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The way you treat your customers is not acceptable.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Moot, Mar 14, 2018.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    @Mal3ficent @YouWinOrYouDie you keep pushing the idea I'm mistaken, and you are right... meanwhile


    Game administrator states both of you are wrong, and the daily challenge bug in fact DID exist on the european servers, you just did not get notified about it because it did not affect many players, was fixed after a day and it's not your concern. Bottom line is, you should do some research before shutting players down while banging your chest and shouting "WE ARE PERFECT IT'S YOUR FAULT".
  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello again @Moot ,
    let me first point you out the following:
    - Please read the forum rules (you can find a link in my signature) as each forum user must abide our rules.
    - When a moderator is closing a thread, you don't re-open it again.
    - We are English forum moderators, we don't read or police other language forums and other internet websites. This Board is the only realm we are active in.
    - Game Administrator is a moderator with a fancy title, I have a fancy title Board Administrator. That doesn't mean we are familiar with the dev's work or the game's code/bugs. Moderators are not IT proficient, some of us are, though. The only reliable information to us is the Official Announcement, anything else said outside the OA's frame is a pure speculation. We don't interpret the OA.
    OA states:
    and, as I said everything outside the above statement is a speculation. Only the dev team could possibly know what is the issue with the latest Release, mod teams could not.
    - Regarding your statement "WE ARE PERFECT IT'S YOUR FAULT", please reread what I have said
    let me simplify it: We don't know and frankly we don't care about 'who said what' outside this board, and it is more than obvious it was not referring to You.

    I am now closing this thread.

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