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Suggestion New custome "Mortis mask"

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Μorfeas, May 22, 2019.

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  1. Μorfeas

    Μorfeas Junior Expert

    what do you think if we have again the mortis mask, like a custome :
    it was one of the old classic unique and they removed them...now they can put in the game like a cutome!!
    i think its good to we have the old classic drakensang uniques (predator,mortis mask,e.t.c) in the game with any way..:)
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Old Hand


    We need those uniques brought back... not changed into costumes. Seriously.

    The only old unique that could be changed into a costume is the old Winter Festival Bag.
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Overlooker

    i think it needs to be brought back as a set when q6 is finally normalised with the other parallel worlds
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  4. Μorfeas

    Μorfeas Junior Expert

    Guys wake up... they want bring it back thats why i said to put like a costume.. Will be nice to be back like a set but this will never happen.. So better to nothing is to have them like a costume..
  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Overlooker

    they said it would eventually happen when they rework q6 as a proper PW
  6. Μorfeas

    Μorfeas Junior Expert

    Hhahahaa nice joke when? In 2032..
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No ... 2019.
    According to this announcement ... transmogrification should be implemented in few months.

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