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A Bedtime Odyssey

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by habalala, Apr 9, 2019.

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  1. habalala

    habalala Forum Freak


    Mainland event, runs for 6 days, 10 steps.

    Rewards 1st CR in step 6, 2nd CR in step 10.
    Both CRs need 10 1x1 givers each to activate.

    Event plant: Marshmallow Bush
    12:00 hours
    9:36 hr with water applied
    8:39 hr with water and manure applied

    Drop: Chocolate Cookie (from everything Mainland and 1 from each breeding)
    Mill item: S'more (70 Marshmallow Bush, 10 Chocolate Cookie)

    Special item I: Galaxy Gate, single use item, provides marshmallows for donation purposes. Obtainable from Crates (see below) and from finishing 6th step.
    Plantable on Mainlands only! Depending on growtime it provides a marshmallow worth

    300 (up to 5:17 hr) - Marshmallow
    600 (5:18 hr up to 10:34 hr) - Sweet Marshmallow
    900 (10:35 hr up to 15:59 hr) - Syrupy Marshmallow
    1500 (16:00 hr or more) - Candy-coated Marshmallow

    on value. Growtime of the Galaxy Gate can be reduced with 35% by using Power Core, which will cost 2 BB each.

    Special Item II: Capsule O' Marshmallows, provides 2 Crate O' Marshmallows, provides Galaxy Gate or marshmallow for donation purposes.
    Obtainable every 4 hrs once step 6 is finished.

    Requirements to disclose step 1-6 and get the 1st CR:
    2350 Marshmallow Bush
    125 Chocolate Cookie

    Requirements to disclose step 7-9:
    75 S'more
    equal to:
    5250 Marshmallow Bush
    750 Chocolate Cookie

    Requirements to disclose step 10 and get the 2nd CR:
    Marshmallows with a total value of 35000 (marshmallow values, see above!)

    7600 Marshmallow Bush
    875 Chocolate Cookie
    xxx Marshmallows of any kind

    General strategy:
    - Grow event crop and gather enough drops to finish step 6. Do this ASAP!
    - Get as many capsules/crates as possible - harvest the 4 hour capsules as often as possible and open all crates gained right away - to get as many Galaxy Gates and marshmallows, have Galaxy Gates out right away for max time (= max reward).
    - Grow more event crop and gather more drops to mill S'more.
    - Donate marshmallows.

    Good luck all! Keep smiling!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  2. 12ss12

    12ss12 All knowing Oracle

    I am in. Thanks habalala for the strategies and calculations.
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  3. phoenixboy12

    phoenixboy12 Forum Commissioner

    Thanks Habalala for the number crunching.

    Note to self be careful when harvesting field with Galaxy Gate as if using machinery it will harvest Gate and depending on what type of marshmallow required you may not get what you want if harvested too early. That should be fun;):oops:

    Good luck to those doing event and those deciding to give it a miss enjoy the break
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  4. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Mogul

    Thank you for a nice concise accounting of what we need and how to get it!
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  5. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Ambassador

    Thank you habalala, nicely laid out. Should get some decent drops from a 12 hr event plant. :)
  6. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    I dunno...I wish the cloud rows weren't so specific with their rewards...but I'll do what I can. I think I'm going to be using a lot of green goo...
  7. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 All knowing Oracle

    Thanks habalala nice work as usual! I hope you are feeling better!;) I am going to attempt to do this event,:p although I am not impressed with the cr's! Good luck to all, what ever your goal is!;)
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  8. Nellie_Noodles

    Nellie_Noodles Commander of the Forum

    Thank you habalala for the maths
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  9. 007Farming

    007Farming Board Veteran

    Thanks habalala for the head start;)Not much enthusiasm here. Will give it a good go...although my finishing streak without spending real $$ is ZERO:wuerg:
    All the best everyone:D
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  10. Shimmer

    Shimmer Exceptional Talent

    Is anyone else extremely underwhelmed by the cloud rows?
    Nearly all my EP comes from harvesting givers in the park or my cloud rows and (quick estimate) only about 1-2% from crops. 200% of naff-all is still naff-all.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  11. 12ss12

    12ss12 All knowing Oracle

  12. phoenixboy12

    phoenixboy12 Forum Commissioner

    Me thinks drops will be on the low side, another sales oppotunity by BP.

    Lets see hopefully Im wrong

    Galaxy Gate can only be placed on same fields as event plants thats good if you are looking to harvest at its maximum time to get highest value marshmallow unless machinery does not work on it and only harvest manually
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  13. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    Bug Point on line.
    I find that my pet ground got mad as I harvest and harvest my pet continuously.
    So, I ignore it and then go to harvest my giver, Then they can harvest continuously too.
    I try refresh and still happened.
    Then Event start, I decided to leave those pet & EP given, And go to harvest my field.
    Suddenly. BP come back and maintenance held!
    I had activiate my CR buff, ate some artisan product..If I lost them
    This event will take as another not to do event. 8)
    As we all know, BP most time will not compensate anything if they consider it is only a
    short time break, and even BP will give back something...
    BP will never compensate exactly what we lose! xD
  14. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Duke

    Thank you for starting the thread @habalala

    I will go as far as I can on this event... Will not lose sleep if I cant finish. Which is getting to be ongoing lately. Now we cant even play. you would think they would have solved all issues when giving us a event we have to pay to get drops if we are short..I dont know if they planned for the game to mess up to help or to hurt thier sales..

    All I do know is after reading last few events comments and now this set up with the breeding... over 1k pf needed... Nope I wont do it ethier.. I do have 2 or 3k pf but not wasting that many at one time period.. Not to mention for what rewards? I think BP is wanting to shut this game down forever.. Cause they sure not acting like they want players to stay.
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  15. Neddy38

    Neddy38 Forum Great Master

    I want to do this event but BP prevent by give us a sudden bug issued maintenancexD
    Right just after event start!
    So, near 2 hr and still unsolved.
    I will see if It could be sloved before I go bed. But seem slim hope.
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  16. habalala

    habalala Forum Freak

    You're not the only one! A few minutes after the start, in preparation of the initial harvest I too collected/activated CR and Pet Playfield buffs .. and then POOFF ..

    Let's hope the Team is able to reset the game as it was at 13:59:59 CEST.
  17. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    This morning I wake up very early, I feel sleepy.
    My initial plan is after get 100seed, I plan 2X2 and then go to sleep.
    In order to quickly start event, I had used a 12hr harvest coupon to speed my CR harvest.
    Now everything ruined. I had activated the EP boost CR that had 168 hr cooling time
    and also the 4hr drop boost CR (cooling time 48hr)
    How to compensate for that!:mad::mad:
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  18. Neddy38

    Neddy38 Forum Great Master

    Game still broke down. I look at the clock...45min be midnight!
    OK, no more waiting! go bed for tomorrow appointment.
    This event.... xDxDxD
  19. AniE

    AniE Forum Great Master

    It's been nearly 4 hours. And no sign of when it will end.
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  20. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Duke

    It is now back up
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