Question about the upcoming augment cores

Discussion in 'Test Server' started by Озирис, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. Озирис

    Озирис Forum-Greenhorn

    What happened with the so-called augment cores? They told it will comes with R 194 with price 110 drakens for 100 they are not here and a friend told me they will increase the price. Someone with information? Moderators?
  2. Erebus

    Erebus S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello, and welcome to the EN forums Osiris, please have a look at our Forum rules to make your stay nice for you and everyone else. I moved your post to a more appropriate section of the forums, since it's about an upcoming feature and the R194 feedback thread is not the adequate place to inquire about it.

    As for your question, please be reminded that the features implemented in Test server are, as iterative as it sounds, for testing purposes, some of them don't ever make it into the game, and some others undergo minor or major changes before making it into live servers. In this particular case, it seems it was deemed Augment cores and Augment core crafting needed some tweaks before being implemented, thus they were delayed, but so far we don't have any details about what changes they'll do to those items/features, I'd suggest you check the Test Server to see for yourself when they come back, and of course, if we're handed any information which we are authorized to share with you, we'll post it as soon as we can, thread closed, best regards.
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