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Appreciating Lettuce ... and making ccs: Strategy Development for all

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by farmer_broke, Oct 22, 2018.

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  1. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    This farm has visited the TOP 10 cc holders in this game at will and left the bunch at will. Lettuce, a vegetable, is one of the very first crops all of us were introduced to when beginning this game. An understanding of lettuce use and play was my foundation, many many lessons can be learned from an understanding of it, the lessons learned with lettuce have been used and I am fully qualified to explain.

    From the onset, no one is encouraged to attempt anything this farm has. Lettuce is not the highest quantity crop held and presently the farm holds 1,841,800 .

    I do not know what readers know. I criticize no one for what they do not know and hope many will enjoy the review. For some, part of the information will be new. All are encouraged to say whatever they wish regarding lettuce in this thread and take whatever is useful.


    Lettuce is a "newbie crop." By observing the lettuce market one is able to see many new players. In order to assist newbies to the game and encourage them to continue playing, game developers absolutely MUST provide avenues which allow for ccs to be made. With no ccs, the newbie will not continue playing.

    A few basic lettuce facts:

    seed shop cost 1cc
    exchange value 1cc
    growth time
    (no water)
    05 min
    crop classvegetable
    • A player may purchase from 1 - 300 seeds each day. Rungs on the tree of wisdom must be unlocked to purchase beyond 100 seeds each day.
    • Lettuce may be grown using 1x1 plots or 1x2s or 2x2s. One may use water, manure, super grow, suzy's super grow and/or with any buffs.
    There are many uses of lettuce and one of them is in animal feed.

    Although there is a goat milk tree, the related production pen of the goat is the goat milk production pen. Goat milk produced by using the production pen requires two (2) goat and goat feed.

    The rake is the product related to the hedgehog. The rake production pen requires a single hedgehog and hedgehog feed.

    (A chart will appear which relates to lettuce.)

    feed qty.
    hedgehog feed 6
    tortoise feed 6
    goat feed 2
    • One may purchase feed in the market or mill it.
    • There currently are no products directly connected or that require use of the hedgehog or the tortoise. A goat milk production pen is available. There is also a goat milk tree. Today there is not widespread goat milk production pen use.
    • Thus there is the potential for higher lettuce use.
    • Say the goat milk production pen becomes profitable/more efficient to use. More feed for the production pen itself will be required and therefore more goats for the production pen and more lettuce used for the feed.
    • A demand for hedgehogs or tortoise will cause an increase in the use and demand for lettuce.
    • From the very beginning, a player with knowledge of the game itself has an advantage in a lettuce strategy.
    Included in the feed asking price:
    • A charge milling time
    • A charge for all crops (in the above the charge includes lettuce)
    • the 10% listing charge
    • a profit
    There may be long delays before any crop price increase becomes reflected in any given feed asking price. Asking price is often based upon supply and demand. Speculation does exist. One may wish to keep "reasonableness" in mind.

    Who am I selling to?
    I would love to have thought of the answer each time I list any item for sale but the truth is that many times I do not. Many haphazardly list in the markets. Realizing this places one ahead of many in the selling game. Is the quantity I list really for my targeted buyer? Should one list a lot of 1? 2? 12? 100? 1000? 9999?

    Simply, maybe one does not ever care when listing who will purchase their lettuce (or whatever). Maybe one will care just a little more if the item they list does not sell within 7 days (at the quantity and price offered) and is returned to their barn.

    Yes, I have had items returned to my barn before. And depending upon the amount of risk I wish to take I will even plan for it. Yet, one must always remember that in order to list lettuce (any item) for sale that one will pay a listing fee of 10% of their total list price. And pay in advance of listing!

    How cheap may I sell lettuce in the market if purchased from the seed shop?
    This is the very most important computation one should learn if purchasing to resell:
    • Take whatever the price one purchases for and divide by .90 . I term this the point nine zero computation.
    • For lettuce: 1cc purchased price divided by .90 is 1.1111 so 1.12 .
    • Any amount beyond 1.11111 will make a farm ccs.
    Are you able to sell lettuce at 1.12?

    Why would one think their lettuce listing for 100 @ 46.99 would sell faster than a lettuce listing of 100 @ 10.99? Buyers in the market are not all foolish. Reasonableness! Up to each of us.

