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Τomorrow's event

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by sofi!!!, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. sofi!!!

    sofi!!! Regular

    Good evening! :oops:
    Tomorrow the event in England the annoucement ''says '' that will begin 2pm .
    In Greece the event begins at 3am!!
    I think that England is two hours before from Greece ..
    1)If then , why the event in England begins 2 and no 1 pm?
    2)If i loged in english game i have the ability to play the game earlier?
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  2. SylvanasW

    SylvanasW Someday Author

    Dear Sofi,

    The events have always and will start according to the Germany time (where Farmerama headquarters is based), not England time. You might want to redo your calculations based on that :) (you will notice that Greece time 15:00 is correct) :)

    The event will start in the same moment for all the players across the globe, at 14:00 CET. Best of luck with the event!
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  3. Farmer96

    Farmer96 Forum-Apprentice

    Hello SylvanasW!!

    I have the same question with Sofi! Thank you for your reply!!
    Rather the official announcement shows the German time, but why not mention of the English?
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  4. SylvanasW

    SylvanasW Someday Author

    Farmerama has never counted anything based on any other time zone, but only Germany's. This is how things work around here, all timings are posted in CEST timezone. The Announcement also contains a very nice counter that shows the time left until the event start.

    Edit: Sofi, It's not England, it's Germany. Just because you read it in the EN language forum, it doesn't mean it's the English time. Germany time = 2 PM CEST, which is equal to Greece time = 3 PM. The easiest way to understand is to check the counters in the Event announcement: >>here<<. It's the same time, if you care to do some calculations yourself.
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  5. sofi!!!

    sofi!!! Regular

    SylvanasW, Hi thank for your answer .. But you said that all events start according to Germany time .. I know it this . But all the annoucements of the foroum have a different time for the event! For example England at 2 ,greece at 3!! why did you say that
    ''the event will start in the same moment for all the players across the globe, at 14:00 CET'' but in Greece you said that i noticed correct events begins at 3!

    I have seen the counter but i do not undestand this logic .. Why all annoucement do not have the same time begging?
  6. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Sofi: The announced time in this forum is 14 CEST (Cesntral European Summer Time) the time zone of Germany. This is the forum for many English speaking countries in very different time zones. So there is no reason to announce the time according to the UK time zone in particular.
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  7. sofi!!!

    sofi!!! Regular

    I think that i understood so so the reason ! :oops:

    Thank you very much all of you! :)
  8. Neon-Lights

    Neon-Lights Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hi sofi!!!

    All time published are CET/CEST, as that is the time in Germany where the games are produced, this is the same for all language forums. So that is 1hr different to your time.

    Can I help further?
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  9. sofi!!!

    sofi!!! Regular

    i read all of them many times , as your reply and finally i understand!! :oops:

    no there is not something else ...

    thank you very much and sorry if i tired you ..:(

    Good luck with the event!
  10. Neon-Lights

    Neon-Lights Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    You're welcome.
    Good luck with the event :)

    ~~NFQ - closing thread~~
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