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Farmerama – Carve out your own zany piece of paradise on the farm of your dreams

Live off the fat of the land as you ditch the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the city for the serenity of a rewarding life on the farm

Leave the hustle and bustle of the smog-filled city behind and turn in your blazer for the boots and beavers of Bigpoint’s hit online farm game FARMERAMA! Have you been feeling the urge to trade in city life for a taste of the country? Do you have an inner green thumb and a love of cute and cuddly animals? Then play FARMERAMA and become the farmer you always knew you could – and in a setting so real that you’ll never believe it’s a browser game! Tend to your animals, cultivate plants from lush fields, build an unbreakable bond with your neighbors by being there when they need you – and vice versa. Don’t forget to show just how obliged you are and send them a fantastically Farmerama style gift of your appreciation. But don’t just keep the fun all to yourself, in Farmerama you can invite your friends to join you and create a special rural community that’ll make you never want to leave the countryside again. Don’t miss out on any of the fun and games!

Feel at home in the lush landscape

Don’t be fooled by the peaceful tranquility of FARMERAMA! Being a real farmer is not just cook offs and ho-downs. Farming means waking at the break of dawn with the crowing roosters to do all the chores before the day can truly begin. No matter rain or shine, in the online browser game FARMERAMA you’ll have to don your breeches and milk the cows, hay the horses, collect eggs from the laying hens and dish out the slop to the hogs – And that’s before you begin to tend the fields. It’s a life that makes boys, men and women tough. It’s also its own reward. Take in plenty of the cleanest air ever to touch your lungs, exercise every day that keeps you young and food so fresh your stomach won’t believe your eyes!

Let your Farm Flourish

Roll up your sleeves – it’s time to get your hands dirty! Before you can sow the seeds in your fertile fields, harvest your crops from fall soil, raise a stable full of barnyard animals or earn the prized blue ribbon at FARMERAMA county fair, you’ve got to get down and dirty. There is no other simulation as close to the real thing as Bigpoint’s hit farm simulation – till the land and rotate your crops, build stables for your animals, harvests your best crops to sell in the market or use them to produce a host of other goods. Master the tricks of the farming trade and earn yourself a mighty handsome reputation.

First the Farm, then the Island

But the fun in Bigpoint’s hit browser game is not limited to the countryside. Once your farm is another feather in your cap and your fields are the envy of all your neighbors, try your tested hand at the rarities on the remote island of Bahamarama! Unfold the mystery and behold the wonders as you experience the ancient land of Bahamarama. Explore the new island of Bahamarama and learn its secrets, while earning new skills with the Bahamarama skill tree and cultivating exotic plants. Raise a myriad of bizarre animals nowhere else to be found and try your hand at some of the zany games in Bahamarama that could bring you some loot to put you over the top.



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