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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by BlackHat, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Relax people ... they are already working to fix the problem


    ... you don't have to worry about your dailies
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  2. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    Random attempt this evening, I was eventually able to get back on one of my characters, but this is much too late for today; day lost for this game as far as I am concerned.
  3. longyou

    longyou Forum-Greenhorn

    The same problem
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  4. Recca

    Recca Forum-Greenhorn


    i believe the similar issue happened yesterday, and it is happening again now.
    I tried to login two of my account while both in Kingshill and failed.

    white screen without anything loadings.

    Please help and fix.

  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello all,

    DSO teach team is working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.
    There will be compensation for all players.

  6. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    I was not able to login this morning again, I will be trying again soon, but at this point I do not see how I can reach the 5250 pearls per character; my dailies come first while I am still working on expanding my storage and inventory, I do not have enough spare space yet to participate in the rest of the event (or in most event) given the inventory-hogging of those events.

    And again, IF you make a compensation, it will need to be per active character to be fair, NOT per account.

    I was able to connect this evening, but I was disconnected in battle during my very first run (kill counts done in Castle Ravencaw to get pearls at the same time, character dead when I got back in after an exceedingly long loading period); if both issues are related this will not be normally playable until fixed; long winded dailies will require even longer.

    2nd update:
    And disconnected again while back in Kingshill after 2nd run, followed by the usual message 'All connections attempts have failed', so it was definitely related.
    Cannot play like this, writing off a second day in a row.
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  7. gun

    gun Forum Master

    Confirmed. Game crashed very randomly.:(
  8. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    I logged in very early this morning, roughly from daily reset time to an hour after that.
    Even at what is typically a quiet time on the server, the issue is ongoing, with several disconnections and 1 white screen over that period.
    Also had one error message with an error code 9 instead of the usual message.

    I will try again later (during day time), but it looks like it will be a 3rd game write-off day in a row.
    There goes the only part of the events which i could expect to do when it started.

    A few hours later, I figured that it was time to write the event off entirely, and move back to what I was doing before.
    So I logged back in, moved my current character back to level 40 map, and went back to my dailies while farming silver essences in Varholm.
    Not long later, same thing happened again, but this time any disconnection drops me back to town...
    Next step will be to write the game off until the end of the event, just logging once a day for the daily login bonuses, I guess...


    I just looked at the so-called compensation at

    It is ridiculous:
    - The game is still currently unplayable (at least not without many interruptions and lock-out periods), I do not expect that will miraculously end when that 'compensation' start.
    - It does not compensate in any way for the lost event time, which is still growing every day.
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  9. scooba-steve

    scooba-steve Forum-Greenhorn

    same here justbhave too wait
  10. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    I tried playing this morning, the white screen seem to no longer happen to me (characters no longer based in Kingshill since I wrote the events off), but the random kicks which started at the same time are still there, and there are a lot of 'chat is no longer available' periods.

    Every single time one of those kicks happen while I am in Varholm, I get booted back to town (just happened again a few minutes ago); there is no warning whatsoever, everything fine 1 second, low ping, then the 'connection is being established' screen a couple of seconds, the map where I was seen again for a fraction of a second, the connection screen again, and back in town.
    Also happened once today while I was fighting M'Edusa, fortunately that did not kick me off that map, and my character was not dead upon re-connection (not so lucky a couple of days ago).
    And it just happened again while my character was in town and I was typing this, so it is still VERY frequent at times (about 10 minutes since the previous time it happened).
    ... and once again another 10 minutes later.

    I suspect that for those based in Kingshill, the same can happen again after they used a red pearl...

    I still say that what they call a 'compensation' is a bad joke, it does not compensate in any way for the lost event time for those who did not write it off entirely; and the game is still not playable in a normal way with all those random kicks and chat outages.
    White screen might have been fixed, but server stability has not.

    - 1) 'connection' screen now appearing at a steady rate of once every 10 to 15 minutes, not even trying to go back to Varholm for the rest of my dailies.
    - 2) Just had a small rollback: I was smelting items (all identified), then I was back at the arrival teleporter after one of those 'connection' screens, with my items back unidentified.
    This suggests that the server is failing to receive some data packets, causing those connection messages; since it started to happen to many players at the week-end, the fault is most likely at the server or very close to it.
    It could also be that an issue appeared since last update with the game's data handshake protocols, making client/server communication unreliable.
    A client-side issue could not have caused the massive issue observed during the week-end.
    - 3) A 30 minutes countdown just started a few minutes ago.
    Since the 'compensation' itself should not require a maintenance, I suspect that the purpose of this 'hotfix' will be to fix something gone wrong in the client/server handshake protocol.
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  11. Erebus

    Erebus S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Oh, really?: Announcement: Hotfix for R192

    I know you're upset, just as much as us, but kindly read the announcements before spreading false information, best regards.
  12. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    I had edited my post in the meantime after double-checking, I had not seen it before due to the other announcement regarding the 'compensation', which I still say is not suitable as compensation for lost time towards the event.
    That you are staying curiously silent about...
  13. Sunlight

    Sunlight Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there @Fafhred ,

    That's the final information regarding compensation that we received and was correctly scripted with R192 hotfix.
    Rest sure that not all players were affected and the main problems were during Friday-Sunday in the morning, so 3-days of premium seems reasonable after all.
    We cannot comment any information that is not decided by us - that's the official information and compensation.

    The most important thing is that you were compensated (I would like to remember that sometimes in the past that has not occurred). At the moment, the most important is about stability issues: if they are still happening, please, tell us to report them immediately.

    Cheers and thank-you a lot for your patience :)
  14. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    Guess what? the hotfix did not solve the issue... 'connection is being established' screen less than 2 minutes after my first connection since that.
    So I guess that we now have 3 days Premium on a still unstable server... fantastic progress o_O
    The sarcasm is strong in this one...
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  15. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Connoisseur

    Will the developers listen to one thing?
    Add Entrance for the event (for every event) at every urban area, if that doesn't help to help the issue i will gladly stop playing for a month..
    At an event that i had the same issue i teleported to a deserted urban area and guess what, all good no lags etc after i went to the other map... (it was the DTU event it was with thabo's map).
  16. Erebus

    Erebus S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    We've been asking for a while, but that's about as much as we moderators can do, forward your wishes, which incidentally happen to align with ours 99% of the time, don't forget that above all we're still players like you.
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  17. Sunlight

    Sunlight Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there @Fafhred ,

    Clean your DSO Temp files. Let us know if the problem remains.
  18. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum-Apprentice

    Ok, so I went further, and have both deleted the DSO client folder and emptied the Java cache.
    Then made a clean install.
    Starting a session once the download finishes, and I will update this post later; please note that I do not expect a client-side resolution for something which has visibly been a server-side issue.

    As expected, it did not resolve the problem; this time the common 'connection is being established' screen was followed by the 'All connection attempts have failed' screen.
    Currently locked out again, no white screen but a loop between those 2 screens.
    Closing the client and re-logging.
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  19. Sunlight

    Sunlight Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there @Fafhred ,

    Please, contact our support team and explain them the situation.
    So far, I forward your case to the right department.
  20. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Connoisseur

    I am having this issue... I can't login i get the screen "all connection attempts have failed" when i try to login with my main. i was going q7 and it stuck after i tried to get to the boss after i had some of the new buffs(the buff gave me a pet if that helps). My friend that was with me in the party sees me logged on.
    When i try to login with my 2nd char, it says that i am already logged on and does nothing.
    I cleaned everything btw. And tried to login from my Laptop.
    (i contacted support but no response)

    Edit: it logged in after 1hour of trying.
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