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  1. Sanguinius94

    Sanguinius94 Forum-Apprentice

    Eh guys, i show me little ranger.

    Get a longggggg farming of Gorga during 1 years, but no good drop ;-(

    So i'll stop the game during 3 years, nas i come back there is 1,5 years.

    So this char is me main, can't get premium all time, around 1/12 in 1 years.

    So me gems are low, but will grow up with this mouth ^^

    I'm crafting new bow and amulet to get more damage (+4000) and critical damage (310% with gwenfara cloack)

    So enjoy ^^

    Wish you the best, Sangui
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  2. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Pro

    Keep up all the good work- remember- there is no rush- enjoy the game!:)
  3. Sanguinius94

    Sanguinius94 Forum-Apprentice

    Thx bro :)

    I keep it in head ^^


    I post me stats again this week for a reason ^^ Get this set Damn !


    Let's comment guys, get 4 purple bow with 2/3 gold, i farm gold to get the perfect 4 / 4 legendary bow

    Wish you the best, Sangui

    Eh guys,

    I did some changes on me main, so thx crafting session for ring and belt, but need bow and amulet to complet it :)

    I get some good items to do a full legendary stuff and reach 4500-4700 max damage with 400% of critical damage and 70%-75% critical values, maybe 80% with glyph ^^


    Wish you the best, Sangui
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  4. YouWinOrYouDie

    YouWinOrYouDie S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Do not "bump" threads by replying when no one else has. Use the edit button, and if a thread has reached the end of it's life, so be it. Any further consecutive posting will be treated as spam and deleted accordingly.
  5. Sanguinius94

    Sanguinius94 Forum-Apprentice

    Eh guys !

    Make something new for you, a little trailer for me next series on livestream :)

    So, i know, texts are in french...because I'm french, but you can appreciate the hard work for an epic vidéo ^^

    Enjoy, and leave a comment if you are inspiring by me work ;p

    (Sry for your eyes, me english is so bad ^^ )



    Hello guys !

    There's a longue time I post something here, but me channel is in french, so not a lot of video are in french or without speacking ^^

    But there is an exeption, here it is, me mortis fatal solo with blue, and i'm a free player without a monster stats :p

    Enjoy, and subscribe is you like me hard work ^^

    (This is me voice in the video)

    Wish you the best, Sanguy
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  6. Sunlight

    Sunlight Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there @Sanguinius94 ,

    It is not allowed to write consecutive posts. Your posts were merged. When you have something else to add, please, edit your thread or create a new one.

    I am now closing this thread. When you have some more media to share, please, create a new one without sharing them all consecutively. As my colleagues explained, this is considered as "spam".

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