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All the best for 2015 and beyond ;)

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by farmerbarny, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. farmerbarny

    farmerbarny Forum-Greenhorn

    To all my Friends/neighbours/farmerama players : I Wish you all have a Jolly Fantastically Fun Fest Super Smashing Bright and extremely Happy NEW YEAR. May this be the Year you make your dreams and hard work come to fruition.

    Today ..... hmmmm ..... today is .......Freezing !!!!!!! But the strangest thing is that a Spider managed to build a cobweb in -8 deg C this morning after 1 am .... I know this, because i came in this morning at 1 am ..... (there was some disturbance last night, so i had to go and check) .... and when i opened the door later in the morning at 5 am'ish, (with a nice steaming mug of strong tea), i walked straight in the cobweb ..... which was frozen solid ...... brrrrr, cold cobweb in the face as it melted .... And that woke me up more than the Tea!!!!! ....
    So what has been happening around the farm of late, i hear you Ask? .... Too much to write all down here ..... But here are some things i hope are interesting to you ...
    We have had a very good harvest this year .... especially the spuds and beans .... managed to get some good meadow hay ... after it got flattened by too much rain ....We even had some surplus, which we gave to some of our friend/neighbours, who have been most kind and supportive.
    The wildlife ponds were-dug during the summer out are maturing nicely .... we have seen newts, frogs and dragonfly after only 7 weeks. These where old ponds that had almost silted up and where very overgrown. So there was already a lot of potential creatures around, but what astonished us is how quick they re-colonised. Just goes to show that if you make a home, nature will call back :) .....
    And because we had a few more dryer days this year .... we have watched the Barn owls nest and had a successful brood of 4 owlets ... (hope they all find a good home) .... we have also put up 40 more bird boxes around and about ....
    We have seen kestrels, plenty of Buzzards, Tawny owls, and even a Red Kite or three. Not sure where the kites are nesting, if at all locally. But we do have some fine old tall trees, so maybe? .....
    The stables and yards are still very busy. Even had to sadly turn down some people, as we haven’t enough horses!!! Which now number 38!!!!, and growing (50 is probably going to be the absolute limit, but i think 40 would be much better as we wouldn't be over stretching the fields. Especially if we have our usual run of wet weeks!!! (Illy the Filly is looking more beautiful each day (if you can call a leggy teenage foal that)).
    Mrs has been looking at ways to make wool from our sheep, we already make butter and have the best tasting milk ever, (you couldn't get it Fresher!!!!!). Our wheat has been excellent this year too! We had a visit to a local'ish miller in Dorset and went home with 2 dozen sacks. Which we are busy turning into lovely breads, in our own old stone oven. You can't beat the smell of bread freshly made and cooked traditionally. (None of this commercial quick yeast either!)
    Our little young lady has taken to reading big time (well picture books), and just loves all the animals. (I am sure they love her too!!!). Our Gander still keeps a close guard though and will honk a warning to any over inquisitive beasty!!!
    (I may have to keep an eye on that though, and may have to find help on how to deal with him, if he comes too overprotective, or aggressive).
    We have had some of our share of ups and downs. I had to have a few stints put in over a few months and to make matters worse Mrs broke her right leg, arm and a few rib’s in a nasty fall. (She hated every minute she couldn't get around. But it was far worse for her self dignity when she couldn't wash herself, and that got her right down in the dumps. Luckily my son and I are keen fans of a TV S.O.S. show, and we both new what to get. And after 8 days we had a new super loo installed in a newly built wet room. This super loo, washes and cleans as well. The Mrs could then help herself and have her independence back. And We are all Happier to boot!!!. Now she is almost back to full health and getting around even more!!!. ("sssshhhh" Whispers "Don't tell, but I was very worried, the Mrs would be upset that i was worrying over nothing as she would call it!!!!). Just hope she misses this bit if your reading dear :)
    We've had a lovely Christmas, with friends and family all tucking in and helping ;) (I can never get enough Brussels sprouts, with melted butter glazed over them mmmmmmm ..... 'parp' ..... pardon me :) Now busy and looking forward to a New Year .... with plans made and being made for the year ahead . Happy Farming
    I Hope you have a most harmonious and Happy 2015 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    P.S. And now to the main reason i am posting. Today i have found the time (and just about not too dog tired :) ... to write a post this ....... But i am sad to say .... i am finding it much more difficult to find the time to post. I do find time to browse and read your postings though and enjoy them much. If i do get the opportunity i will post some more duck tales ... if you want me too! ... but i won't be able to reply much, if at all .... sorry :cry:
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  2. Tex-2-Step

    Tex-2-Step Junior Expert

    Wow farmerbarny! Can't say much more than that. I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I do wish you and the Mrs. a happy New Year with hopes that brighter days are ahead. I hope she recovers fully, it is such a pain when we lose any of our independence.
    And yes, I do hope you will post more "duck tales"!
  3. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Commissioner

    What a treat to hear from you farmerbarney! Hope all is well with you and the ducks!
    Happy New 2015! Take care!
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  4. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Baron

    I wondered where you were. Good to hear from you and, yes, we do love your 'duck tales'
    Happy New Year to you, the family and the ducks too.
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  5. crzyjoyce

    crzyjoyce Forum Expert

    So nice to get an update from you farmerbarney! Hoping your New Year is off to a great start! Always enjoy your duck stories too:)
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  6. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    Wow Barny, you have been busy (in both good and not so good ways!). Please give your good lady all my best wishes for a full recovery. And hope you are feeling on top form now you have had some bionic enhancements! ;)
    I love that your gander is so protective over the littl'un! How sweet but as you say, may cause problems a little later on. :music:
    I also really enjoy hearing how young Illy is progressing. I am sure she is as beautiful if not more so than her namesake! :inlove:

    Thank you for letting us into your real life farm and hope you have as much fun in the coming year(s) as you seem to have had this year. I can almost smell that fresh home baked bread with fresh home made butter melting all over it ... xD
    Take care of yourselves all the Barny household. ;)
  7. daisy

    daisy Forum-Apprentice

    Thank you, farmerbarny for a wonderful post. Your farm sounds heavenly. Hope you and the Mrs, as well as all the farmerama farmers a happy, healthy and prosperous new year
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  8. tlcmom

    tlcmom Forum Expert

    I love your duck tales farmerbarney. Were is the chili beer?
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