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2018 Harvest Hoedown

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by fishy_broke, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. fishy_broke

    fishy_broke Advanced

    How do I prepare? :eek:
  2. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    You know how to do this. How many Top 100 goodies have you gotten now?

    If you need a reminder, buy up everything in the market and then sell it all for quadrupel the price that you bought the stuff for? Then donate all your profits to the Hoedown so you can earn yet another useless item.

    Good Luck FB! I know you will find some clever twist on how to succeed.
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  3. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    LOL! I'm sorry for stymieing your foolishness. :eek: I never want to step on the toes of foolishness. Let the foolishness continue. xDxDxD

    Plus, I am very jealous of all your useless Top 10 goodies. :inlove::p;)

    MARLYMAR Forum Overlooker

    hahaha xD I know this from first hand experience :cry::cry::wuerg::wuerg:xDxD wont make that mistake again ;):p
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    MARLYMAR Forum Overlooker

    yes I WAS VERY lucky and Im glad I got the straw house :inlove::p but I did learn my lesson and wont be doing that again anytime soon o_Oo_O Im still struggling to build everything back up on 2 of my farms :wuerg::oops: but I can honestly say lesson learned xDxD ( thank goodness I only went for it on 2 of my farms and not all 4 :p;) ) And I WOULDNT recommend ANYBODY to go for it if you haven't properly prepared ;):)
  6. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    So the BIG question is, How does one prepare their farm for the ultimate event folly?

    I vaguely remember PNP and some others buying mass quantities of cheaply priced tree fruit with a high EV. The market has changed so much. I'm not sure if that is the most practical way to prepare anymore? I do know that any preparation is increasing the EV!

    Just to let you know, I will join in the discussion, but I will not participate in this ultimate of follies. I like having a well stocked farm. I still think my farm is still understocked compared to how well it was stocked before I took my year long vacation. Maybe next year. :p
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  7. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Expert

    I personally will be watching the chit-chat. My parents always said you can learn much by watching and paying attention.
    Also, I'm still working on my stock and searching for knowledge. Knowledge to use or not :wuerg: BUT I do seek...
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  8. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    I'm a seeker of knowledge to.... one of the most important things that I have learned about seeking knowledge is that I am super lazy at using the knowledge once I have it xDxDxD

    So Broke, bring on the wisdom. How can I get those EVs while still being lazy? :inlove::p:inlove:
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  9. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Expert

    HAHAHA, :wuerg:I will never admit to that... I'm just digesting the information ;)
    Really there is so much to this game if you want it to be...
    So I slow chew things then I take time and digest. After that and a nap on some random rainy or sunny or perhaps a snowy day I try applying the knowledge. :D
    That said I have my reading glasses on 8)
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  10. fun2farm

    fun2farm Regular

    Lol!! I am a finder of knowledge, and when I find it.. [QUOTE="sglick.... I am super lazy at using the knowledge once I have it xDxDxD[/QUOTE]
    (Lol! Me, too, dear neighbor! And I love the learning journey!)

    But abundance of knowledge does not a wise man/woman make!!o_O;):music:

    So Broke, bring on the wisdom. :inlove::p:inlove:[/QUOTE] Amen!

    (G-r-e-a-t quote, sglick!!xD :inlove:)
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  11. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    Super grow your cress and power feed your chickens will get you there fasterxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxD
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  12. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies All knowing Oracle

    I did have to tease a little bit.:p

    To contribute to a serious topic, when I began, I looked at the donation of the last placed player from the year before. That gives you a good idea of what you need to start with and each year that minimum has increased. For example, last year's 1000th place was approx 367 Million EV donated and in 2016 it was 282 Million EV. I have no doubt it will be even higher this year. It is very competitive and those final hours (even minutes) are very frantic with large donations so you won't know if you are 'safe' or not.

