Feedback returning memory this bad?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FAALHAAS, May 17, 2017.

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    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    Where does this %value come from? I got 50.02% but I cant find anywhere in my gears with % stats
  2. gun

    gun Forum Mogul

    It's additional info. It come from the value on the left column that being converted to percentage.
    Make it easier to understand.
    With 7490 total armor I got 53.92% damage reduction
  3. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    -Hello there, i am an old player as well and yep unfortunally those maps removed many releases before and ofc removed for good, the
    Watery Grave also gone but the similar map is now called Cardhun and requires lvl 50 to get access in this one instead of 30 like before.
    The item you remember was called crystalls of truth if i am not mistaken and removed also many releases before as well, as for pvp you propably have some ancient equipment and that's why you lose in arena but don't lose hope you can find better equipment now, if you are pvp player but you don't want to lvl up then you can stay at your lvl and gather glyphs and ofc you will need a bigger lvl propably some friend to help you out and gather those, i don't recommended it since the waiting time to low level below 50 is almost 10 - 30 minutes or more in some cases for one battle... So if you want pvp you better lvl up to at least 50 lvl or more it's better but the waiting time is around 2 - 7 minutes it's worthy for pvp players, i hope that help you and good luck you will need it. :)

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    Ah ok, got it! thanks

    yea, i catched up on the wikipage a bit and saw lots of things removed. Some good...some bad, but ok :)
    Pvp gettin bit better now that i dont see this many sitters anymore, but im focussing on the Pve part as for now.

    bonus question: sometimes i drop mystic cubes, do i open them (i did so far) or better save for when im higher lvl?
  5. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    I gladly that help you,:) now in my opinion you better keep that cubes for lvl 55 so the equipment that you might find in there is on your lvl and if you are lucky you may get the uniques from them as well, good luck and have fun. ;)

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    Yea i kinda thought so, thnx!

    What about the quest-compendium? Is it important for anything you complete them? I noticed my last one is complete but all other chapters are like 1\6 . (levels going to fast for the quests i guess)
  7. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    some people keep the legendary equipment from daily quests or from events and open them at level 50 or 55

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    think ill keep it with the cubes :) inventory space is a pain
  9. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    Not really necessary the most important are the yellow ones with them you can advance in the story and unlock new areas and you can earn points that will help you in achievements score getting higher but the orange ones are completely optional just like the red ones in pvp.

    If your inventory is full np you can always save them in your personal locker. :D

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    haha yea same problem :p (fulll with gems n essence 24\7)

    The quests to get cape? Is it worth it? I did the first 2 and in middle of the 3rd quest, but just got a cape from event which is pretty ok i think. Doing these quest takes i hope my event cape will do ^^
  11. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    I will personally speak, i find those quest cloak pretty useless (due to their low drop and their bad enchantments and low values) since the new moon cloak is very good but Dragan's cloak is the best with his set (the old one), but it's up to you what cloak will you take cause their properties benefit some classes better than others. ;) And here you can check all of the possible cloaks so you can have a better cloak that may suit you. :)

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    Ok thanks! These cloaks are all drops? (or in any case NOT only able to get by spending cash?)
    Guess my eventcape will do till i find a better one :)

    Im a bit confused so far bout the grind in general; Im going way too fast level and quest wise. Im lvl36 doing lvl30-32 quests and its getting worse everyday hehe
    Normaly i wouldnt say:'' heyyy i get way too much EXP'' but here i kinda get the feeling the grind is very easy....too easy :\
    Is this cus im Dwarf? I did see some posts on forum about complains dwarfs need to get nerfed. (i can see this problem tbh XD)
    So yea I did ask before if sidequests matter and they didnt too much (nice free adamant tho), but how much do the yellow/story quests matter? Will I not be able to do endgame stuffs if i just ignore everything i want?

  13. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    You better do all yellow story quests because you may stuck in the story and then you will not pass in new places, as for side quests those can be ignored exept one or two that allow you to go in medusa i can't remember which one (Elonidos or Asraya). :) I personally do only the andrakasch and lor'tac story quests for the lvl up and the andermants and i use exp buffs from low lvl to grow up faster into 39. :D

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    Hehe ok guess i just keep doing some sides aswell :)

    thnx for all the help so far ! (counts for everyone offcourse)
  15. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    You are welcome! :)
  16. cdeepal

    cdeepal Exceptional Talent

    You can get some cloaks from events. There is a nice cloak that you can buy from sand coins post level 50.
    Some cloaks are drops but very rare.

    About grinding: Up to level 40 you wouldn't feel it. From level 40 onward, it could get longer and tedious. :D

    I do all quests. Since they are interesting to do, I don't feel bored while leveling and you get lots of andermants as well.

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    All that matters, no matter how rare ^^
    And yeaa im now 39 and allready feeling its get a bit harder, thats a good thing! Started to get feeling this is one of those games you get in endgame within 1 week and then almost forced to spend money.

    Unrelated question: is it normal that my costume goes off after i change maps? I got such cool costume, but it always resets soon i go somewhere :(
  18. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Baron

    It's an old bug that has resurfaced again with the DtU event/r190.

    Luck be with ye,

    FAALHAAS Forum-Apprentice

    ok well, sadly after i hit lvl40 this game is a BIG pain [EDIT]. Not because of the exp or anything in that lane, no its the players in this game who simply reject party requests because your new to game and dmg to low.

    Today this happend 4 times in a row and i burst...a 16yo kid tells me again im no good for party cus im weak. So yea, this game is just [EDIT] with such playerbase.

    No matter how good a game is, the playerbase attitude counts for 80% of the total vibe.

    cya and have fun with the oldschool players who have tonnnnns of dmg and continue being a selffish shellfish
    Last edited by moderator: May 27, 2017
  20. smurfaki

    smurfaki Forum-Apprentice

    Hahaha that's true but really don't give up playing this game cause of it's players :D, this game make me sadist and mazohist hehehe :D:p:). Now if they rejecting your team don't give matter to that as there is the new button in groups to join other "premade group" just go in and lvl up find new gear etc, but the always super-strong gear is at Qs. You propably find level up harder but until reach level 55 just farm at Qs alone for better soloing the mobs and take some scrolls to boost you up your level and as for your damage you have dwarf right? Take rubys many of them as you can find combine them find a special equipment with values like increased Damage(torso and belt prefer) and increased damaged on this item(Weapon prefer) and you will have super damage then and ofc at Qs all the time ask for dwarfs join and gain more power then others will add you in friendlist for your damage. ;)
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