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Mini-Event Barter, Give and Exchange

Discussion in 'Event FAQ's' started by teddy.bear, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN


    Once you've clicked on the News page, Event timer link:

    You'll see a pop-up, with three tabs:
    Gift, Trade & Sell:

    To Give or Barter or Exchage any items, first you will need to get some
    710.png "Licences to Gift" &/or 711.png "Licenses to Sell/Merchant" &/or 712.png Licenses to Exchange.
    These can be purchased for BBs.
    1 licence costs 2 BB - will allow you to gift/sell/exchange 1 item
    bulk quantities are cheaper

    You will receive 1 free licence of each type
    for every day that you log in during the Mini-Event.

    Using gift licenses you will be able to give some items from your inventory to your neighbours/buddies.


    Click on the "Giving a gift" button, then select an item to-gift,
    and choose the person you want to send it to.
    (this action is logged in your Action Log at the bottom of your game screen)

    Using your merchant licenses you will be able to sell some of your excess items off to the "system" and win some CCs.
    (this action is logged in your Action Log at the bottom of your game screen)


    Click on the "Sell" button, and after checking the value of your items, select one to sell

    Using exchange license you will be able to trade items in game with other farmers
    This is "how to" prepare the exchange you'd like:
    1. Click on Manage Offers
    2. Click on the plus sign from the left column to choose the item you want to give away
    3. Select the number of those items that you want to trade
    4. Click on the plus sign from the right column to choose the item you want to receive
    5. Select the number of those items that you want to receive
    6. Validate by clicking on the license icon in the right

    * Can I view offers posted by other players?
    Yes, you view the offers posted by other players by clicking on Search Offers.

    You are able to filter the offers by choosing to display only the Offered/Wanted: Trees/Trees Upgrades/Stalls/Stall Upgrades/Workshops/Workshop Upgrades/Other/All/ To view the details of an offer, click on the right column green button icon, and then validate the trade. Please remember to pay attention at the number of items you are offering/accepting!

    * How many exchange licenses do I have to pay/exchange?
    For each trade, you will have to pay as many licenses as items you offer. For example, if you are offering 4 Apple trees in order to get 2 Plum trees, you will have to pay 4 licenses and the player you are trading with just 2 licenses.

    * Can I cancel my offer?
    Yes, you are able to cancel your offer at any time, and you will get back your license(s).

    * How many offers can I post?
    You can post a maximum of 5 offers at the same time, but as soon as one is accepted or canceled, you can post new offers.

    * What happens at the end of the Event, if no-one has accepted my exchange?
    If no one accepts your trades and the event ends, the items will be rebooked to your inventory by a script that runs after the event, and cancels all the existing offers. This may take up to 24-48 hours.

    * Can everything be traded/gifted?
    Not all the farm items can be traded/gifted.

    Please note:

    Here are the newest items that can be gifted and traded during this G&T edition:
    - newest animal stable: Blacklight Assembly/Chamois stall/Manta Ray Pool
    - newest items: Baha Stable Stories Deco items
    - newest trees: XXL Midnight Oak/Prehistoric Fir/ Sigillaria Tree

    Certain items have been excluded from the gift/trade/sell lists:
    • Shaun the Sheep items: Seesaw catapult, Mean ambush piggies, Bitzer's doghouse, Party workshop, Jovial anticipation, Welcoming party, Shaun - the birthday sheep, Easter Shaun, Star-crossed Shaun, And the Oxcar goes to...
    • My Little Pony items: Applejack, MY LITTLE PONY Fluttershy, MY LITTLE PONY Friends, Pony Kite Flight, Fluttershy's Pumpkin Patch, Applejack Shake
    • Fraggle Rock items: Washing Wembley, Fraggle Fun, Radish Red, Gazing Gobo
    • M6 items: Traveling sheep, Enthusiastic jury, Excited Jury, Culinary Jury, M6 - fantastic!
    • Mynet items: Sultan von Turkenia, Wasserpfeife
    • GreenSeven items: "Green" car, Borsty, the dirty factory owner, "Whoooosh" the wind whirligig, Smogsucker, Paolo, the vegan master chef, Farm protesters
    • Qiwi items: Full House I, Full House II, Full House III
    • Ravensburger: Board game sheep
    • Fan items: Flying Rudy, Orochi - Fortuna's Dragon, Fanfare mice
    • Top 500 / 1000 items: Squirrel, Beaver bakery, Raiders of the Lost Bananas, Kitten Caboodle, Chestnut King, Rainbow Magic
    • E-mail validaton items: Brother Wolf, Big Ol' Bruin, Buffalo Bill, Timid Lynx
    • KOH items: Balloon Ride, Carrot Stack, Hair Dryer
    • Pets (can only be sold to the system, except the Cloud House / Cloud house pet)
    • Jumbo Trees and Stables
    • Magic Trees
    • Other items that have not been tradeable/giftable in the previous editions: Meditation Monkey (Bahamarama compensation item), Kitty cat (2012 reactivation item), Fuzzles Woolytop (daily bonus reward item), Ducky dance (friend invite reward item), BB tree, Wedding arches, Trophies, Jackpot items (Scarecrows and flowers) etc.
    • Zoo Breeding Events: All special stables/workshops received from events are not giftable/tradeable
    Additionally, this edition brings a change / improvement: To avoid inconveniences, you can no longer gift your fellow farmers an item they cannot use (not reached the level yet / not unlocked the statue yet).

    If you cannot see an item on the Gift/Trade list, they are indeed not giftable. Changes might occur at the beginning of each event, so we would appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

    "Give your unwanted items a 2nd life"
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