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« The Great Feast » strategy discussion

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by elRe, Oct 1, 2019.

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  1. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    In few hours begins the « The Great Feast » event: 3 trail meal area starting tiles are available to complete 19 plate tasks.

    In addition to the event ingredients, you need 20 eggs and 480 blood ferns to earn the [​IMG] Great Feast Magic Stalk Row which gives 10% extra EP/TEP from decos for 1 hour, 1 x Crate O' Tools II, 1 x Crate O' TEP and 1 x Crate O' EP as soon as any one 1x1, one 1x2 and one 2x2 deco item be placed on it.

    Event ingredients:
    [​IMG] Salt Flower: 20300 (6 hours on Plantation and Rainforest);
    [​IMG] Whisk Lily: 11030 (6 hours on main field);
    [​IMG] Festive Cork: 966 (drops when harvesting moonlight crops, trees, stables and workshops).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Happy Triple Tart! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Nala777

    Nala777 Board Veteran

    Thanks @elRe for starting the thread.
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  3. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    [​IMG] Triple Tart;
    [​IMG] Tempting Triple Tart;
    [​IMG] Tasty Triple Tart.
    The visual differentiation of « Triple Tart », « Tempting Triple Tart » and « Tasty Triple Tart » is actually impossible, but the differences between « Triple Tart » and « Tasty Triple Tart » are known as follows: once both [​IMG] Triple Tart Upgrades are applied, the harvest time be reduced by half (2x10 hours instead of 20) and the number of Experience Points grows (2x4900 instead of 8600) in addition to 1 x Crate O' Moonlight Mania.
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  4. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 All knowing Oracle

    Thanks elRe for starting this thread and the information to do the event!
    I am not doing this event BUT am looking forward to the "Weekend Quest" coming on Friday! Good luck everyone and have fun!
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  5. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    [​IMG] Tomato Walk;
    [​IMG] Tomato Walk II;
    [​IMG] Tomato Walk III.
    The visual differentiation of « Tomato Walk », « Tomato Walk II » and « Tomato Walk III » is actually impossible, but the differences between « Tomato Walk » and « Tomato Walk III » are known as follows: once both [​IMG] Tomato Walk Upgrades are applied, the harvest cadence double (2x10 instead of 1x20 hours) and the number of Experience Points are variable (22x???). This means, that the Farmerama user has to harvest « Tomato Walk III » with minimum mainland level 098 (2x2156<2x6600 instead of 4300 Experience Points).
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  6. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum Demigod

    Thanks elRe for the numbers. To stay on track we will need approximately 3384 Salt Flowers, 1839 Whisk Lillie's, and 161 Festive corks daily.
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  7. dumbunny

    dumbunny Board Analyst

    Thanks ElRe for starting the thread - and Sebe for further crunching the numbers. 6 days of Moonlight Mania! It's a nice cloud row and some of the givers looks pretty tempting, too. So you know I'm all in on both farms. I think I'm going to have to adjust my Bahamarama fields a bit.
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  8. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    [​IMG] Slice of Coco;
    [​IMG] Slice of Coco II;
    [​IMG] Slice of Coco III.
    The « Slice of Coco », « Slice of Coco II » and « Slice of Coco III » visual differentiation is actually impossible, but the differences between « Slice of Coco » and « Slice of Coco III » are known as follows: once both [​IMG] Slice of Coco Upgrades are applied, the harvest cadence double (2x10 instead of 1x20 hours) and the number of Tropical Experience Points are variable (11x???). This means, that the Farmerama user has to harvest « Slice of Coco III » with minimum island level 098 (2x1078<6600 instead of 2150 Tropical Experience Points).

    The english language Farmerama Bigpoint forum says following:
    This makes suppose, that the Slice of Coco base deco gives 2150 Experience Points and 2150 Tropical Experience Points whilst placeable on the 3 tropical lands & shipwreck bay.
    And, this makes suppose that « Slice of Coco III » gives Experience Points only instead of Tropical Experience Points. It looks like the « Cheering Fan » effect.
    The english language Farmerama Bigpoint forum says following:
    This means, that the forum user understand « Gives: 4900 EP and TEP » whilst the Tasty Triple Tart is placeable on the Haunted Manor.
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  9. rivak

    rivak Padavan

    I'm sitting this one out. I've turned one of my fields into mostly Sweet Summer Gift givers, so I'm just going to grow animals, coins and a bit of feed on my main fields. And enjoy a whole month of MM. :)
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  10. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Junking at this time is not good for me so no need for this farm to toy with this event.

    (The investment item for this farm: At market, the item and all directly connected resources will yield easily over 2 billion ccs. I choose to continue.)

    Obvious barn clear item: The egg! Developers appear to be working indirectly with honey and cow milk though. The farm cleared all in this market to see. Holdings of cow milk, eggs and honey should be about a million units here. If you use then you may wish to consider acquiring them now. Low prices still appear.

    Two Baha animals have surfaced using my methods: The elephant and the monkey. I did not want to mention earlier because analysis here was mixed. I have no doubt but of course may be wrong (protecting myself a little here).

