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Need some tips [Dragan]

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mjmuju, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    Hello again! I'm f2p newbie in this game, and getting caught by the hype of Dragan Event. I'm intrigued to participating in this even. It'll be my first :oops:
    Oh, and please pardon my english because it's not my native language.

    I've been digging around on the internet about this event to prepare myself. But as a newbie, I'll be glad if any senior willing to help me by giving me some tips~
    First of all, my toons are average ranger with long bow and quiver (lv 41 and 22 atm, and I prefer the latter for some reason (No, not a EDIT "disgusting" twinks!!!:mad:)).
    Should I use a shortbow and buckler instead?
    What stats do I need to improve to solo this event? Like, say, standard and minimum stats required to survive?
    Do I need to buy some buff item, and what is the most efficient one, if any?
    What's the hardest part of this event?
    Is this event worth the effort?
    And of course, tips/suggestion/guide to solo this event if you have any.

    I prefer solo-ing because, uhm, I don't want to be a burden if I participating in a group lol. I really am not experienced. At least untill I get the basic what-to-do, I'll do this on my own.

    So, do you want to share your knowledge?
    Any kind of suggestions will be gladly accepted and appreciated!

    P.S. Please go easy on me, Senpai :p
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  2. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Best way to learn about Dragan event is to play it. This is not the event to be playing solo (where is the fun in that anyway), team up and have fun.
  3. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    If you really aren't a twink like you say, then you as a ranger have less chance against Dragan being F2P.

    Farming pearls and all the quests are easy in the event but drains most of your game time . The only hard part in Dragan event always, is fighting Dragan.
    Forget running solo unless you got tons of red ess loaded.
    We can't discuss the right stats at your level for dragan, but you gotta be strong enough to beat Arachna with ease at level 22 and beat Gorga in diffiuclt mode if you want to fight Dragan.

    A level 22 ranger has no use of Dragan's uniques as you will level up pretty quick and the set turns obsolete very soon.
    Your best bet would be to run the event with your lvl 41 toon and again group play is most preferable.
    All the unique sets from this event are end-game items, low level F2P find it really difficult farming them and like I said it won't help if you level up.

    I suggest you to concentrate on quests and farm the drakens. Usually, Dragan event has a lot of drakens in offer.
    These drakens will come handy when you reach level 50 :)
    Good Luck :cool:
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is not necessarily true ...
    Dragan is easy to kill if you are skillful ... even in excruciating mode. BUT ... the other monsters in the other maps on excruciating mode are really ... really hard.
  5. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    My suggestion is to use your 22 level up fast and combine the items once your pretty high... Doing the event should yeald you to about level 37 if you do all 2 weeks 3 hours a day.
  6. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    My ranger's reached lv 30 just now, and have all legendaries eq. With green ess, long bow and upgraded quiver, my stats are (roughly):
    about 320-400 basic dmg
    1,00 aspd
    45% armor
    34% crit
    aroun 110-120% crit dmg
    hp 2.3k
    resist 51%
    wisdom lv 16 > behemoth (10) aspd (6)
    is that enough for normal dragan?
    I currently looking for decent buckler but I haven't found it yet. But I'll keep searching tonight.

    Now that I'm lv 30, I can beat the lv 30 boss in hidden sanctum pretty much at ease.
    I don't have red ess, but I have plenty off blue ess and a little purple ess. How about that?

    Hello @trakilaki , can you elaborate please :D
    And if I'm not mistaken, from what I saw from your posts your toons is ranger with long bow, right?
    can you give me some tips? Or maybe I have to make a thread in ranger board? I already digging around there, but it's all about end game ranger discussions and tips.

    First of all, I don't feel like rushing to hit lv 50 because it would be boring if I just leveling and leveling, and quests are repetitive; kill xx amount of monsters, collect xx amount of items, NPC this, NPC there. I already do that with my lv 41 ranger which hit that lv within a week and as a results, it can't survive in lv 41 map (I forgot the name, with so many gorgon and kind of ladybug monsters) even with buckler. Even more, I read this post http://www.bigpoint.com/drasaonline/board/threads/lvl-50-fresh-meat.71158/ and became more reluctant to leveling.
    I want to enjoy this game, doesn't matter if it waste time or efforts to improve my char in my current lv as long as I can having fun with this game.

    P.S.: I'm not sure if this thread belong in this board anymore, if any mod finds it doesn't belong here, can you move it to Ranger classes board? thanks ;)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes. It is easy to kill Dragan ... all you have to do is hit and run clockwise or counterclockwise. Even his minions are harmless that way.

    Yes my main toon at live server is a ranger. I play with longbow since ever ... now my goal is to get 2.0 attack speed without spending talent points. Read my past posts ... the tips are there ;)
    You don't like to rush to level 50 ... but all the time you are spending in lower levels is wasted time ... you are not getting enough resources and gear for when you become level 50. Also lower level players are limited to PW's and events.
  8. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    Beware of the main danger : lasers. You can destroy them by attracting the... uh... energy skull that Dragan summons from time to time to one of the laser sources. It will deactivate it for a short period, until Dragan reactivates it again.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What danger man? Lasers are joke (if you can see them). Taking right pace and momentum is all you need. When I confront Dragan with my ranger at live server ... my goal is not to stay alive but not to take a single hit. while at TS I have no time to spend so I am going for fast kill.
  10. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    I have extreme lag and a ping of, like, 350-500. See it now ? Lasers randomly moving ? :D
  11. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    Uh, where can I read your past posts?
    And can you give some input about my stats above please?

    Yes, I know you'd think it wasting my time. Every people in this forum said that from what I saw in the other threads :D
    But like I said before, I don't mind. I have too much free time in especially this two months (Ramadhan's holiday). I have some saving money from my last paycheck (part time jobs, spent for college and bills and there's some left to spent on 'less important' thing). I bought premium for it features and ofc mystic cubes for later when I reached lv 45 or 50. Now thanks for your concern about that, but really it doesn't matter to me. I just want to participate in Dragan event for now, full moon after that, and then leveling to 50 after. And no, it's not a waste, because I'm having fun with my toon in this game. At least I'm not using my toon as twinks who "raping" other 'innocent' player in arena. That's what I'd call a waste :rolleyes:. I'm done with PvP at this stage (seasoned legionnaire is the best I can get with so many super twinks out there).
    Here are my plans:
    for the next two or three weeks, lv 30= dragan->full moon->lvl 40 (and some events on its way): getting 'fancy' equipment to get through lv 40. I said fancy, doesn't need to be 'useful' at this stage IMO lol
    and then lv 40-45, same things as above (idk about dragan tho') and maybe I'll try to dipping my toes on PvP again just to see how it goes.
    And finally, lv 45-50, pretty much like all of 'veteran' player does. Farming like hell to improving my char.

    Time wasting? Maybe yes. I don't mind.
    Effort wasting? Hmm, no. Here's why:
    There is no wasted effort. There is no wasted effort. It will all add to the path. It will all add to the journey. Somehow. You just can't even imagine how it will. But you just need to do things fully to the best of your ability. And you go towards the thing that you love. What you love to do.
    Jennifer Beals :p
    Money wasting? No, I only bought premium for trial at 50% discount. I'm thinking I'll spent more money at lv 50.
    That's what MMORPG for me, having fun and hardworking through all of the process :)
    Sorry for the long useless read :oops:.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Read the Rangers section of this forum ... you will find plenty of examples.

    I am using longbow and quiver with Armor of Darkness ... 2x RoD's and the rest are legendary items (level 8 old Grimmagstone arrows at level 47 ATM).
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