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Feedback A Bedtime Odyssey

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Farmers.Almanac, Apr 9, 2019.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN


    Nobody was treated unfairly. Players gained many, many millions of EP and other benefits from leveling up many levels and this effected many components of the Game. The Feedback thread for the Odyssey Event is not the place to discuss this, as the bug was not related to this event. I hope you all understand, but there are other more suitable places to leave your thoughts.
    Further discussion regarding the bug in this thread will be removed. Please only leave feedback about the Event here.

  2. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    I meant no disrespect or impropriety by posting here, shooger, and I appreciate your not removing the post. I chose to place it in this thread because it did affect my play of the event. Anything further will be posted elsewhere.
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  3. tlcsquared

    tlcsquared Someday Author

    I did appreciate the lower requirements for this event...I didn't finish because life got a bit messy for me after the bug fix, but I was able to get as close to done with this event as I usually get when the event requirements are much higher and life doesn't get in the way...and it was nice to hear that others were able to finish with the event after starting late.

    I think that the longer crop time, along with the lower requirements, helped to ease some of the tension lots of us feel with events. One thing I liked about being able to harvest the galaxy gate early is that if the game was almost over, and I needed it, I could have harvested them early and gained whatever points I could from them.
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  4. 1sabella1

    1sabella1 Forum-Apprentice

    This has been an event which I actually finished. An event which was a challenge, but actually achievable, was very unexpected.
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