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Release 224

Discussion in 'Test Server' started by stegon, Oct 11, 2019.

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  1. Zerofeeling042

    Zerofeeling042 Forum-Greenhorn

    If they fix the bloodrune weapon effect, they have to give compensation. This is it. If they have conscience...
  2. vortex0811

    vortex0811 Junior Expert

    It would be enough for them to give away the platinum inserted in this weapon :)
  3. Zerofeeling042

    Zerofeeling042 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hopefully, but they must do something...
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  4. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    we urgently need an improvement to crafting

    mages gonna have to change their weapon probably, like if making a 360% weapon damage were too easy..
    mortis set made dragan set dispensable so we can change boots, rings and other parts but first we have to craft all those things again..
    they are buffing 1 hand weapons so maybe we could use them later.. which means more things to craft..
    look at the poison set, a whole new set to craft from scratch if you want to use it..

    to me, with all these changes, crafting system seems pretty archaic, I remember when we couldn't remove gems from items and we just had to get new gems every time we change something

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  5. vortex0811

    vortex0811 Junior Expert

    Craft most discourages you from changing builds :/
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  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Duke

    Builds in DSO is waaay much too item dependant.
    Yes its nice everything we can do with our uniques etc, well firstly they are useless in pvp now, crafting takes much too long, once crafted you cannot transfer and youre screwed.
    And look, by all means wisdom is nice, but lets face it base stats is totally item dependant.
    Any and every other ARPG out there firmly has the base stats of any character that they can build on.
    Paragon systems, soul systems, something that allows a build to continually grow without the dire side effects of having crafted your precious unique.
    Not saying a unique should not be in the game, am saying a unique should not define a build thats all.
    After all thats how the grand daddy of all arpgs did it and its worked out pretty well so far <- did I semi quote Iron man? Maybe?
    R224 does bring some pretty amazing gems to the table, imo eventually 3 years from now builds with only unique gems on blue level will start to appear, and boy oh boy are they gonna be awesome.
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  7. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, thats not happening.
  8. AkodoJac

    AkodoJac Forum-Apprentice

    because good compensation should be :
    price in drakens (grima shop price)
    tiering to t8 - draken and augment cores
    bonus add - draken and pristine cores
    legendary weapon with bonuses
    other resource needed to acces all of this

    we wasnt receive even reverse craft - changing bloodweapon to legendary (as optional craft)
  9. vampiro

    vampiro Forum-Apprentice

    You are all crazy, all classes suffered nerfs, changes... in weapons and other stuff, devs did not reverted the craft of the q7 bows when they nerfed it from 3s to 2s (and so many more examples in all classes), stop being dramatic and play like we all do instead of asking ever for compensations in one single way (only when mages don't like a fix).
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  10. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Advanced

    It isn't the fix no matter what Mr. Traki and bp says now. It's nerf.
    And comparing the case of q7 to bloodmage is just silly as q7 for archer was clearly broken and exceeded the dmg of any classes from that set by a lot, even now it's still on first place and tbh nerfable while Bloodmage weapon is perfectly balanced right now. Moreover gonna be close to unusable after nerf, while you still using your Q7, aren't you...
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  11. vampiro

    vampiro Forum-Apprentice

    The case is a ranger crafted a weapon with some specific characteristics and devs changed it, so rangers could say the same and ask for a revert in the craft or some other kind of compensation because thats not the weapon they bought or dropped anymore.
    It's just an example but there is many more examples in the game with each class suffering some changes, so now that its affecting mages you dare to ask for something in return? No, it doesnt work like that.
    Mages are used to being the only ones who receive things in return while others play in another league with other conditions, just stop it and start treating everyone equally, the nerfs are nothing new and we have all adapted to the changes in the game, now it's your turn.
  12. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Advanced

    Archer was the one who never was treated equally bro. Either he was pushed around or was given game breaking stuff. Q7 was terrible example because prenerf it was so broken that bonus you received was around 60 times of mage bonus. I made calculations back in days and i still remember how mindblowing it was. It's still like 20 times better than mage bonus... If you would like to balance it to level of mage q7 it should be at most 0.5 second...

    Mages on the other hand are class that uses Bloodmage at most because q4/q7 are both so bad for the class. For more than a year we had dunes "bug" where every class used it to increase their speed with killing bosses by 100% but not mage. Mages where yelling for a year on forums to make it equal... And you telling me it's bad mages are receiving some bonuses in return when they nerfed. Outstanding.

