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All cloud rows are empty for several days

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by potatonton, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. potatonton

    potatonton Forum-Greenhorn

    Since Thursday all my cloud rows are empty in my 22 rows.
    I cannot find any of my items in my inventory.

    user: potaton
    userid: 12364922

    Thank you for any assistance! I miss my items!

    This happens in Windows 8, Internet Explorer App only.

    In IE desktop, or firefox it does not happen. Tried clearing caches, restarts, etc. The issue persists.
    The IE App is preferred way of playing though!

    Please test/fix!
    Last edited by moderator: Jan 25, 2015
  2. Neon-Lights

    Neon-Lights Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    As it is only apllicable to the windows 8 app, then I'm afraid the issue is your end so there is very little we can do.
    It sounds like a flash problem of some sort to me, please check that the IE app is using native flash player rather than an inbuilt one.

    Can I help further?
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