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« The Fruit Market » strategy

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by elRe, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. elRe

    elRe Regular

    Time remain 3:

    It is now a tradition to manage the Wonderfruit donation without discussion.
    More events are running, less attention is given to old and recurrent ones.

    Perhaps, there are new Farmerama user.
    If so, I suggest to organize together the next Fruit Market (FM) session; we need 21 participants with one account to receipt gifts and a total of three to give.

    The seventh FM actual time remain is three hours.
    To use the seventh FM All Dayly Gifts result, I suggest following donations:

    S=smallDeposit; M=mediumDeposit; wF=wonderFruit.

    4_M1_072000_3_=_3x24000_ =_9.wF.1250_+_136.gojiBerry.444_+_2.baoBabFruit.186_surplus.6.

    The participation to the « All Dayly Gifts » effective procure a total of two Farm Coins dayly!
    This represents two times the minimum reward of the « Fascination Coral Reef Magic Cloud Row »!!
  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    I think some of us, well at least me, now have a tradition of not participating in the fruit market event. I donate the wonderfruits that fall from my trees if I remember, but that's it. The requirements for a few farm coins are way to high in my opinion.
  3. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    I agree with Mir:):) You never know when you are going to need those fruits;):p
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  4. elRe

    elRe Regular

    Time remain 2, my way to ‘donate the wonderfruits that fall from my trees’:

  5. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    Thanks for the reminder elRe, but I only have 7 wonderfruits left, that's not enough for a farm coin :( got two whole farm coins this event xD can't wait to get the coral reef cloudrow :p that will be much better than this event :D
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  6. BillyJoeBimmBob

    BillyJoeBimmBob Forum-Apprentice

    I still find the fruit market event relevant towards game play and over the years have come to know with this game, at some point in the future (presuming you're a long term player) you are going to need some of the items within the fruit market, or items which will help you in the next event or upcoming events.. I've always said this to many and it might make sense to me and not others but; this game extorts the power of 1 throughout the entire game play and it is not something that is arbitrary when you receive 1 of something here and there... 1 crate that gives you 1 farm coin... I'll take it. 1 Scented tree that gives you 4 pheromones... I'll take it. ...and so on. Many Event rewards are like this within the CR, they might not seem to impact you currently but in the bigger picture of things, long term, it most definitely will, indubitably.

    Playing the Fruit Market Event, I only donate towards large deposits and in my opinion the small and medium deposits are a waste of your time and resources.... I will use my highest EV Tree Fruit (Main & Baha) and Event Wonderfruit within my storage to donate towards Large deposits, however, being conservative towards what is most needed at that time.. As an example; I used the large deposits to collect 250 farm coins towards all 5/5 PF ( due to the recent breeding event that drained my PF) , which can be used for the 101 Event to (optional)wake the animal to start the quest, which will help my game play to complete the Farm Work 101 Event.

    So, Fruit Market a waste of your time and resources, not really.
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  7. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    Spot On Billyjoebimmbob ;):p

    The Fruit Market Event no longer appeals to me, As my Barn stock of fruits is becoming more and more valuable. For pittance amount of Farm Coins, As I have been hoarding over 4000 Farm Coins. I prefer to gain farm coins from Events not the fruit market, it is my least like mini event

    In my view as I am sure like many other high level farmers. We would rather conserve our fruits for more meaningful, beneficial prizes;) Than gain a few Farm coins. The Recycle O Mat is another event where we have to convert fruits stocks into Farm Coins.

    I want The Recycling O Mat to go back to when it first was introduce to Farmerama. The prizes you can win is much better as you could win givers,stables and trees etc. Some of the Prizes in Shop O Rama it not worth spending farm coins on as these prizes can be obtained from Barter and Gift Event :p

    As Broke and I plus High EV Value hoarders do try our upmost best to stock up for October Fest which is Dubbed as Barn Draining Event but get special prizes. I dunno how many will complete that event :wuerg: As we have face facts that many fruits are at least 3 X it Fruit EV Value, in real terms obtaining Farm coins by the two events mention above means Farm coins are getting more expensive to buy ftom our barn stocks

    I got lucky to win 200 % harvester plus 1 fruit too, So it helps to conserve my super grow and SSG for nuking whereas I can stock up The Three event drops in a short turnaround before I hit the sack for the night

    At least a we can kill two birds with one stone using our previous CAC ;)
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  8. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Thank you elRe for starting this thread. I tend to struggle to read your post, but when I put some effort into it it is worthwile. :D

    I'm sure there's a saying in English for it , but to translate from my language, many small streams makes a huge river.

    However, I choose to skip this event. And it all boils down to play style
    I'm an event farmer by trade. As a side gig I do quests. Those two tends to make my stock low. BP loves their events, so do I, and they keep throwing them at us, and I'll play catch most times. (Keep it up BP!)
    Barn burners - cos this is a barn burner - I always look at 3 things:
    • Fun factor
    • Cost
    • Payoff
    The fun isn't huge, the cost is a bit high, and the pay off is a bit meagre for the loss of my fruits. Remember I don't have large stocks, and as a medium old farmer (soon 2 years , yay) it hasn't accumulated as much as others. But because I do most events, I don't spend a lot of farm coins (the reward) and have 1753 in my piggy bank as I write. So no huge immediately need.

    Donate only drops? Well, I could, and I did try but I felt I didn't gain a lot. If I let the system turn them into EP & CC feel I optimize this event for me. And all it requires for me to do is have a few trees here and there.

    I do think this could be more fun and useful event for young and fresh farmers tho (check out my suggestions), so even if I don't do it - I love to keep it. I don't need to chase every stick BP throws my way ;)
  9. fishy_broke

    fishy_broke Advanced

    As you know, I have a farm on your market that has been controlling the market to exchange rate of tree fruit for a very long while now. Most do not care to master exchange analysis and that is fine with me thus far. Your market will open in the morning with a rate of not 3 times the EV but 4 times the EV as the low for ALL mainland tree fruit and about half of the BAHA tree fruit. The farm is able to hold the rate at above 3.75 without calling upon other farmers for assistance.

    Most of my farms will play the fruit market mini game, always. I see no need to go crazy with it but will operate considering the law of averages.

    The fruit market mini game is a necessity for BEEPs now. It is their way of making an adjustment in the balance of the game.

    Also, I will move up the rate of parrot feathers closer to the rate of cow milk on your market shortly. Cows are under-priced and one way of adjusting the price is to force cow milk rates upward.

    I see wishing to use their highest EV tree fruit. Many times that is NOT efficient.
  10. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Duke

    I generally set an amount of fruit stores I won't go below (eg. not go below 500), and get as many farm coins as I can with whatever I have in my barn at the time. FM is my main source of farm coins and I haven't bought any of the limited products yet, which I'd like to get (though I did, foolishly, buy a blooming marvellous thinking I didn't have one, when in fact I did. What a waste!). This time around I was able to get about 200 farm coins which I'm pretty happy with, though of course I did spend 125 of those on a giver I already had!

    I'm not a young or fresh farmer by any means, I've been around for years, but I am also a farmer who chooses to do everything herself - I don't buy from the market to donate things, if they need to be donated I produce them myself. That's the way I like to play the game, but as a result, I have made (relatively) little progress in the game and earning things takes a long time and a lot of effort. Consequently, I have very few farm coins and this event is therefore very valuable to me.
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