Discussion in 'Test Server' started by trakilaki, May 17, 2017.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    He is right ... Lightning Strike, EA, Ice Missile, Precision Shot, the Bird and the Fire Ball should be nerfed.
    Dive , teleport Net, Frost Nova and Singularity should be removed completely.
    Then make new T-shirts for rangers and SWs ...with [EDIT] autograph in the back :)
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  2. Erebus

    Erebus S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    A brief interjection, play nice, heroes, the discussion will continue only if you show respect towards one another and post valid data and early R191 feedback, any pointless rant lacking any substance will be dealt with, stay civil and on topic, last warning, best regards.
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  3. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Regular

    What's the point? 2 players made some tests on the base dmg of the skills and from that on you can assume all the plyers of a class were blatantly cheating? Truth is just there easy to see: only few noticed the bug and the more you act like this on the forum the less those who knew about it would likely share it to enforce the witch hunting.

    [EDIT] You know, just a couple of games that I've played litterally for decades. On [EDIT] EVERY season is realeased NEW EQUIPMENT with NEW BONUSES that litterally make a skill look and work in total different ways and every season the meta switches accordly to the new uniques/sets released. [EDIT] PPL likes it and DSO is leading right in that direction: with every new release, new sets with specific buff for specific skills.

    Basically any game atm focuses on equipment for balancing.

    I'm from a server much more populated than your (Heredur) so my point of view definatly has a wider range than your.
    In your server probably there aren't enought dwarfes to play with and you may have the impression they are looked for, on my server no matter what is the composition of the team, if the boss fight last more than a couple of minutes the tank will leave because nowdays the the hardest thing to find are DK able to tank.
    If you are endgame and the only thing you have to do to tank Grimmag in infernal is to spam the agro skill good for you, on my server (which covers 1/3 of the DSO popolation) the most of the DK can't.

    Sry mods but why to edit my post I wasn't sponsorising any other game I just aswered to another player about a question he made to prove that DSO isn't a game different from many others...
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What consequences? They couldn't avoid it ... so yeah as you say there won't be any charges against anyone ... and what for ... it was not their fault.
    He is old player and he knows the times when US servers were populated at decent level.
    As for your other argument ...it is not valid. I play at Grimmag. It is populated almost as Heredur if not more.
    Good ... my server covers 2/3 of the DSO population. which probably means my point of view has wider range than yours?
    If the fight last more than couple of minutes... the tank can buzz off ... as far as I am concerned.
    Except for random regional groups ... all groups are being made on friendly basis not on class basis.
    DSO is leading in wrong direction.
    What people? 10-15 year old kids that never played any of the older games before? Give them opportunity to try the old game ... and they will like it much more than these new crappy games.
    No new game can compete in the level of creativity with the old ones. Nowadays games are one big joke. Money driven copy/paste BS every single one of them.
    No creativity... no smooth game play ... boring linear design.... etc
    Only thing evolved in the games are the graphics ... everything else is going downwards because not the creativity ... but the money hunger is driving and shaping the games.


    This game started in the old style ... that is why it had the popularity ... that is why the players loved it and it was populated almost to its limits.
    And the changes brought the game to extinction. That is why this game is on a verge of dying ...because they are bringing new crappy copy/pasted features from the other stinky games. This game was different than the others that is why the players started playing it and loved it. Now it is just another below average game ... because they think they can make the game like the others (which BTW are crap anyway) but forgetting a basic simple fact ... "you can't compete with other games on their ground ... especially if you don't have their budget, amount of resources and employees".

    So yes ... skills matters not the items.
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  5. Demon

    Demon Padavan

    I will never understand that rule, why to delete the name of the game everyone knows this is a copy of that game with elements from his big brother.

