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Suggestion Plan to successfully implement level 60

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by LongShlong., May 17, 2019 at 4:35 AM.

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  1. LongShlong.

    LongShlong. Forum-Greenhorn

    I've been thinking about level 60 lately.Its gonna come someday.And we can only hope it will be put in a way that wont make us start basically from the beginning like last expansions.
    My idea is to make a complete transition from level 55 to level 60 items possible.
    Some people may say:"You can already remove glyphs and use soul cores,wait for 1 kara and 1 dragan and you're good!"But most people endgame are enchanting only unique items with gold base stats.And with soul cores you can't keep these gold base stats,which sometimes take an absurd amount of time to get,especially for 2hand weapons or some unique gear.
    The other problem is that enchantments on dropped items scale with the level the item was dropped on.So if you get a gold line for weapon damage on level 50,if you get the same line on level 55(same %) it will be like 3% higher.Here's an example:
    And this is far worse for the full-plat folks,some of them grinding to find plat lines 96%+.
    My idea is to create a new core.I'll call it the Basel core for the sake of simplicity in the post.
    How this core will work is that it will upgrade the base level of the item you use it on.It will increase the base level(level without glyphs),the base values and the values of the enchantments.So if you have a 4x gold weapon damage staff like the one above,when upgraded once it will go from ~290% weapon damage on base level 55 to ~295% weapon damage on level 56.Items will have to be upgraded 1 level at a time,from 55 to 60,so I think it will be fair to make each upgrade cost 5 times less than a craft with any other core.Here is what you will be required to put on the workbench in order to upgrade your item:
    I would have made more sense if you had to put an item 1 level higher than the one being upgraded,but the way Qaizah was made,you literally can't get level 52-54 items if you are already 55,and I'm guessing the next expansion will follow the way of Qaizah and make dungeons 55-60.
    The core in my opinion should be either exclusive or easier to get in the dungeons in the new expansion,as it will give the players more incentive to replay the dungeons,instead of completing the quests in 1 week and going back to the same pw maps.(Also the recipe for crafting with the core can be received from the crafting master in the new town)
    One problem I currently see with this,is that the core will be useful only for the first 2 months from the release of the expansion,and after that it wont be used again until the next one.The new expansion has to feature more stuff to add replayability,not only the core.
    On the other hand,if the Basel core was to be implemented,it will give the developers the freedom the just add more dungeons and more levels without worrying how to not infuriate the playerbase by making them go and hunt for entirely new sets of gear.They will just add +5 levels like they add new difficulties.
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Exceptional Talent


    All they have to do is not implement lvl60 at all, fix the bugs, create a real balanced pvp (the current one is crap), add more classes, add the lvl50-55 skill to the exp tree for all the classes, add some new maps (without increasing the lvl cap).
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Count Count

    we have no need for a level cap given the amount of issues of the game
    We need new good events, revisited good events, like Sargon, new parallel worlds, new maps
    Bug fixes, a working pvp, the fifth classes that they have been mentioning for years,ecc.

    there are ways to implement new and good content without increasing the level cap
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Exceptional Talent

    We have Sargon at home
    Sargon at home:

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