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FAQ "April Fool's" Bugs Unleashed

Discussion in 'FAQ Archive' started by shooger.sweet, Apr 1, 2018.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Reminder! All the info in this FAQ was correct at the time of testing. Some info could get changed when going LIVE, the FAQ will be updated as soon as possible with correct information, so thank you for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to refresh every now and then to check for updated info (particularly translation of names).

    Bugs Unleashed
    event news.png
    1st of April 2018 - 4th of April 2018
    Difficulty: Medium

    * From what level can we participate in this event?
    From level 3.
    * How can I access the event?
    You can access the event from the news page, event timer and the event building:
    event building.gif
    * What is special about this event?

    info layer.png
    • There will be a special event crop:
    Construction Shrub
    construction shrub.gif
    Time: 5 hours
    Gives (2x2): 68 EP

    plantable on the 3 mainlands (main, meadow, magical glade) only!

    Every player will get 10 seeds at the beginning of the event. If you drop under 5 plants the system will check every 5 hours and replenish up to 5 seeds.
    • There will be a special drop item:
    You will get these drops when harvesting your trees, crops, stables and workshops on the Mainland Playfields - ONLY.
    • There will be a Mill product:
    It can be produced in the main land Mill - Events feed tab!
    The product will be used for feeding the Bugs!

    Ingredients: 225 x Construction Shrubs + 13 x Droprats
    Milling time: 3 minutes

    * How can I get more drops?
    • They can be gifted to/from neighbours and friends, for free as long as it is one of you 5-7 free daily gifts, or for 2 BB each after. You can receive up to 20 gifts per day.
    • You can buy drops in bulk from the Shopping Centre (see below)
    • If you have a Magic tree it will give 1 x Droprat per harvest during this event
    * Is there anything else I should know?
    Yes! You will have to use the event crops and drops to craft in the Mill, the Flyswatter. You will need to use these to feed the Bugs that will pop up on your field.

    spawn characters.gif
    As a reward for your Flyswatter, each Bug will leave you a special reward!​
    A pop-up will inform you of your prize!​

    Please note: up to 4 Bugs at a time will appear on your Mainland playfields. After feeding them the Flyswatters and collecting the reward, more Bugs will appear. After completing the event progress bar, the event is not over! You can craft more Flyswatters and collect more rewards from the Bugs - the Bugs will keep re-spawning on your farm for the chance of collecting more rewards.​
    The Bugs are spawning very quickly, you do not need to wait minutes or hours.​
    The progress of the event is registered automatically, you do not need to donate anything. As soon as you feed Flyswatters to the Bugs, the progress is added to the event counter.​

    progress bar.png
    If you want to turn off the Spawning Bugs, uncheck the check mark. You can turn them on again, at any time.

    You can also turn off and on the current in-game bug by clicking the bug with the strike-through circle.

    * Which are the event requirements and rewards?

    reward chart.png
    (a total of 60 fed bugs are required to receive all rewards)
    * What special items are offered as prizes?
    Each Bug that receives a Flyswatter from you will give you a special reward.
    This is what you can get (randomly):​

    exchanged after event for EP / CC only

    Event Sticker 1
    You will find this sticker in your Sticker album

    Event Sticker 2
    You will find this sticker in your Sticker album

    Buggy Race
    Gives: 3300 EP / TEP
    Time: 22 hours
    Size: 1x2
    Placeable on all fields except the moonlight fields
    Detached from Reality
    Gives: 7000 EP / TEP
    Time: 22 hours
    Size: 2x2
    Placeable on all fields except the moonlight fields

    System Crash
    Gives: 4000 EP / TEP, 1 x Crate O' Farm Supplies
    Time: 24 hours
    Size: 1x2
    Placeable on all fields except the moonlight fields

    System Crash has a special effect whilst holding down on the mouse button ;)

    * Can I use BBs to advance in the event?
    Not really, it takes some effort and involvement in the fun feature. You can use BBs to buy event drops and insta-finish mill products, but you cannot pay for skipping steps.​
    * What drop item packages can I get in the Shopping center?
    • 1 x Droprat - 2 BB
    • 50 x Droprats - 85 BB (15% off)
    • 100 x Droprats - 150 BB (25% off)
    • 200 x Droprats - 270 BB (33% off)

    * Will there be any Event Baskets during this event?
    Yes, there will be 4 "Bug Fix" Baskets, buyable multiple times:​

    Small Bug Fix Basket

    75 x Construction Shrubs
    15 x Droprats
    15 x Suzy's super-grow
    1 x Bug
    On sale for €1.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Medium Bug Fix Basket

    200 x Construction Shrubs
    30 x Droprats
    45 x Suzy's super-grow
    2 x Bugs
    On sale for €4.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Large Bug Fix Basket

    400 x Construction Shrubs
    60 x Droprats
    100 x Super-grow
    1 x Flyswatter
    1 x Carrot-apple chutney
    3 x Bugs
    On sale for €9.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Giant Bug Fix Basket

    750 x Construction Shrubs
    100 x Droprats
    150 x Super-grow
    2 x Flyswatters
    1 x Carrot-apple chutney
    1 x Harvest Helper Coupon (24 hours)
    4 x Bugs
    On sale for €12.99 or equivalent in your currency
    * What will happen with the leftover event goods?
    All the leftover goods will be exchanged after the event:​
    • 1 Construction Shrub = 5 EP + 3 CC;
    • 1 Droprat = 29 EP + 20 CC;
    • 1 Bug = 5000 EP + 5000 CC + 5000 TEP;
    • 1 Flyswatter = 1293 EP + 852 CC.
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