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Breeding Pen

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by nlm24, Aug 30, 2018.

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  1. nlm24

    nlm24 Regular

    I would like to see the number of available slots changed to unlimited. With the Grapevine we usually know if colored animals will be required for an event so i like to place my animals in there on advance and then harvest during Baby Boom.

    Removing the li,it might also result in more PF sales because if there is a sale and your breeding pen is full you might not purchase at that time. Removing the limit on available slots it would never be full and players could always add more.

    This might also help players who work or who are involved in RL because they could load it up and then harvest all at the same time instead of loading and harvesting 2-3 times throughout the day.

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