    Farm holdings:
    • 60,906 elephant
    • 10,23 elephant feed
    • 55,864 monkey
    • 153,658 monkey feed
    • feed ingredient numbers are ridiculous
    The clear problem is with farms holding sufficient elephant feed. Time to mill is long.
    I receive no more igms or ems with laughter about my prediction of anaconda prices over 100,000 ccs.
    (farm holdings over 40,000 anaconda and over 10,000 feed. No time now to bother with for me so will hold.)
    Slowly picking up panda and not ignoring camel. Sloth acquisition is steady but not aggressive here.

    Elephant price increase already has appeared for breeding elephants.

    Good luck to you.

    :D yeahhhhhhhhh, not even possible to be a junker right now

    I hope someone will do the junking dance for me xDxDxD


    The farm_broke mini-event, Wonderful wilson Wednesday, goes live again soon.

    This weeks broke farm's target is Nala the Otta (Nala777). I suuuuuuuuuuuuuure hope you are not counting on drops filling your gift box. (wilson will help Nala and Nala will soon begin to have a team of wilsons.)
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
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  11. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Example to get more Deco Items:

    Once all mainland and spooky meals are placed, the juncture meal gives the [​IMG] Frankenfridge as a reward; to get the [​IMG] Fright Fries deco item too, the island meals and one more juncture meal are needed. Both, « Frankenfridge » and « Fright Fries » are placeable on the Haunted Manor (but not only).
    To get the [​IMG] Swap Bar as a bonus, the last juncture meal is enough.

    These deco items produce Crate O' Fertilizers III in addition to Experience Points or Tropical Experience Points.
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  12. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

    I'm hemming and hawing. Do I want to tear up my Baha, main and rainforest for this? If I finally do decide to, I'll do what I have been if I do an event, do what I can and we'll see. :p
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  13. missbutterbean

    missbutterbean Forum-Apprentice

    :p....sounds very tempting....my kind of summers end vacation of sorts...:D
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  14. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Baron

    Thank you @elRe for starting this thread...
    I do believe I will have to sit this one out. I am catching up on my school work. But way behind in studying..I do like some givers.. but was not expecting Baha to be used... I will see if I can clear some trees I just planted that I am out of.. I may just do weekend events if they look good.

    To my friends and neighbors... No matter what I choose to do. Me logging in everyday to send gifts... is not gonna be 100 percent at this time. So please send to others if you have to have a return gift. I have to let this game slide a lot now. Least for the next 2 weeks.. Maybe longer.

    I got till Oct 7th to decide what I am gonna do for summer. Or was it spring? Doesn't matter. I took only 2 classes this time cause the rest filled up... I am super glad now. These 2 classes is killing me.

    I honestly do not see how people can go to college and work and have a home life too... maybe it is cause i have a learning issue I do not know.. but for me... it is not easy. just to go to school and deal with home life.. work.. I am glad I do not have to juggle that. If I do not get good news in nov about my disability then I will have to find a small job.

    Games I play to relax may have to be on the burner list. which means ..... ... I have hair now... later I wont.. xD

    I will check on my 2 game threads asap (within next 24 to 72 hours hopefully) and update them...or/and close them.
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  15. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

    My condolences Jazac. Real life is more important than a virtual game.
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  16. saturnia22

    saturnia22 Forum Master

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  17. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Baron

    Thank you. One thing is in my favor at this time though...both classes really did not have any extra credit work.. after the Midterm exams.. They both will have it. One class did have it.. but gave us all another chance cause it was on short notice for that extra credit.. that's why i said they both did not have it.

    Yes life is important then games... I will juggle what I can when I can. Best I can do... one class midterm is this coming Wednesday the 9th... next class is like 2 weeks from it... 20th or something. So its a wait and see game for me... and I hate that lol I just know I need to study for both. I know I got to try to log in still every day so I do not lose my streak of log ins.. But hey, so what... Not the end yet. It is what it will be... PERIOD.

    Good luck to you all doing events... I will do what I can to help.. just do not count on me is all. For the next 5 days... I got more then I can chew. 2 days later first class midterm.
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  18. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I would not be junking during this event even if I could .....

    You seem surprised by the 2 billion cc number. Parrot feathers are of no concern to this farm right now and at market price today would yield over 3.7 billion ccs, plums over 3.2 billion in ccs if sold...... The numbers get stupid to me now. (And I can see BEEPS very very slowly edging toward charging to list .... will not even give um a potato to sell .......... hmmmmm maybe one lettuce .... have plan for them if they start that foolishness too)

    You ask can you get in? Sure you can. You must decide to begin somewhere.

    You ask is it legal? There are all kinds of unapproved schemes being used. I do no recommend any of them and I have never used any of the information.

    How much moo laa do I have? Wow, right now far more than I need to do my thing .... 4.5 million. I'll be broke in no time and fine with me. (There is no farmerama bank to place our ccs. We are presently operating in an inflationary environment. Anyone who is holding real life cash in any inflationary environment in the world is loosing buying power each day. There are no exceptions and the same holds true in this game. Deflation is a possibility and at present I have concluded it is remote.)

    You can do this if you wish. Everyone here will help you whether or not they realize it or not.

    This is not the thread to go into detail. I will be more than happy to assist you but you make the final call on your farm. (pssssst ... I see very very little in eggs and honey now but panic beginning to appear. Sometimes we know payday is almost here .... but we still must try and be patient and wait.)
  19. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Forum Freak

    I'm not doing this one, growing trees instead. Good luck to those who are doing this.:)
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  20. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    I will be letting this one go too. Good luck all! ;)
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