    Now the problem is much dificult if they try to change the game in that manner is a bad thing because all this changes nerf your money and your time invested in game and all about this game untill now was about the fact that you add value to your accout with each hour spended in game and every penny invested.
    Players will never be able to understand that new sistem.
    As i can see on the new events, on the new PVE leaderboards,new sets based on skills they try to implement this new way.(now i play the game only on events i dont like the endless grid and that endless bag that eat all your gold named crafting)
    Think about the fact that each 3-4 months they change the gear the skills they bring new sets and you have to make a new build.
    For that to be accepted by comunity we should be able to transfer our legendary enchants from unique to another diferent unique and recover your extra slots.
    Another problem - PVP is going to be hard to be balanced because that means every new set will be much powerful than previous , we allredy have one hit/shot in pvp and this is not nice.
    I have played this game for his pvp and was fun, now is not and they try to make PVE oriented game i think they have give up some big projects like War of guilds for this PVE thing and this is wrong.
    They try to squeeze some money from kids ofering them pets and mounts but the real money are form players that compete in PVP and they let down the PVP.
    I hope they think twice because they dont have the resources to walk this way and altso the comunity will not like that.
    They should learn from that game , he has popularity only 2 weeks after the season start and this is not good for bussiness.
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  6. BlackHat

    BlackHat Junior Expert

    We can now autoloot realm fragment.
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  7. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Regular

    Long story short:
    - player A says:
    - player B says: "game X and Y that do exactly this"
    - player A says: "they are doing it wrong"
    - player B says:
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    Another change:

    increased attack speed on 1H weapons (still "meh"since it is not a weapon attack speed)

    My attack speed line in this older wand went up

    And they failed miserably.
    Player A says: "These players would have played Y3 if they liked it ... instead of DSO "

    Now ... that is why your X and Y3 games are not even RPG games anymore ... because they are missing the RPG fundamentals https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_role-playing_game#Choices_and_consequences

    Do you even read what are the Y3 players saying about the game?
    Do you know what is the Y3's user rating?
    Here it is:
    So DSO Devs are stealing features from an average poor game . ahahahaha
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  9. nikolabozic

    nikolabozic Forum-Apprentice

    Maybe a stupid question from my side but...
    Will this also affect 1H longbows?
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Most probably ... since they are 1H weapons.
    However ... that is not "weapon attack speed" so it is still not worth my time.
    Since I got this :p
  11. Javah

    Javah Someday Author

    You have hit the point: to have the possibility to transfer legendary enchantment to an unique, then to move those enchantments onto a different one. This is not possible atm, and that's why i am still waiting i.e. to move a 4x %dmg gold lines onto my Grimmag's robe.

    Having no updates about the roadmap, no dialog with the producer, no answer for any of the questions with whom we have filled this damn forum, all this makes impossible to decide a mid-term playing strategy, and whatever we do now might prove to be a major mistake tomorrow.

    Also, having to rebuild our char may be funny (it is to me) in the rare cases where they release a new expansion with an increased level cap, but much much less if they will decide to put out always higher modes, too often for the possibilities of all the non-fanatic players.

    It could be a "smart" solution in their opinion: keep us busy without having to make any further effort to develop the game. While it's really unthinkable in my opinion: have to grind like a desperate to endlessly craft op-legendaries, get higher/newer/different uniques, gain tons of cores and tons of materi. What else?

    This was a game. Even funny, years ago. Now it is going to be more harassing and stressy than a work.
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  12. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    Well in some ways this new core crafting method is a solution to that problem of higher levels needing to craft new gear etc, as long as we have the cores to move the enchants (until enchants get better or change at higher levels).

    I believe a lot of people will push to allow moving enchants between different uniques when the time comes..
    There was a time when we couldn't even move gems in and out of items, and later the same with glyphs. So I would imagine this too will be looked at in future.
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  13. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Connoisseur

    Could you please explain the difference in "...attack speed" of the two items? I see they are "different" in label, but I don't get what it means. To me they both increase the "Attacks per second" in the same way.
    a) 1.0 + (1.0 * 0.1801)
    b) 0.83 + (0.83 * 0.1874)
  14. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Baron

    Let's say a player has 100% att spd bonuses from gems/runes and on other gear...

