Suggestion Mental Control or Supernatural Control?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by BigBlue, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. BigBlue

    BigBlue Forum-Apprentice

    I come here to report an abusive use of the ability both in pvp and pve in the description of the skill and effectively mention that when you manage to control an enemy the following effects are triggered:
    But why does this enhancement of Astral Appearance work on human enemies and bosses? Should not these be immune to such control? So I know you can not effectively control a boss they are immune and much less human or other players more effectively is not that which occurs use the control of the mind taking advantage of a bug to be able to double the use of all their skills making the dispute Unfair, when are they going to fix it? No other class has similar effect do we all know this and another thing is just to squeeze that ability controls anything within its range that is not described in the skill or also has no range?

    So I ask them to report this to the developers. Ultimate bosses are immune to mind control and human players too so this ability would only have effect on summoned servants and normal mobs.
  2. anolajen

    anolajen Someday Author

    actually spell itself is sucesfully applied just part of it doesnt work its similar when you throw net on immune npc and it still get marked and burns due to set bonus

    but yes after years and years it would be nice to finally hear if its officially seen as bug or intent with weird tooltip if nothing else to finallys top those discussions over and over
  3. Javah

    Javah Someday Author

    What is bugged is only the description tooltip :p:p:D
  4. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Connoisseur

    But on the tooltip of Q7 set bonus it's clearly written "when you hit" (implying you don't need to apply the effect) while on the MC tooltip it's clearly written "successfully Mind control" which imply that the spell must take effect (otherwise there was no need to use the word "successfully").
    It should be changed the tooltip to reflect what actually happens, otherwise the talent it's bugged.
  5. BigBlue

    BigBlue Forum-Apprentice

    They finished giving a nerf in the ability of another class that exploded to the wind justified that it was not foreseen and was not in the description, the precision shot also was nerfado when they removed the effect of explosion in obstacles, the ability is very clear, if it is able to realize A control which is impossible against another player or boss endings that are immune if it is impossible to perform control does not have to increase the damage of the controlled target much less power to activate any other effect. Is it a bug that has been corrected where it has already been seen leaving such a relevant bug so you do not know what happens to it? In boss two destructions for example or get in pvp always use the skills without team controlling the wind for example this wrong has to be corrected. We can not tolerate two weights and two measures.
  6. anolajen

    anolajen Someday Author

    saved : because saying " when you hit" is valid for arrow that can miss not from skill that will be instantly aplied tot arget or nearest enemy withou chance to " not hit"

    for everyone
    1) enter q1
    2) get sucesfully mind controled from grimmag regardless of being player
    3) bang with head against wall
    4) ?
    5) realize that you can farm to get stronger instead making 5461584 cry/flame topics

    but yes answer from someone who decide how it should work as intended would be awesome ( unlikely )
  7. xmasholo

    xmasholo Forum-Apprentice

    lol if they fix it, mages will have no chance againt a dk in endgame plays(like a ranger can't neither have it) cause perma-stuns dk abuse..
  8. anolajen

    anolajen Someday Author

    bigblue : if bp did what players demands it would mabe even more unbalanced mess because most people trying to get their class stronger and nerf other ... even if they are already best lol
    thats why players dont decide about changes you can only create suggestion that can be used by game developers as inspiration if they feel its good

    topics like this should be locked and waiting till someone decide how it should work and if they rewrite whole spell or just change tooltip to be more clear
    instead this pointless festering flamewar between butthurt rangers second grade mages dks with popcorn because they dont really care ( dwarves sit silently aside hoping no one notice them and nerf again )
  9. Озирис

    Озирис Forum-Greenhorn

    I guess your life is the game! According to ur words and behavior - u take DSO really serious!
    Regarding that, I will tell it again:
    1. There is no such thing as "mind control bug" and there never was! That skill is working on mini-boss and map-boss but the only thing that works is the visual effect of using it - not the real range effect of frozen nova when the foe explodes, it works that way only with a normal mob.
    2. Sigris set, for mages, is bugged! We can use our ice shots on End-Boss (e.g. - Grimmag) but we can not activate our set bonus for -30 mana for lightning strike and ice sphere. Why everyone else can use their Sigris set-bonuses in End-Bosses, in 100%, but the mages can not?! Someone will tell: "Mages can not activate their set-bonus by using their ice shots in End-Bosses, because the Bosses have an Immune to cold which activates the shots..." - Well.....NO! Not true! False! Because we can use our bonus from Bearach set for +50% more dmgs for already electrified foes even in End-Bosses maps - in other words the effect is working right, no matter the immune fro electrifeing or lightning.
    3. Fireballs and Sigris set-shots are working exactly as they have to work!
    Fireballs were already nerfed a long time ago and if they gonna fix something in Sigris set for mages - they have to remove 2 bugs - changing torso and right working for the set-bonus in the End-Boss map.
    If they do not fix the bug with the End-Bosses, so the thing with removing armor is not a bug!
    4. "I come here to report an abusive use...." - looool, really serious man! Sounds like ur life is in danger and that information will save you from certain death! XD
    Get a real life....Jesus Christ!
    5. The name of ur topic - "Mental or Supernatural control" - for you information all in this game is not real, unreal! Everything is a supernatural fantasy, even sci-fi.
    So my suggestion is - go home, sleep well, read a nice book and stop crying like a baby! ;)
    How old are you?! - 12 years-old?! 11?
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
  10. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Connoisseur

    The problem is the word "successfully" that was totally uneeded if the effect of the talent would have been applied no matter what was the effect of the skill, instead they put that word ("succesfully") which seems an explicit indication that mind control must have some effect (not simply applied on an enemy).

    Anyone that knows me knows as well that I'm against any nerf but I'm favourable to bug fixing. As I said, it could be they have just to correct the tooltip and the mechanic is intended; it's not up to me decide what is correct and the OP has his own rights to open a topic like this.
  11. Озирис

    Озирис Forum-Greenhorn

    1. That skill do not work "on human enemies and bosses"! They are complete immune for it! The only thing u see is the visual effect - not skill effect in practice for bosses or "human enemies" (I guess u mean PvP-players) - cause the humans are in the real life ;)
    2. There is nothing "to fix", because this is not a bug!
    3. This skill do not control "anything".
    4. "that ability controls anything within its range" - false information! It controls only 1, not immune foe.
    5. The ability have effect on summoned servants and normal mobs by now - only on them! Nothing else with real effect!

    6. I have to ask a moderator to close this topic as unnecessary topic and with false, un-true information inside!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
  12. Erebus

    Erebus S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Unfortunately for you, this is not your decision to make, the only one who can ask for a thread to be closed is the original poster, or to be closed by a moderator.

    And also, there is indeed an inconsistency with the talent's description and the way it works, just as @Saved_81 explained here:

    We'll be sending the information to the development team through our reports to try and get a final and official answer on the matter, and we'll let you know the answer as soon as we get it, until then, since every point regarding this apparent issue has been explained, and to avoid further derailment, thread closed, best regards.
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