    YOU may sell lettuce for whatever you choose. And one can loose too! And surely one may buy to loose. This farm has chosen to loose a little on the purchase of reselling 200 of something in order to make much more selling 20,000 . Sloooooooowly the lesson is learned.
    • YOU develop a marketing attitude with lettuce. We learn that one will not enter into a market and suddenly take it over. No! If one desires their farm to grow in size then one will grow respectfully of others ... and not be afraid to wage a market war with anyone. One will have paid a price to learn by playing the lettuce market.
    • The lettuce market is slow-moving most times.
    • The mark-up one may receive by buying and reselling is many times very low.
    • A farmer will loose ccs at times yet can make ccs and the lesson is cheap.
    Can one learn marketing by playing another item such as carrots or hay or chickens or rabbit feed?
    • Yes and the price to learn is more expensive.
    • Other market crops move differently.
    I have always continuously said to those I assist: Slooooooooooooooooooowly . No, there is no reason to be afraid once one knows and has developed patience because one quite often must wait.

    For you:
    This farm is able to buy 300 lettuce from the shop each day. I think I have 300 ccs.
    So I bought 300 lettuce.
    I must sell them at 1cc divided by .90 or 1.1111 just to break even (make nothing). If I sell below that price when buying for 1 cc then the farm will surely loose.
    The low on the lettuce market here is 50@ 49.79
    I can sell them for whatever I want and right now I choose to list 300 @ 3.00 each
    I wonder if they will sell? xD
    Will I make a profit in CCs?
    I sure will.
    Do I care who buys them?
    I surely do not.
    How much will I make on each one IF they sell?
    3.00 the listing price
    - .30 the 10% listing fee paid to list each one
    - 1.00 the price paid for lettuce

    1.70 cc the profit each <------------------------------------
    Thanks, no growing .... nothing much .... easy
    Get greedy and one will not sell.

    PS hahahaha that lettuce is gone .... sold

    Do I believe the farm could sell all 1,841,800 at 3 ccs each?
    yup (by price alone)
    hmmmmmmm that's 5,525,400 (1,841,800 times 3)
    well after the 10% commission that's 4,972,860 (5,525,400 times .90)
    Do I feel I can get more than 3?
    but not right now

    The following will assist with understanding the direct calls made in quests:
    restaurantlevel 1 200 grow - timed
    3 200 grow - timed
    5 200 grow - timed
    8 100 grow - timed
    10 300 grow - timed
    13 200 grow - timed
    15 300 grow - timed
    country fair
    (crop trophy)
    1-15 may give all lettuce
    (quantities vary)
    (based on 1 EV)
    NO GOOD to use
    Gaga for Greens1 silver 50
    1 gold 125
    1 diamond 225
    2 s 750
    2 g 3,250
    2 d 10,250
    4 s 500
    4 g 1,500
    4 d 3,000
    8 s 3,000
    8 g 8,000
    8 d 17,000
    hungry bunny1 5
    organic produce2 10
    3 20
    apple crash 1 s 30
    1 g 20
    2 s 100
    2 g 20
    big farm party 2 10
    majestic toupee 2 s 750
    2 g 1,250
    2 d 1,750
    These are direct calls for lettuce. Direct calls are also made in events. I vsguely can remember an event asking for 6,000 lettuce.

    Please share whatever you wish regarding lettuce. But there is more in the indirect calls using quests.

    Some "market vulture" as I term the farmer looking for cheap cheap cheap listings and errors bought my lettuce I sold for 3.00 . All over for me.

    3.00 divided by .90 is 3.3333 . That farmer must sell that lettuce at that amount just to break even. But if they sell for more they will make a profit.
    hmmmmmmmmm can they make a good profit from the resale?
    I think so.
    (I admit it, I am a "market vulture" too.) And I want to make a quick buck off of someone else's work. (The "market vulture" in me!)