    What I did (with the help and guidance of others) was to prepare all year. I did an inventory of my barn and determined what I needed to gain on average per month until end of October. Harvest Hoedown is mid November. I looked at all categories of goods in the market but tree fruit was able to be purchased for much lower than any other category on a consistent basis. When HH began, I had an amount that had been set aside that I could donate without damaging my farm. I waited to donate and watched the list. If it looked like I would need more than I had set aside, I would just wait until the following year. My goal was to be in the top 1000. All players receive the same rewards so it wasn't necessary for me to rank high on the list, but try to stay on it.

    Last year I participated in it only to see if I could do it 2 years in a row. I wanted to see if I could recover from the donations and do it again without harming my farm.

    It was an experience I will never forget and will never forget those who did it along with me. The planning, the encouragement, the frantic worry was all worth it when we all made it :)

    My barn was prepared but it did affect other farming goals.

    This message is long enough so will let someone else discuss market prices/ratio to determine what is worth buying and what is not.
    broke, I hope this comment helps erase my silliness from before :)
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  13. fun2farm

    fun2farm Regular

    PnP I love your 'silliness'!! What a great post!!xDxDxD:D:inlove: Please, don't even think of erasing it!:eek: Love love love the silliness in this forum, and will try to offer my share once in a while!xDxD

    ....and I nominate this post for kindness of the year - for the unquestioned offers of help, not just to help newbie farms like mine, but to all farmers :) (All over the world, as it is!:p)
    But you have competition!!:music: PnP is also nominated for her post #18+++!!:D

    Of course I cannot enter the Hoedown this year, or who knows if ever - but as a 'finder' of knowledge;) I am eager to learn!!xD
    Thanks Broke!!
    (And PnP for the laughter!!xDxDxD)
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
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  14. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Expert

    xDxD:cry:xDxD I think they would be done before the SG could hit them xD

    Just had to laugh now back to my reading.
    I have known from the first words of this Hoedown that it is not for me BUT I'm interested and there is always next year.

    Meantime... I have my glasses, coffee, and notepad at hand.
    * -super grow cress
    >> add white innocence
    * -power feed your chickens
    >> activate valentine's pot
    * -


    Good Luck to all!!!
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  15. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Broke - I know you like teaching us, and I do deeply appreciate all that you have taught me. Right now, RL is my priority. I need to ween myself from all my farming games so I have no time to learn how to prepare for HH.

    I can't even visit the forum everyday. This is a good thing for me. I really need to concentrate on writing my book and finishing paintings.

    (FYI: I will not abandon Farms, I just have to balance better. I will not totally disappear again - I hope - LOL)

    Broke - to answer your question. I would like to learn how to focus on say 5 good money makers with good profit margins. I realize every market is different, but I beat you know which 5 products yield the highest profits in most markets. (please help me cheat by telling me what they are.)

    I don't have time to study the market to see how it is moving. I understand the concepts behind determining what products are the most profitable. I just don't like gathering the data. I never have which is why I don't fiddle with the market much.

    My style of farming which I have said over and over is to finish FSQ's as quickly as possible. I often make ridiculous (in terms of profit) decisions just to finish quickly. (For me, learning to complete impossible tasks has been extremely important to me especially in terms of my RL. Learning to complete tasks in the game has taught me how to complete them - like a difficult/ complex painting - in RL.)

    I have been able to keep a 100 Mil nest egg, but just 1 cc over is used for buying stuff for the FSQ's. (FYI: I got my nest egg by noticing the future breeding trends & preparing for them with regular animals.)

    I am close to reaching my current goal with then which is to finish off most of the FSQ's that require hugh amounts of workshop products. I have been making these products while buying the needed Tree Fruit, crops and occasional animals.

    My next goal will be to get my inventory back to 1000 of each crop, 500 of each animal, 250 of each workshop product, & 500 of each animal feed.

    I am OK with growing all that is needed. I have reached these goals in the past by DIY, but I want to expand my abilities by using the market to help me reach these goals faster.