    Maybe we should finally get closer look to yours q7. You know, make it equal for every class and double the bonus of mage q7 and nerf yours to 1 second. How would like that huh.
  13. blackassam

    blackassam Forum-Apprentice

    You do not have the same thing in blood mage after nerf will depreciate this weapon so that it can no longer keep pace and it will scrap against other weapons. What you compare here with your class, a similar thing happened to a mage where Sigi set applied damage increased through the book of knowledge Ice missile... which was a mistake and was fixed. So that the bonus reduction at Q7 was necessary because it prevailed all classes, but the weapon can still be used. The mistake is that the other classes do not have as many usable sets. This may be a hidden reason for nerf blod mage when Devs are unable to create new functional variations for other classes... so it's easier to chop it elsewhere...
    ...if it were just adjusting and balancing the weapon with the change of gold creditworthiness increased back its combat base to the value of 2 H weapons ... by changing the gold creditworthiness of the weapon to the will that originally had a lowered combat base to be balanced. Therefore, it is a pure nerf because they modify only part of the essence of this weapon without balancing it overall ...
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  14. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Advanced

    It's not like "still can be used" it's absolutely necessity even after nerf which tells sth... Your comparison is way better but again - Bloodmage isn't a bug. It's effect was confirmed as intended on various occasions even by people higher in hierarchy than CM altough both CM's confirmed this as intended as well. If sb wants to believe Traki than sure go ahead lol ;)

    I will tell you why Bloodmage is getting nerfed though it's risky assumption. Reason is money. Bp tries force people to use q7 set as it's only of those 3 weapons that basically forces you to use fairy tail belt or premium belt. After removing draken buy option fairy belt is just mine of income for bp. Through amphoras you need on avg. spent 200000 andermants to obtain it. Why do you think we are not having premium day or not a single belt, ring or adorment released with so many new uniques... Reason is fairy belt and ring with adorment are premium/deluxe purchases. It's simple as that. Company isn't stupid - if they basically removing from the game weapon that heavily encourage rubies purchasing that means they checked the charts and realized where the real income is. What worse it means we won't have in any near future any sort of belts introduced as well as new sensible weapons. Yeah they might throw in sth as good as poison buster but it's as good as it gets for not being competition to q7.
    This is hidden reason of bloodmage nerf.
  15. vampiro

    vampiro Forum-Apprentice

    Thats not an issue of the player who craft an official weapon, such things should be noticed and changed in Test Server (the server is supposed to exist for that) so the weapon is released on live servers finished and balanced. And that's what we should be asking for, we have to ask devs to do test things before they came to live servers so this things never happen again, but not a compensation now when they already did so many changes without a compensation for other harmed classes back then. That's all I'm saying, no compensations, but more testing and good releases hereinafter.
  16. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Advanced

    Sure i fully agree. Issue is though DSO was never fully well balanced - take example of your class. Whole balance of it is made around 1 existing set which is q7. Im not saying archers aren't balanced now, they are, but it's by cost of binding you to 1 set and greatly reducing desing space for every single class not only yours. It's very hefty price to pay in my opinion and everybody would gain if archer would be well-balanced with exclusion of q7.

    As for Bloodmage it is perfectly balanced now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the weapon nor effect is a bug. Change is being introduced for other reasons that in-game balance at the moment. There are 2 options - one is possible upcoming new items release that would collide with the effect and therefore company decided that for balance will be better to change bloodmage, second one is what i stated above. Sadly my bet is on that second reason.
  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Duke

    Well not quite as balanced as one would think <- especially not when it comes to different classes.
    Dk unable to use it because the hp deficit buggered it.
    Maybe a ranger with a high mana build?
    As for figuring the balance, well firstly the weapon in its current state is death combined with the mortis weapon for the player and for mobs
    first 100% weapon damage and 500% damage?
    So dks unable to wield it and maybe mana based rangers big whoop
    You forget it has 20% more attack speed than other items of a similar nature
    mages as a class went from 4 item choices down to 3
    so big deal there
    dks had their crit in base removed from various shiels
  18. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    Sure, they got. Refunding them their used cores would be fair.
    But compared with a 4 platin-line Main weapon it is like comparing a broken Finger with a torn out arm ;)
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  19. AkodoJac

    AkodoJac Forum-Apprentice

    Half of mages didnt use bloodmage .. they choose q4 or q7 weapons. All other classes use q7 as main weapon without exeption.
    My friends try to use bloodmage weapons but it is 2nd class weapon for it (He said that unusable for DK).
    With q7 mages receive more time to use it but cyborg kind player can use it proper. When You wasnt enough skiled (based on different basis - sometimes it is not possible to catch) till now there possibility to use little less damage (overal) but possible to use for older player or older computer user.

    Q7 for mage are only usable on boss fight ... best in group etc. without bloodmage weapon there will be more difficult to play mage in single fight.
  20. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Baron

    Which is the 4th/3rd one?

    I am not using bloodrune. I am still advocating for the change to be withdrawn... because it decreased diversity.

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