    Another table with the indirect calls for lettuce will appear shortly.
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  2. sebe96

    sebe96 Forum General

    Thanks for the lesson, I guess I am a "market vulture" too, if I see something -- anything, I dont care what it is, listed really really low I will buy it.
  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    WOW! now everyone knows: sebe "The Market Vulture." (ahhhhh "guess?" ahhhh ... well .....):)
    "Market Vultures" are everywhere in the game just waiting. The mouse is in one hand and a few ccs and they do their thing.
    "Market Vultures" must take one additional action
    The "market vulture" must list item(s) for sale at some point in time.
    • Just be careless and forget to place a digit in a listing and the "Market Vulture" will swoop down so quickly that one will not have time to delete the offer. (For instance, intend to list a rabbit at 11,167.87 but instead list it for 167.87)
    • And don' just be careless and list 1 or 10 at 167.87, .... get real careless and list 1,000 rabbits at 167.87 or 9,999 at 167.87 . That "market vulture" is going to get you and good.
    Many times there is no need to make the .90 computation. Market Vultures know a little bit about their market for sure. (Many do not know how to play lettuce though.) Just for fun:
    • The farm purchases a "lettuce-rabbit" at 167.87 .
    • I just want to make a quick buck off of someone's work. (Would you like my farm to make a quick buck off of your work? -- I doubt it. But you can be sure that I will.) How much must I sell it for just to break even. (I'm going to try and sell the "lettuce-rabbit" for more but I just want to know the bottom price where I make nothing and loose nothing.)
    • The "lettuce-rabbit" bought at 167.87 must be sold for at least: 167.87 divided by .90 = 186.5222222 to maker nothing
    • Would I be able to sell the "lettuce-rabbit" for over 186.52222 and make a quick buck off of someone's efforts?
    • Well, I think so. I know so and I know not to be greedy.
    Almost any farmer may act as a "market vulture" and from time-to-time find items to purchase which are obvious buys. They are obvious. But a little more practice is required in playing today's farmerama market. The practice needed in order to develop the discipline is obtained by playing the lettuce market.
    • Yes one will make errors while learning.
    • No one will not make a fortune.
    • Yes one will loose
    • Yes one will learn that quantities do make a difference
    • Yes one will learn that price makes a difference
    • Yes one will learn that price and quantity considered together make a difference
    • Again, NO, one will not make a fortune playing lettuce.
    A real lettuce-chicken moment ago for this farm (My favorite chicken is named One-Two)
    With a little effort one will learn their market (32 markets is the number of markets claimed to exist). If one will spend 30 - 60 days learning how to play lettuce then the benefits will seem to never end. NO one will not learn the lesson playing the carrot or wheat or hay or oat or .... market. NO.

    I opened animals and saw chickens listed for 5,000? I da care about the quantity, initially. Can I make ccs off of someone's work?
    • 5,000 (the listing price) divided by .90 is 5,555.5555556 .
    • Do I believe I can sell those chickens purchased for 5,000 just like I would lettuce?
    • Nothing but a "lettuce-chicken" to this farm.
    • Yes, I believe I can.
    and this is what I chose to do and they have already sold:
    • I bought whatever the quantity was at 5,000 ccs. (Not more than 20 I will estimate)
    • So I listed them (they are already sold) at about 5,895.90
    • Did the farm make a cc profit? (Yes, the .90 computation told me I must sell at over 5,555.555556 in order to make a profit and I have. Nothing but a lettuce-chicken.)
    When playing lettuce then one will learn that listing the cents (or part of a cc) does add up.
    I really don't care but how much did the farm make in ccs?
    • 5,895.90 the listing price (now sold)
    • - 589.59 the 10% list price paid
    • -5,000.00 (the lettuce-chicken's price)
    • 306.31 net cc profit from one lettuce-chicken
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu, would you have anymore of those lettuce-chickens? I seem to be running a few chickens short. 8)
    • I do not care what the purchaser does with the chickens or the real reason they purchased mine.
    • I listed in lots of 100. I want the Anaconda feed-miller. (Game knowledge comes into play: 4 chickens and 2 rabbits needed for a single anaconda feed)
    • Yes, listing price considered alone is a consideration. I don't think I want to risk selling a chicken at 7,500 on this market today and from lettuce I have learned "price" should be considered.
    • Yes, quantity was considered before making the offer. From lettuce play one can learn that larger quantities can sometimes be sold for MORE than a few items.
    • Why more?
    • For instance, a volume producer of 900 anaconda feed will require 3,600 chickens. Do you think that someone wants to click click click click click click forever? No way. (But, the farm just may have a few "lettuce-chickens." haha .... how many thousand would you like? And no need to play: Yes, a few hundred thousand chickens can be arranged for delivery.)
    • Soooooooooooooooo, many times I can sell my "lettuce-chickens" for a decent profit. (For 20,000 chickens a reasonable farmer will take less.)
    • Yes, quantity and price when considered together can and often does make the difference in a quick sale or no sale or a delayed sale.
    Now one will learn very quickly when playing the lettuce market that if one attempts to rip farmers off, the day will soon come when lettuce will be shipped right back to their barn unsold!

