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    Decided to give a shot for a lil' story. Enjoy and throw me some suitable feedback! ;)
    I promise there will be some grammar mistakes :D This story is fanmade and non-canon.
    Ps. The story is placed on year 1185, 5 years before the present-ish time.

    A cold rain swept through the roads, made out of cobblestone. An outcomer could've thought that the city of Kingshill was abandoned. The streets were empty and silent on a chilly autumn evening. But there was light. A cosy light came out from the windows of a local inn: Kings Ale.
    There were few people in the inn, less than usually. A couple citizens, two soldiers from Grimford, and a boy. Of course, we can't forget the innkeeper Eged. He is a mellow and hard working man. He doesn't even have assistants maintaining the inn. Eged does all by himself, and still, Kings Ale is the most known inn in the whole Dracania. Some think that his success and working is based on magic. It's said that Eged is a child of a spellweaver and a dwarf. A dwarf? Eged has a long beard, bald head, and his body is pretty stocky. And short.
    Suddenly, three knocks on the oaken door broke the peace in the inn. One, two, three. Gentle but sharp knocks. Eyes of the people were nailed on the door.
    The incomer was a tall man: Swarth clothes, with hue of green and brown on them. And a longbow, made out of yew. He sat on a round table near the fireplace. When he took his mantle away, a quiver half empty of sturdy arrows showed up on his back. He was a ranger, as you might've already figured out.
    "Old man, it's always nice to see your grumpy face in my inn!" roared Eged with his strong voice. Old man? Yes, the ranger was only known by commoners as old man, since he visited informing the king of the happenings of the outside world only 2 times a year : autumn and spring. And not many even knew about him. His visits were very quick and unnoticeable.
    "Got any news from the outer world? Everything on it's place?" asked Eged.
    "The lands below the mountains feel sick, and the air is stale. And no wonder", said old man, pointing his half empty quiver "there were trolls on the western canyon path to Teganswall. Not anymore, but I'm sure there will be more.. Why, I'm not sure, but those lands are going to be dangerous to travel."
    "Sounds alarming. Not that I could do anything, but I'll keep an eye of those who are moving that way." promised Eged.
    A ranger in an inn does 2 things: either attract people, or makes them go away. Why? Some people love stories and information of outside world. The people who leave usually don't like to hear things of outside world, but keep living in the safety of the walls of Kingshill. But today, there's especially curious person listening. A young boy, clothes covered in dirt and shoe soles all muddy. Some people could think him as a poor boy from the streets. But his face and manners tell the opposite. Blond silky hair and gentle face full of curiosity. The boy sat next to Eged, straightforward asking from the ranger: "Could you tell us a story sir?"
    Old man smiled to the boy, looked to the ceiling with blink in his eyes. "Sure, I'll let you hear a story, a recent one, from the clan of rangers. It's unique information, so listen closely."
    He coughed and prepared to start the story. People in the inn moved closer to the old storyteller. The inn was full of curious ears that evening.
    "I'll tell you about the Goddess of Hunt, Artaya, but before that you need to know something about us rangers." told old man. "Our roots place on the old times, before dragonknights and spellweavers came. We lived with the nature, as we do today. You could say that we are pretty independent, but we have a leader. The first one of our leaders was Jeram, and the leaders after him has all been Jerams children and their children and so on. Our leaders have always been the strongest and wisest of our clan, but they don't order us. They guide and help us when they are needed, but the main purpose of our leaders is to guard. Guard who? The goddess of hunt, Artaya. And, to protect her as good as they can, only our leaders know her physical location. We rangers can feel her everywhere when we hunt: on our aim, on our instincts, on our prey. She guides us. But she is merciless, like a hunter is to the prey. But her true location is only known by our leaders from generation to generation"
    "Two weeks ago our current leader, Racho, visited our camp in the Slifmoor forests. Racho was a tall and strong man, strongest I've ever met. And he has a bear as his companion. I've seen them hunting few times. And when they hunt together, you can almost see them as one being, not as two separate hunters." described old man. "He said he needs to leave quick, with a worried look on his face. They left quickly to the forest, and I was worried too. I've never seen him so horrified. Me and my two children, Donnan and Yvonne, did an act that never should've been done, but I followed my instinct and we folloved Racho. Traces that he left ensured my concerns. He was sloppy and easy to follow. And when a leader of our clan gets sloppy, then there is something absolutely wrong."
