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Butterfly Garden Strategy

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by habalala, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. habalala

    habalala Forum Overlooker

    To donate the butterfly breeds needed to get all givers and the CR we'll need:

    44 level 1 (Blue Emperors) needs 4 butterflies each = 176 butterflies
    18 level 2 (Monarch) needs 72 level 1 = 288 butterflies
    6 level 3 (Yellow Swallowtails) needs 24 level 2, needs 96 level 1 = 384 butterflies
    3 level 4 (Sapphire Wings) needs 12 level 3, needs 48 level 2, needs 192 level 1 = 768 butterflies
    1 level 5 (Gothic) needs 4 level 4, needs 16 level 3, needs 64 level 2, needs 256 level 1 = 1024 butterflies

    Total butterflies needed = 2640

    Totals needed per level:
    660 * level 1
    (which after donating lvl 1 is enough to breed)
    154 * level 2
    (which after donating lvl 2 is enough to breed)
    34 * level 3
    (which after donating lvl 3 is enough to breed)
    7 * level 4
    (which after donating lvl 4 is enough to breed)
    1 * level 5

    Total breeds = 688 = 1376 PF

    Note that this is the basic calculation without any skips or doubles rewarded during breeding.

    Baby Boom has been announced to run during the weekend. It will provide skips and doubles so the totals above are overdone. Maybe by a few but hopefully by a lot. Also excluded are the baby pack and the high level breed which will become available on the Tree of Wisdom (Thanks PeepsCA for pointing that one out!)

    Left side complete (extra EP per donation) = 80 Shimmery Powder
    Right Side complete (extra CC per donation) = 320 butterflies


    BP didn't like the original Event set up .. see update on FAQ
    This post has now been updated accordingly.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  2. 12ss12

    12ss12 Emperor of the Forum

    Thank you, habalala. Very helpful, both for the event and marketing too.
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  3. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    May the skips be with us!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ha
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  4. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Board Veteran

    Thank you, habalala!

    I personally do not think the side bars offer enough rewards for the amount of product and animals needed. To produce the amount of powder needed it would take another 240 butterflies. Lowest current price for powder in my market is 110k each. It's just not worth it to get a few low end prizes. I will be skipping that part of this event.

    Good luck everyone!
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  5. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    Clash - you make some great points!!!!! I have enough Butterflies and Powder to just do all the side bars at the start, but if Haba's numbers are correct (I am sure they are), then I will not be able to do the main event.

    I am really hoping that the skips are with me and everyone else. Who has 4K worth of Butterflies???:oops:
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  6. phoenixboy12

    phoenixboy12 Board Analyst

    Thank you Habalal for working out requirements. Even if you get any good skips to me there is still too many butterflies needed.
    Im out on this one I will use BBD when it arrives to work on FSQs and helping others with market dealings only if you offer the right price:p
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  7. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    Seriously???:eek:o_O:eek: These numbers are crazy. I realize this is without BBD figured in but I don't remember any breeding event that called for that many animals or PF. CR isn't too exciting for me as I have plenty of pheromones but the crate of zany animals would be nice. Heading back to the Faq's to look it over again:wuerg: Best of luck to anyone doing this and hope you get good skipsxDxDxDxD
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  8. PeepsCA

    PeepsCA Board Analyst

    o_O Thanks for the numbers habalala, yikes. And the event is rated Easy/Medium xDxDxD.

    My first thoughts on strategizing for this event when I read thru the FAQ and saw the requirements vs rewards and the pitifully lacking CR... was to IMMEDIATELY sell all my butterflies and shimmery powder, drop the mic and walk away a billionaire :wuerg:

    I'm hardcore disappointed, I was really looking fwd to this event. Thought I'd do ok with the nice little hoard of Shimmery Powder and the 1500 or so butterflies I have to work with for breeding, and then also be able to start on the FSQs. HA! I think I'm gonna pass on this one and when/if a BBD rolls around I'll just work on some pinks.-.-
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  9. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    Broke ;)
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  10. habalala

    habalala Forum Overlooker

    Some personal considerations:

    * High requirements, pityfull prizes
    * CR offers nothing worth mentioning but a crate which *might* contain a lvl 1 breed.
    * Any of the individual givers offers just a few more (T)EP compared to the regular jackpot givers we've been able to obtain for a year
    * Not a single prize awarded per step stands out. Even the wonder stables offered are getting old, already got many of those doing events over the past 6 months
    * Hrmph .. 2 Pink Jelly as reward in exchange for 5 Shimmery Powder?? I know of better jokes.
    * Over the past year, with or without Baby Boom, decent skips during breeding have poofed.