    WOW, so much about this lettuce. I really need to work on this chart for you. I want to shock your pants off.

    oh yeah................
    • so now there is the "lettuce-chicken"
    • remember the recent need for the elm. (Demand was driven by BP's call for elm tree fruit in an event.)
    • Please smile .............................. There is/was the "lettuce-elm." And from learning to play lettuce, the farm knew exactly what it was doing while generating millions of ccs in profit.
    I need to find that chart information.


    Indirect demand for lettuce becomes quite clear with the following quest steps (lots used in feed):
    farming contest
    (the animal trophy)
    steps 1-15(the goat may be used)
    today, not efficient
    approx 120,940
    goat feed required
    241,880 lettuce req
    country fair
    (crop trophy)
    steps 1-15may give all lettuce
    (quantities vary)
    (based on 1 EV)
    petting zoolevel 38 goat feed req
    (timed quest)
    16 used in feed
    noah's arklvl 340 goat feed req
    (timed quest)
    80 used in feed
    Gaga for Greens (direct call portion
    in chart above)
    lvl 4 silver10 goat milk req & feed
    20 goats using 20 feed
    ((10 x 2 let)+(20 x 2 let))
    60 total used in feed
    lvl 4 gold30 goat milk which req 30 feed
    60 goats req 60 feed
    ((30 x 2 let) + (60 x 2 let))
    180 total used in feed
    lvl 4 diamond70 goats milk which req 70 feed
    140 goats req 140 feed
    ((70 x 2) +(140 x 2)
    420 total used in feed
    country fair2 silverfeed req for 15 goat milk
    required feed for 30 goats
    req feed for 15 more goats
    ((15 x 2) + (30 x 2) + (15 x 2))
    120 total lettuce
    2 goldfeed req for 38 goat milk
    required feed for 76 goats
    req feed for 35 more goats
    ((38 x 2) + (76 x 2) + (35 x 2))
    2 diamondfeed req for 65 goat milk
    required feed for 130 goats
    req feed for 75 more goats
    ((65 x 2) + (130 x 2) + (75 x 2))
    Totals are based on no skips (skips are definite today)
    deranged goats
    (a breeding quest)
    1 s3 base goats req.
    (3 x 2 lettuce)
    6 lettuce req in feed
    1 g8 base goats req.
    (8 x 2 lettuce)
    1 d15 base goats
    (15 x 2 lettuce)
    2 s1 lvl 1 breeding an
    (4 goats x 2 lettuce in the feed)
    2 g2 lvl 1 breeding an
    (2x4x2 lettuce
    2 d4 lvl 1 breeding an
    (4x4x2 lettuce)
    3 s6 base goats req. 12
    3 g15 base goats req. 30
    3 d25 base goats req. 50
    4 s2 lvl 2 breeding an
    (2x2x2= feed
    x2 lettuce each
    4 g5 lvl 2 breed 160
    4 d9 lvl 2 breed 288
    5 s1 lvl 3 breed 128