    18% on this weapon:

    plain 18% att spd enchantment:

    I simplified the equations in this example but I think it gets the point across.

    Luck be with ye,
  15. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Connoisseur

    Actually, it didn't.
    "18.01% faster attack speed" / "18.74% faster weapon attack speed"
    Which is "on this weapon"? Neither of them denote that. Plus, you only have one weapon and one attack speed.

    On my SWI have a staff with 0.83 A/S. I have 3 Celerity runes (+16.00% attack speed) on my adornment. I have no wisdom attack speed bonus. I have one other item (not weapon) that has an attack speed bonus of 3.##%.

    (I'm on my tablet in an RV camper near Yellowstone, so can't see my toon at the moment - but I can forum!).

    Wait, you can't equip a wand and a longbow. They don't relate trakelaki.
  16. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Baron

    What I call "on this weapon" is the 'faster weapon attack speed' enchantment. I use this slang because this type of enchantment adds to the weapon base speed before all other multipliers are calculated. So redoing my example with the proper terminology:
    Let's say a player has 100% attack speed bonuses from gems/runes, gloves, etc. (resulting in a final 2x multiplier) and the weapon has a base attack speed of 0,83 attacks per second...

    18% faster weapon attack speed enchantment:
    (0,83+0,18)x2,00=2,02 attacks per second

    18% faster attack speed enchantment:
    0,83x(2,00 + 0,18)=1,81 attacks per second
    Traki can. He's an LFLG after all (Living Forum Legend Guru) :D OK, so one is from his main test server toon, an sw, and the other is from his main live server toon, a Ranger, ofc (biased? me? not at all ;)) but all weapons work the same in this regard.

    Anyway, hope it's at least as clear as mud now. If not then this humble poster will yield to some other to explain further :cool:

    Luck be with ye,
  17. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Actually i dont really understand what you been calculating there....

    Its a fact that attack speed enchant %-s on the weapos are more useful than on else items or runes/stones.
    The % attack speed enchant is not just added to the base, it multiplies it.

    So a weapon with 1,05 attach base with a 18% increase is not 1,05+0,18=2,23... It acts like 1,05*1,18=1,239 which is already 1,24.
    And the speed that you get this way multiplies up every single enchants in the items and the runes. In the end a 10% enchant will add you not only 10%, but 0,1*1,24=0,124 which is 2,4% higher. ( i guess you refered to this)

    On the other side its the same.
    a weapon with 0,83 speed and a 18% speed enchant gives 0,83*1,18=0,98... And the enchants you have on the other items are multiplied by this number. so a 10% rune or enchant on the other items will give only 9,8%

    And only the magic option on a weapon multiplies like this. You can put the runes/stones anywhere they will be only added to the base by their multiplied value, wont multiply further.
  18. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Regular

    Not really.
    They are 2 different enchants and as Mikey said they work in different way.
    The old "faster weapon attack speed" works on the base attack speed and it's a multiplier on its own which is applied before the other "class" faster attack speed (which is the enchant you now find on the weapons and works exactly as it was an enchant on gloves/wisdom point/runes/legacy sapphires).

    The old "faster weapon attack speed" looks a lot like the "increased damage on this item" which is a different bonus compared to the "increase weapon damage".
  19. Demon

    Demon Padavan

    How about the Blood Rune 2H weapon, how the bonus speed apply and how the dmg are calculating?
    The yellow line say that he multiply the weapon damage, that is nice but when it is apply after the enchantments or it act like a damage on item enchantment?
    That weapon can be competitive if they put a normal base on that not a reduced one like now or if the multiplier apply after the enchantment percentage calculation not only on base and gems.
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
  20. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    I see.

    Hadnt checked it since the new expansion. Im still using my good old weapon.

    I wonder if that new speed line isnt an intention for leading out the old one - and so in the future that multiplier is going to disappear to enforce buying the runes
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