route to servers in Hamburg which will give you 50 ms even if your US ping is 150ms), such as remote desktop (which would not work but should be enough to test), team viewer and others. stop being blind and read what others write. You assumption that I used vpn was based on my pings and locations. If you are a little bit of B.S. in CS, you would know that I would not be able to get such a ping from Poland with VPN, as it would be worse anyway (with a few exceptions which you will not get anyhow, as you think VPN is always extra nodes=bad; but not 50 ms, it is impossible with any vpn).

    Being able to mask does not mean to mask. Being able to kill does not mean to kill. what could be easier? that should be trivial for a kid from school, mister B.C.



    I've consulted with two different DevOps buddies. Both separately said it should be Prolexic only looking into the trace.
    After that I have found announcement by Teddy Bear about servers restart to fix 'The problem was caused through false forwarding to prolexic.' Could any moderator please ask about that? I didn't here back from support since Wed.

    Separately, I'll be in GA tomorrow, which is one of the largest hubs, one leg to level3. Will test it out from there.

    Those who have issues, do you have prolexic in your trace? Which level3 nodes are you going through?
    Last edited by moderator: Jan 13, 2015
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  18. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Can you give me the link of that announcement, please?
  19. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    For the prolexic since this is a service that is used to counter DDoS I don't have any info to tell you if my trace routes go through it or not. As for the level 3 node I use (if these people are level 3) it is through a dc center with hwng.net their block of ipv4 is 209.197.x.x. and 69.16.x.x.

    All I can find on level 3 nodes are dots of where they are in the world.

    Here is the site http://maps.level3.com/default/#.VLUDtcso6BY


    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
  20. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    "Private investigations" are not part of this forum. If anyone think he/she can help with this issue, good, do it through support.
    Closing the thread.
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