    5 g3 lvl 3 breed 384
    5 d5 lvl 3 breed 640
    6 s1 lvl 4 breed 512
    6 g2 lvl 4 breed 1024
    6 d3 lvl 4 breed 1,536
    7 s1 lvl 5 breed 2,048
    7 g2 lvl 5 breed 4,096
    7 d3 lvl 5 breed 6,144
    8 s1 lvl 6 breed 8,192
    8 g2 lvl 6 breed 16,384
    8 d3 lvl 6 breed 24,576
    9 s1 lvl 7 breed 32,768
    9 g2 lvl 7 breed 65,536
    9 d3 lvl 7 breed 98,304
    10 s1 lvl 8 breed 131,072
    10 g2 lvl 8 breed 262,144
    10 d3 lvl 8 breed 393,216
    The following makes use of a
    production pen req 2 goat and feed. Goat tree is avail.
    Goat Cheese 1 s 1 goat milk 6 lett used in feed
    1 g 3 goat milk 18
    1 d 7 goat milk 42
    2 s 2 goat milk 12
    2 g 6 goat milk 36
    2 d 14 goat milk 84
    3 s 3 goat milk 18
    3 g 9 goat milk 54
    3 d 21 goat milk 126
    4 s 4 goat milk 24
    4 g 12 goat milk 72
    4 d 28 goat milk 168
    5 s 5 goat milk 30
    5 g 15 goat milk 90
    5 d 35 goat milk 215
    6 s 6 goat milk 36
    6 g 18 goat milk 108
    6 d 42 goat milk 252
    7 s 7 goat milk 42
    7 g 21 goat milk 126
    7 d 49 goat milk 294
    8 s 8 goat milk 48
    8 g 24 goat milk 144
    8 d 53 goat milk 318
    9 s 9 goat milk 54
    9 g 27 goat milk 162
    9 d 63 goat milk 378
    10 s 10 goat milk 60
    10 g 30 goat milk 180
    10 d 70 goat milk 420
    The Wolf Next Door lvl 5 60 hedgehog
    360 for feed
    Tour de Farm I3 d25 tortoise
    Tour de Farm II 4 s 40 hhog
    4 g 40 hhog
    4 d 50 hhog & 40 tort
    Peculiar Muse 3 s 10 hhog
    3 g 20 hhog
    3 d 30 hhog
    4 g 15 tort
    4 d 30 tort
    1 s 10 tort 60
    1 g 20 tort 120
    1 d 30 tort 180
    Farm Witch Proj1 s10 tort60
    1 g25 tort150
    1 d40 tort240
    Pranking 101 2 s50 tort300
    2 g60 tort360
    2 d70 tort420
    The Newton Factor 4 s 10 hhogs 60
    4 g 20 hhogs 120
    4 d 30 hhogs 180
    Foliage Shortage5 s5 rakes
    30 hhogs
    5 g10 rakes
    60 hhogs
    5 d20 rakes
    90 hhogs
    The Big Shiver 2 s 60 goats --feed req'd120
    2 g 70 goats140
    2 d 80 goats160
    Stony Night 4 s100 goats-- feed req200
    4 g200 goats 400
    4 d 300 goats 600
    Breakfast Banquet 2 s 30 goat milk 180
    2 g 60 goat milk 360
    2 d90 goat milk 540
    3 s40 goat milk240
    3 g60 goat milk360
    3 d80 goat milk 480
    5 s60 goat milk360
    5 g75 goat milk450
    5 d100 goat milk600
    Trees of life 4 s10 goats -- Feed req
    1 goat milk --feed req
    4 g15 goats
    2 goat milk
    4 d20 goats
    3 goat milk
    5 s 50 rakes
    5 g 75 rakes
    5 d 100 rakes
    currently editing and reviewing computations .... I'll get there soon

