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What happened to quivers?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jayhawk4, May 31, 2019.

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  1. jayhawk4

    jayhawk4 Forum-Greenhorn

    I haven't played for a while, but i came back a few days ago (5/25/19) after a few months, probably since the Christmas event, and I remember specifically quivers x longbows with building crit was borderline busted if not was busted and i started slowly converting to that vs a short-bow x buckler i have always used.. I log in and get a unique quiver drop from a boss i did with a friend and it has like ~+6 crit chance and nothing else crit like it used to be but instead block chance ON A QUIVER?????? Does anyone know the update they did this change to make quivers seemingly useless vs bucklers? Also, what is the go to now? Siege-bows or whatever?? short-bows?? Im 43 almost 44 right now so anything i should try to get to help level/quest??
  2. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Use 2-Handed for all farming and leveling, and 1 handed LONGbow for PVP in all cases.
  3. jayhawk4

    jayhawk4 Forum-Greenhorn

    What is a 2 handed? you mean the siege bow?
  4. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Yes. Siege bows have tons of damage, and with the new tonics and physics you can use crit buffs to easily max out your crit (you buy these at jarlshofn) and therefore no need for a quiver, ever.

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