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Discussion in 'Players Introductions' started by BlazingBlades, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. BlazingBlades

    BlazingBlades Advanced


    Been playing awhile (a few weeks) and just discovered this thread. So, I'll introduce myself. :music:

    I'm Blazie (-poppyseed- came up with that one and I like it :inlove:) and I'm a wannabe farmer - both virtual and real life. Hubby and I purchased a home with 1/2 acre and have developed some farming stuff. Chicken coops, greenhouse, raised beds, fire pit, raspberry patch, etc.

    Yea, yea.. the last couple of weeks I've done more virtual than real. :music:

    But now it's back to the grindstone, or should I say weeding and getting the beds ready for winter. Gotta clean out the real Chicken coops today, and throw away my old vegetable plants.

    This game has been great fun. But it's been made even more fun by the day by day mentoring from BlackCaviar (Cavy for short - hope he/she doesn't mind). AND by all the other farmers here who have taught, gifted, provided hints and strategies, and, MOST OF ALL, encouraged me!

    So glad to be a part of the 'hood! 8)

  2. TCRooster

    TCRooster Forum Demigod

    HI Blazie. I'm TC - also a wannabe farmer! We have some chickens and when we move into the new house we've got room for a few pigs and maybe some sheep too.
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  3. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Hi Blazie!
    I think that it must be very difficult to do real farming...

    I hope you are enjoying playing Farmerama!
    I play I think for 4 years, but I almost every day I am learning something new:music:
    These players here are helping everyone and you are very lucky having as a mentor BlackCaviar!
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  4. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Welcome to Farmerama Blazie! I am glad you are having a good time:)
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  5. JJenks

    JJenks Forum Ambassador

    Hi Blazie, Glad you are enjoying farming, both virtual and RL ;) nothing like fresh eggs and veggies.
    Did you mention fresh raspberries.......Yum :p
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  6. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Hi Blazie :D You are off to a great start :D I hope you will continue to enjoy farmerama and our forum, it is great having you here :)
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  7. BlazingBlades

    BlazingBlades Advanced

    o_Ooh! That sounds like a lot of fun! We don't have room for anything more than chickens. And I'm too much of a softie with my animals. I can't eat them. So, if we had more animals, they'd all be pets!

    We give our non-producing chickens to a friend of ours. He takes care of them. And if he asks us over for dinner, we want to see the receipt. I'm not eating my pet! LOL.

    Thanks, Ariehl! I've enjoyed learning from you, too!

    o_Oh! I planted blackberries and blueberries this year, too! I have to keep feeding the blueberries coffee grounds and egg shells because they like really acidic soil, and mine is too alkaline. Learning a lot this year!!

    I think I will - it sure doesn't get boring! Are you seeing, Mir? All one post. Hahahaha! I learn from the best! ;)

    Thanks PnP! I had to just say that I "love" your quote in your signature. Very good!
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  8. -poppyseed-

    -poppyseed- Forum Connoisseur

    Blazie is a cute nickname. I like it, too.:) Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and pet chickens...your RL farm sounds great! Meet me at the fire pit, I'll bring the marshmallows.:p
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  9. BlazingBlades

    BlazingBlades Advanced

    Oh yeah! Wait till you see it. I'm going to show off the before & afters. I can, right? This will be photos of the RL one. :D
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  10. -poppyseed-

    -poppyseed- Forum Connoisseur

    Pictures would be great! I'd love to see them. :)
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  11. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

    Welcome Blazing, I hope you don't mind that or do you prefer Blazie? It sound wonderful that you do some farming in your RL. I live in a city and it's just not possible here. Then again I'd be satisfied with a pet. :p

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  12. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Yes, I did notice Blazie ;) very good :)
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  13. BlazingBlades

    BlazingBlades Advanced

    Cats are good. Cats are nice. Cats are clean - just one area to clean up. And cats cuddle. :D

    Blazie is good... -poppyseed- came up with it and I liked it. It's sticking now. ;)
  14. solotime

    solotime Count Count

    Welcome to the forums!

    I used to have ducks (Two of them)
    Those are like the only farm animals
    you can have in this Valley.

    If you just take a two mile walk down the road,
    you'll find a tree farm. Go about 4 miles down,
    you hit all farmlands.
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  15. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Blazie, I am happy you told me that you learn from me!!!:)
    Because most of the times I am the one who learn from others! It is nice that I give back:)
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  16. BlazingBlades

    BlazingBlades Advanced

    Do you like it there, Solo? And what happened to your ducks?
  17. solotime

    solotime Count Count

    We kept them for probably two years.
    They would lay eggs and we would eat them
    Or even use them for baking. :)

    My mom was thinking of getting chickens but saw in a
    book they're harder to raise and make noise. The ducks were fine
    and no one ever complained.

    It's just later on, things happen and my mom said it's best to give the ducks
    away to a farmer. No idea how they did on the farm but that's the story.

    I remember being like 7 years old waking up early to go outside and feed them.
    Even at night I would go outside in the dark as well. :eek:
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  18. BlazingBlades

    BlazingBlades Advanced

    Before Photos of The Farm

    The home came with a shed, greenhouse, an XXL walnute tree, 2 XXL plum trees, 2 XXL apricots, and 2 XXL cherries. Oh and 3 little chicken coops. Nothing else.

    Left view:


    Center View:


    Right View:

    See my little girls? Yep - I like 'em!

    @solotime - how fun! I've never tasted a duck egg. I know they're huge! My daughter went on a little mission trip to the Philippines. She ate balut. A duck egg with an embryo inside. Feathers and all. Yuck!!

    She tried it to say that she did. But she'll never do it again. Lol!

    In March of this year, I spent about a week measuring, designing, erasing, starting all over, measuring, designing... you get the idea!

    Here is the plan:

    Last edited by moderator: Nov 12, 2014
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  19. BlackCaviar

    BlackCaviar Count Count

    Looks like you will be very busy with your RL farm! :)
  20. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum General

    Welcome to the farm, Blazie! I'm spots, and I've been told, just tonight in fact, that I'm crazy :pxD. But I don't bite, much, and I'm glad to see new faces in the forum:). Your draft is impressive, I am not that good a planner. I see that you are growing/planning roses, I have about 14 rose plants growing around the east side of my house, and somehow I've managed to keep them alive, if not always thriving :D (my thumb is decidedly not green, more of a blackish :wuerg:xD). I'm trying my hand at growing a mini rose indoors this winter, and think I've finally figured out why all other minis I've tried indoors have gone to the great rosebush in the sky; they need a ton of water, more than I had realized. I know my outdoor bushes do better when I water them often, but indoors evidently dries them out quicker, and so I've been watering daily (I put it right next to my sink so I don't forget, lol), and it's actually *gasp* growingo_O. I live in town and so can't have animals, but do have 2 hounds who are currently snoring in the back entry. I would love to have a place some day where we could have goats and chickens and maybe a horse, but the future will have to take care of itself, as right now is way to demanding on its own. If you haven't noticed, I tend to talk a lot, but I just like to have fun here on the farm with my friends. Hope we see much more of you here in the forum and in chat when you can, and glad to have made your acquaintance!:)
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