    There is more

    Please feel free to post if you wish. I will continue editing the above chart.

    I just love the above.
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  4. Sister3

    Sister3 Active Author

    Great post for this newbie:D In my previous farmerama farm, I never indulged too much in selling things too cheaply, or buying too high ( sort of semi-reasonable gamble). Anyway totally agree that newbies need at least a lettuce break: Good suggestion. I have been selling manure cheap, to get CC, knowing I won't have a lot of storage room anyway. Breeding events as I get to that, is another matter for Power Feed, but I can wait. It is part of the game also.

    Thanks for you amazing posts. Even though I don't get all of it ;)
    P.S. I did your post about manure...I think it was you.
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  5. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    You are quite welcome. Many do not understand how a crop or item is used in the game. If one really wants to know then the information is right in front of us. The chart above is really meant to overwhelm many. The chart above shows primarily a feed use of lettuce. The first chart is where lettuce itself is directly called for. There is a constant lettuce drain in this game and the drain will continue.

    Someone must grow the lettuce. I know that I really do not actively do it but I continue to play it. Lots can be learned about the game from beginning by playing the lettuce market. I have found lettuce growth is below many and many do not wish to bother learning to play lettuce but wish to do well playing the market.

    The chart above is informative but is really nothing at all. I am working with a group on what I have termed Exchange Value Analysis in this game. Introducing exchange value use at all has been difficult. Now, before I will even begin working with an individual on Exchange Value analysis they must have the entire game visible on spreadsheets of their own design. Using a very similar approach as above, one is able to begin understanding this entire game in about a month. Those who have not learned to initially play the market by using lettuce are obvious and they may make a few ccs but get beat over and over and over again.

    I like that. This farm has gone from holding billions to ccs to exactly -0- ccs. More effort is required than one would think going to exactly -0- ccs. Enjoy the game and do in the market what is comfortable for you. A big cc balance is nice to look at. Realistically though, when one is holding ccs to look at now then one is really loosing. Each must do whatever they enjoy.

    You mentioned breeding. Breeding efficiently is a very specialized area in this game. Anyone can haphazardly breed animals. I completely understand others doing so. This farm does not breed very much yet I know what I have in every single breeding animal and donate very efficiently. Presently I have a data bank developed which is approaching 380,000 separate breedings. Really from playing 25 cc lettuce, I think nothing of playing a 10 million cc breeding animal.

    You will make errors if you decide to play lettuce or any other item. I do too but not as often as long ago. Lettuce is a newbie crop and a breeding animal is not. (I'll continue to suggest learning cheaply with lettuce.)

    Anything which is not clear to you about lettuce, please feel free to discuss it. Someone will benefit. I'm sorry there is information presented which is not clear. I just do not know the audience. We can fix it!
    I was thinking about something you wrote Sister3. I've got something for you, juuuuuuust for you. Easy easy easy ccs for you. This is so easy that you will get sick of it.
    How about some quick and easy and "dirty" ccs? You can play the manure market just like lettuce ............. "lettuce-manure" or "lettuce-poop." (If in someway you manage to loose ccs then this farm will send you a million ccs.) Here:
    • Review your manure market for about 2 - 3 minutes. Be sure to glance at the times. (When one first lists then the offer is there for 168 hours or until sold.) Sloooooooooooooooooooooly!
    • Find some price where you believe you will certainly sell 100 or close to it. For example, let's say you think you can sell manure for 1234.74. (Careful not to get greedy.)
    How much is one willing to pay for someone else's poop-work in order to make ccs at 1234.74? (Of course one can change this price.)
    • The answer is 1234.74 times .90 which equals 1111.266 . If one pays any amount more that 1111.266 in order to sell at 1234.74 then one is definitely going to loose ccs. <------------------------
    Of course you would buy at 700 if the very most that you will pay is 1111.26 . (Wow that would be over 400 cc a poop profit. For 100 that would be over 40,000 ccs more. You'll be rich and I'm always broke and needing a loan.) Look, it happens and more often than you think. Not always though.
    • There is some event going on in the game. People are buying poop. No need to sell in lots of 4 or 5 or 10 ............. just give people what they want at a fair price and make a buck off of someone else doing all the work. No need to watch it sell. (If the item sits there for hours and hours and hours then maybe your price is too high. I would just delete the offer, take my loss and keep going. Up to you.)
    Why worry? Someone else (this farm) will pay if you manage to loose anyway.

    Another case:
    Say you see 100 poop for sale at 750?
    • How much must you sell it for just to get your ccs back and make nothing?
    The answer: 750 divided by .90 which equals 833.3333333 . If you sell for anything less that that amount then you will loose ccs, no question.
    • Would you sell for 800?
    • 833?
    • 899?
    • 999?
    • 1,439.44?
    • .10?
    I don't know what you will do.
    • This is a European based game and depending upon the time of the day your market may be very active or slow or even inactive.
    :cry: You are getting expensive! I would be much happier trying to help you with some 39 cc lettuce.

    ***** You and this "lettuce-poop." FAQs just released for the breeding event.
    -- First thing related to poop I saw was the call for the crazy chicken (breeding animal)
    -- Many use chicken pens to do poop farming.
    -- Chickens will be produced for this event. (and feed is being drained which drained wheat and caused changes in market prices and wheat growth)
    -- Poop prices in the market will be chaotic and then settle.
    -- me. I will choose to play "lettuce-poop" a bit more conservatively.
    -- and stick with a few offers of lettuce (greed? no buy with a little sense? yes)

    What one learns from the lettuce market is earned and automatically considered by the individual in dealings in other areas of the game. (Up to you)
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