    I would like to concentrate on 5 things to start with so I can experience how the market really works - not just understanding the concept.

    Once, I have my inventory back up to the goals stated above, then I will feel secure to start concentrating for HH - maybe in 1 or 2 years.
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  16. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Goal setting is everything to me these days and in this part of my life. I wish I had realized this when I was younger.
  17. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Thanks for your insights. I agree the best rewards come from living a good life without expectations.

    I was looking at my inventory this morning so many holes. LOL Most of these holes are not 0, but they are extremely low. How to fill my inventory so I can proceed onward and upward to HH glory?

    I wish I could shift gears and see and use the market to help me reach my goals, but I am stuck in the mindset of - if I need it, I'll buy it - regardless of the price; &, everything is too valuable to sell, because I may need it again someday. I really do need to have 20,000 Cress at all times - ideally 500,000.

    I get frustrated with the market, because I try to sell all my useless craft products, but they never sell. I have 100's of craft products that I will never use, because I am stuck in a rut of using a CAC, Zucchini Bread, EM & Carrot Bread every morning - even for just 1 field of crops.

    It is overcoming this fear of the market that seems to be the next step for me. This is true in RL as well. I have never had a good relationship with money or the power behind it. My spirituality has evolved to where I no longer see money as just evil, but as a way of measuring the value of goodness. (This is a simplified statement of a very complex point of view.) This change in how I view money was needed to help me with my ultimate goal in life which is to be as positive and as helpful person as I possibly can. This is no small feat for a women who has been crushed by depression and poverty.

    So I have taught myself through my paintings and this game, each donation - each brush stroke adds up to accomplish an impossible task. I have also learned that each smile and kind word can help another in ways that I can't even imagine. Together these 2 practices gives me the greatest rewards.
  18. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    I took the time to read each post, there is so much wisdom hidden here.
    I never wanted to take part to a HH event because I know my farm can't do it, but mostly because I have set other goals for my farm adjusted to my way of playing.
    But I always admire everyone who takes part to this event and I like watching how you all prepare and what you go through. Thanks for sharing this experience with the rest of us:)

    Farmer_broke I saw you mentioned that this year you will take part in HH with another farm not with farmer_broke. Why?
    Isn't it harder to take part with a new farm or it is harder to take part with farmer_broke?
    Do you think it is possible for the same farm to get to 1000 top players multiple times? And to do that will he/she have to only prepare for this event and not take part in any other event?
  19. KaiCat33

    KaiCat33 Padavan

    I am lurking here and learning. Am in no way ready to participate in HH, but I love my farm and looking for ways to be a better player. Great information here, Thank You. 8)
  20. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Thank you for this list. I think it will help newer farmers with filling out their inventories.

    I am an old dog who likes holding onto her old ways of doing things.

    My inventory is full stock (according to me - only) when I have:

    10,000 of all crops
    100,000 of Wheat, carrots, & Cress
    500 of all animals
    500 Animal feed
    1000 of all regular level breeding animals
    When it comes to actual breeding animals. I have not come up with measurements.
    250 of all products
    1000 Eggs, Ostrich eggs, & Honey
    5000 Sugar
    50 CAC, ZAB & EM at all times
    The rest of the artisan products I do not care about, but I have a massive supply of them.
    5000 Pheromones (I currently have about 4000)
    100,000,000 CCs

    I would say that my current inventory is about at 70% of this criteria except products. 10 - 20% of my products are almost at zero.

    I would need to be at least to 90% of my goals (including products) to fill comfortable to then start preparing for HH.

    I do want to start looking at the EV ratios more. Still trying to figure which goes into the calculator first the price or the EV. LOL

    I am looking forward to your next lesson income flow. I need big time help with making money. I need to know - understand how to make money before I can go on huge shopping sprees to rebuild my inventories.

    Thanks for making me smarter. xD:inlove::p
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