    So.. what's worth to me in this event and taking part?
    Well.. I will donate 120 butterflies towards the right side of the progress bar to obtain 2 Healthy Treats, 2 Party Spins and 20 FC.
    I'm confident these rewards will be handy at some point.
    This and getting a start at the new Butterfly Breeding FSQ is all I'll go for. Every other PF I wish to spend on breeding will go towards any other Breeding FSQ.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  11. clonahmon

    clonahmon Forum Baron

    Thanks for the numbers, Habalala.
    When I read the FAQs and did my own calculations, I got the same results and was almost falling off my chair, when realising that more than 4000 Butterflies are needed (without skips or BBD doubles), not to mention the huge amount of PF. Even when you get double the related breeding, you will still need more than 2000 Butterflies.
    Only very good skips would reduce it massively, but I presume, good skips will be almost non existant.
    I for these reasons will only do the basic butterfly donations "just for fun" and then breed at BBD for my own FSQs and the new Butterfly FSQ starting after the event.

    This seems to be another event, where BP just wants our cash!

    Sorry, if I seem to be very negative at the moment, but the last events imho have proven, how greedy BP gets.

    So, for everybody, who will take part in this event: GOOD LUCK!! ;)

    And Auntie EDIT adds (All without skips or BBD):
    EV Value of butterflies for right side donations (320*280CC)= 89,600CC
    Basic butterflies for the breeding needed= 1,240,960 CC
    giving coloured butterflies with EV 625,200 CC
    (These are NOT the market prices ;) )

    Thinks now to throw all butterflies on the market :D
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  12. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Duke

    That's my kind of thinking.....me tooxD
    Oh yeah...strategy...not doing it;)
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  13. habalala

    habalala Forum Overlooker

    Seems BP didn't like the original Event set up .. see the update on FAQ

    I will update the starting post asap after realising I woke up once again and a brand new day has started :)
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  14. clonahmon

    clonahmon Forum Baron

    Total amount of butterflies needed after update of FAQs = 2640 for breeding +320 for right side bar
    breedings needed after update FAQs = 660
    PF needed after update FAQs = 1320
    No skips or doubles from BBD are included.

    SKIP impact for EACH skip:
    from basic butterfly skip 1 lvl to lvl 2 = savings 12
    skip 2 lvl to lvl 3 = savings 60
    skip 3 lvl to lvl 4 = savings 252
    skip 4 lvl to lvl 5 = savings 1020 basic butterflies

    SO let's hope, that good skips are with us ;)
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  15. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Commander of the Forum

    Thanks habalala,and clonahmon for all your hard work!;)
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  16. littletinybit

    littletinybit Forum Inhabitant

    I LOVE :inlove:Breeding events and was so looking forward to this one.

    • 636 PF - Usually close enough to complete a breeding event.
    • 363 Butterflies - Not enough to complete event
    • One perfumery - No way to get another. Can't build them. Cant buy it. I think I got my perfumery in a G&T.
    • 46 - Shimmery Powder Currently $111k each in my market.
    Rated Easy/Medium. If you have the supplies and tools .....

    I am out!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  17. PeepsCA

    PeepsCA Board Analyst

    @littletinybit, once the butterfly breeding goes live in the morning you will be able to build perfumeries in the workshop.

    Even with the edits to the FAQ, I'm still sitting out this event. Requirements are still too high, rewards still too low. And if this is the "new norm" for breeding events then BP will not be selling me any PF in the future -.-. I'm still shaking my head at the 80 shimmery powders, that's a very unreasonable amount for the rewards that we'll get in return, even if that part of the event is optional.

    Don't forget there will be 2 new butterfly runes added to the Tree of Wisdom when butterfly breeding goes live as well 8)
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  18. LDCrow

    LDCrow Forum Baron

    Oh I'm sure it's more than 4k. xD xD

    Nothing really appeals to me in this event. CR is ok but I'm not willing to give up what they want for it.

    No quality stable or workshop upgrades and only minimal PF rewards. I think I'm out on this one. I will do some breeding when the BBD hits but I won't be donating to this event.

    Good luck to any that attempt it. :)
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  19. sglick

    sglick Board Analyst

    LD - that's what I think 4k would be to light for Broke's barn. I wonder how many billions he will make with this event. xD

    I have decided for now - subject to change :p that I will breed as usually during BBD and see if the skips are with me. If they are and I have enough to complete the upper row then I will donate; other, I keep my butterflies.
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  20. littletinybit

    littletinybit Forum Inhabitant

    Thanks Peeps! That will help to build future stock.

    I will breed some - so I can work on FSQs if Baby Boom hits.
    Sooo disappointed - I will have very limited access to farming next week so was looking forward to this event.
    Maybe skips will be awesome and I will be surprised!
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