    "When we reached Rachos camp, I told Donnan and Yvonne to stay in guard and not to follow me. The place was full of ancient ruins of some old kingdom, that I do not know anything about. After a while, I came to an open square, and that's where I saw her: Artaya, the goddess of hunt. She was enormous, slim, and beautiful. You were able to see the fear of the prey in her eyes, and your instincts sharpened immediately when you were close to her presence. But she was entangled with vines, and it seemed like she couldn't escape from them. I saw Racho next to her, listening to her words. But there was something else too. A heavy pressure could be felt in the air. It felt the same as the air in the lands below the mountains. Sick. Stale. And for the first time of my life, I didn't feel like a hunter. I felt like a prey. And then, suddenly, a strong light flashed before my eyes. I heard strange words that Artaya said, and the flashing light appeared on Racho. After a moment, when I was able to open my eyes, I didn't see Racho and his bear. I saw a monster. An enormous bear, bigger than anything I've ever seen. Even trolls can't be compared to it's size. And it stood on it's back legs. I felt fear, strongest fear I've ever felt. I WAS the prey, and the monster was the hunter. Almost immediately, the monsters head turned, it's eyes watching straight to mine. But my instincts didn't betray me. I turned around an ran, faster than I've ever ran before. But I was able to feel the monsters gaze on my back. It came for me, meaning to kill me. I was lucky. I didn't know those forests, so I had no idea where to go. A chasm appeared in front of me, with a river flowing on the bottom of it. And I tried my luck again. I jumped, hoping that I survive. And I did."
    "After a few hours of wondering around, I was able to return to the camp of Racho. I told Donnan and Yvonne to guard the woods, letting no one to enter. And I told them to be extremely careful, but I didn't tell them why. I was in a hurry. I had to ensure some things that concerned my mind about the recent happenings. And I did, and now I'm here to meet the king and chancellor to tell them what is going on in the lands of Slifmoor."
    "What were those concerns?" asked the boy curiously. Everyone else near by had fallen asleep. But the old man didn't get upset. It was enough for him that the boy was listening to his story.
    "Those I will keep as my own information. And that was the end of the story." And so the old man ended his evening story.
    A strong knock came from the door. The boy snapped out of his dreaming of rangers and a monster deep in the forest. He ran to the backdoor, trying to leave as soon as possible. It was like he knew who was outside of the door. "Wait," said old man "what's your name son?" "Aldred, sir." he answered. "Go on then, your parents must be already worried." ranger replied.
    After the boy left, Eged woke up to the knocking and went to open the door. "Good evening sir, how may I help you?" Eged asked. It was chancellor Brett Aylwin with two soldiers next to him. "We're looking for a boy. Young, on his fifteens, blond hair. Have you seen this boy?" chancellor questioned. Before Eged was able to answer, old ranger said "There's been no boy here tonight, only me and these citizens listening to my stories." "Ah, master Janek, you are back for your visit. Shall you meet the king tomorrow?" chancellor offered. "That would be splendid." answered old man, who was revealed to be named Janek.
    That evening, in his inn room, master Janek had many thoughts on his mind. Out of all the troubles in his mind, he caught a glimpse of hope. That evening, he saw eyes of someone who can change the future. "I'm waiting for the boys deeds" Janek thought before falling peacefully asleep, for the first time during last two weeks.
    But the evil was already in Kingshill. That night, a dark figure could've been seen in the corridors of Kings Ale. It entered master Janeks room, and left as quietly as it came. So quietly, that it caught master Janek asleep.
    In the following day, when soldiers entered master Janeks room looking for him, they found his cold, dead body from the bed. He had terrifying, unspeakable look on his face. And when the soldiers were questioned about that sad event, they described the air of the room to be heavy. Sick. Stale. Darkness had already arrived to Dracania.

    Sorry for few mistakes on the time (is, was) tried to fix it but wasn't able to because of few issues, trying to fix it later :D
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